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August 2015

I have a box of odd photos that for one reason or another were printed and then not used. So I collected a random assortment of me and had a bit of fun trying out a painting technique. Always on the lookout for inspiration, would you believe I actually found this design on the wrapper of a sanitary napkin! LOL J Too much information? Hey, when inspiration strikes you don’t ask questions… you just go with it! J 

I used a bamboo skewer to roll the paint onto my cardstock and then dipped a plastic ruler in black paint to create the messy stripes. I like the contrast of black against the bright yellow and pink colour palette. I love these pendant circles (there is a similar one in squares too) which is why, once again, we have “retro” circle photos. How long has it been since you cut a photo into a circle? I also added a few glass beads for a bit of added interest and used stickers, a stencil and YCW alphas for the “me me ME” title.

Although I am mostly a Project Life style scrapbooker these days I do still love getting messy with my creating every so often. I had the pleasure and privilege of attending Louise Nelson’s Perth classes in August. The woman is a veritable font of inspiration and I enjoyed the experience immensely.

It reignited my passion for more daring creative pursuits. I’ll be the first to admit that I may have gotten a little carried away with this one… but I just love the rich, grungy end result. Gesso, crackle medium, ink sprays, glass beads and splatter... everywhere! I’ve always been a bit of a more is more person when it comes to this sort of LO.  More frames, flowers and twine and another old photo of me and my love.

June 2015

I just love the Dream Catcher and as soon as I saw it I knew I had the perfect photo to go with it. I seldom get a decent photo of my biggest girl anymore but I managed to steal this one from her a little while ago.  I chose this paper as my background because I really like the way the colours in the photo blend into it so well.  I cut the photo into a circle to mimic the circle of the dream catcher web. The dots on the paper also reinforce the circle theme tying the design together.

I used a gesso and water mix spray on the dream catcher and alphas because I wanted a very thin layer of paint to be sure all the beautiful and intricate details showed through. I had to do a couple of coats to get the right amount of coverage. I like the translucent effect it created with the greyish tones of the chipboard sort of coming through like a shading effect.

Then I used Pearl Glimmermist to give them a bit of shimmer and shine. I was actually down to the last little bit in the bottle so I applied it with a paint brush using a dabbing motion to get a very subtle mottled effect.

 I added a tonne of bling, a couple of sequins, a bit of cotton and a couple of Kaisercraft brads. 

May 2015

I’ve been really struggling to get the mojo flowing these last few weeks so just to get myself back into creativity mode I decided to just grab some stuff that has been floating around on my scrap table, annoying me, for weeks and just stick it down. I actually really like how this LO turned out in the end. Most of this page is made up of is the negative space from a sheet of KaiserCraft stickers. I love the contrast of black against bright colour so I simply inked my Your Creative Wings chippy pieces and stuck them on. Teamed with a simple black and white portrait photo I really like the impact this LO makes.

For this LO I wanted to show how you can use pocket page journal cards on a traditional 12x12 style page. I started with the gorgeous UNCONDITIONAL Love word piece. I just adore mixed fonts like this for big impact headings... and I found the perfect photo to go with it too. I inked my YCW chippy with VersaColor Pinecone.  I only pressed lightly on the words to get a slightly mottled effect. I chose Pinecone because it matched well with the brown tone in the journal cards from KaiserCraft’s Captured Moments Say Cheese Collection. Then I added some washi tape and buttons to finish it off. This is often my go to when I’m in a creative rut too. A quick, simple and easy way to a page done and get the creativity flowing too.

I am calling this my “ugling duckling” project. How many hideous, old and downright dorky scrap supplies do you have lurking about in boxes and cupboards? Me? I have HEAPS but for some weird reason I just cannot bear to throw them out.  So I was sitting staring at all my jars of embellishments and saw these butt-ugly flowers mocking me and then inspiration hit. I just got my hands on some of Tim Holtz’s Distress Spray Stains so I was excited to be getting my hands messy again.

First I glued my flowers down to a 12x12 piece of grey chipboard with gel medium (any glue will work just as well) and then I mixed gesso with some water in a spray bottle... I recommend doing this outside... I have white spray everywhere!!! I covered the flowers and chipboard quite liberally with the spray and left it to dry in the sun. My sheet of chipboard became a bit warped but I finished off the drying with my heat gun alternating between back and front to try to flatten it. It worked a bit but then I also squashed it under some heavy books to flatten it as much as I could. It’s still a bit bumpy but hey, as Tim Holtz himself says “embrace imperfection”! ;)

Next I started with my lightest spray, mustard seed, concentrating mainly over the flowers I covered them all in this yellow stain. Then I used the spiced marmalade in the centre and finally the fired brick in the top left. I lifted my page to let the excess dribble down the page too.

I covered my YCW chippy pieces in black ink and heat embossed them. Once again I ended up with a mottled effect, mainly because my ink was a bit dry and didn’t pick up very much of the black embossing powder but I really like how it turned out. Again, the bold black against the vibrant colour really packs a visual punch.

I hope you have some time this (long for us in WA) weekend to be creative. It’s good for the soul you know. ;)

February 2015

Hey everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and school holidays... and trust that all your little darlings are settling back into school. Hard to believe it is the end of February already. I don’t know about you but life is so busy and the year seems to be flying past so I have created a couple of super quick, simple and fun layouts this month. 

I always love LOs that just come together easily. This one is literally a few scraps of left over October Afternoon papers, a bit of printed vellum that’s been floating around my scrap room for months, a stray 3x4 filler card from the Becky Higgins’ Project Life Honey Core Kit and some gorgeous little bits of Your Creative Wings chipboard that have been sitting on my desk waiting patiently for me. Raw chipboard will always be my “go to” to add that little finishing touch to simple layouts. Too easy and they just work.  These icon circles are my new favourite. I really love Ali Edwards’ and Cathy Z’s approach to documenting their lives and so I am going with a “get back to basics”, tell the story style to my scrapbooking this year. 

Once again inspired by Ali E’s I created a little extra page for my 2014 Project Life album. This gold printed vellum was part of the packaging from the Webster’s Pages Accessory wallet. The company started in 1986... the same year I started going out with my husband! How perfect is this? I just typed "the story of us" onto kraft cardstock and sewed it over the "Webster's Pages" logo. I turned a Becky Higgins’ 5x7 photo sleeve into a giant shaker pocket. 

I added our family name in Your Creative Wings mini alphas and used yet another icon circle to complete my 2014 Project Life album cover page. 

As I have mentioned before I used Becky Higgins’ Project Life Midnight Core Kit for almost my entire 2014  album. I added our family name in Your Creative Wings mini alphas and used yet another icon circle to complete my cover page.

I love this range of Kaisercraft Shine Bright papers. This was a left over photo from Christmas day and I just love it. It captures my darling boy and his wonderful spirit perfectly so I wanted to add it to his album. Not exactly traditional Christmas colours but I really love how this turned out. Again an icon circle and (still a favourite) printer’s hand from Your Creative Wings make the perfect finishing touches. 

I hope you find some inspiration in these pages and can find some creative time to get some of your life documented. I am really enjoying this simple approach this year and can see this working for me. Photos and stories with Your Creative Wings chipboard for the perfect finishing touch is my idea of heaven.

Happy creating. ;)

November 2014

Christmas 2009

I absolutely adore the Midnight Core Kit Edition from Becky Higgins Project Life and have used it for my entire 2014 album. I purchase these digital files from the same designer, Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Pressto create a page for our first Christmas as a family of seven in 2009. They printed out really well on 200gsm card on my trusty, old Canon Pixma printer. 

Your Creative Wings products used; Mo Christmas Tree YCW20062, Geo Pointers Xmas YCW20064, Reindeer and Lights Sm YCW20074, Hanging Mason Jars and Lights Xmas Left YCW20023, Word - Joy 3.5cm YCW20072, Christmas Badges 1 YCW20028, Christmas Discs Sm YCW20063. Numerals - Typewriter Sm YCW5005.

The Christmas themed designs from Your Creative Wings are the perfect finishing touches to help tell the story. They really are the perfect addition to your pocket page style layouts. Occasionally I do still like to emboss or paint or ink them... but left raw is still my very favourite finish. It is all in keeping with my keep it simple, tell the story philosophy.  I used the Hanging jars and Lights on my title card because they fit perfectly. The moustache Christmas tree is the cutest thing I ever saw,,, except for maybe the reindeer with the Christmas lights caught in his antlers. He is just too adorable for words. 

Happiness is a haircut

I had a play with some mess to create this next layout.  Layering, ink, paint, beads, sequins, metal charms, buttons, gems and lots of  Your Creative Wings chipboard designs to tell the story of my little tomboy who wanted her hair chopped. Despite my reservations we made the appointment and she was excited. Happiness is a haircut.  

Your Creative Wings products used; Chevrons Mini YCW4005, Happiness Words YCW1051, Corner Scroll YCW7011, Sprig Set 2 YCW2028. Other products used: TBA 

I chose an older patterned paper from the Simple Stories Fabulous range because I loved the colour and it just seemed to fit with the colouring in this photo.  I love the YCW scroll corners and those chevron arrows are one of my favourite designs. The leaves were an afterthought added after the flowers. The script style word was the perfect sentiment... there are plenty more words to choose from. 

October 2014

I really enjoyed getting the mists and gesso and masks out for this layout. I don’t often get the time to get messy.  I used some older Finnabair designed Dreamer paper from 7 Dots Studio.

First of all I used masks and gesso to give the background some extra texture and interest. 

Then I attached my 6x4” photo and simply glued my Your Creative Wings chipboard down while it was still raw.  

I also added the metal embellishments and flair button and lots of flowers. Over the flowers I stapled some tulle. It looks really cool, sort of spider-webby when you melt it with a heat gun.  

Next I covered the photo with a baby wipe to mask it.  The wet baby wipe was fine on my photo, which I just printed on my Canon Pixma MP970 but you might need to check on an inconspicuous corner if your photo is safe to do this. I find the baby wipe the best option... it is easy to manipulate into the right shape and holds it form and seems to “catch” the over spray the best. 

Then I sprayed with yellow and gold mists from Glimmermist.  I started off with light sprays then added a few heavier squirts closer to the page to get the spray to pool a little in places

After that dried I went over it with pinks, again light to start then a few heavy squirts to pool the spray in some areas.  I left it to dry and soak into the chipboard for a few minutes then carefully moved the page around a bit (so as not to dislodge the baby wipe) to allow the still wet areas to drip down the page a little too. I used a heat gun to finish off the drying process. I then applied a very slight mist of black spray from high (about 2 feet... you need to do this either outside or on a large piece of newspaper because the overspray goes everywhere!) above the page for a bit of definition.

Finally I finished off by painting some of the Your Creative Wings chipboard with the golden spray using a paint brush dipped into the bottle.  

Your Creative Wings materials used:  Lots of StarsYCW10008,  Key to My Heart Charm Set YCW, Flourish Pair YCW7014, Words - Perfect Day Script Set YCW1052 Other materials used: Paper by; 7Dots Studio. Tattered Angels Glimmermists, metal embelishments, flair, flowers, tulle, staples.


I love all the little mini designs from Your Creative Wings that are just perfect for my Project Life pages. I have been PLing (as in using Project Life pocket page style scrapbooking to document) our day to day life for almost 5 years now and still love it. It’s a fabulous record to look back on. This year I have used the Midnight Core Kit Edition from Becky Higgins©. I love the black and white... with touches of grey and kraft and the occasional splash of yellow. This spread consists of pocket pages from Becky Higgins©. Design A on the left and Design F on the right.  

I have added seven pieces of Your Creative Wings chipboard to this spread, once again in my go to favourite finish... raw form. It complements the kraft cards in this core kit as I mentioned above and is in keeping with the whole keep it simple approach that PL was always meant to be. Just a few little glimpses of eye candy that help tell the story of our week. 

The pointing printer’s hand is my absolute favourite piece of Your Creative Wings chippy to date... closely followed by the geotags... hearts, houses, arrows (there are circles and stars too)... I can see me using those on every page. The little snap camera and heart arrow are just adorable too... I took the teensy heart out of the arrow and attached it to the 3x4” photo on the far left... just another little subtle highlight to add interest and draw attention.


Your Creative Wings materials used: Printers Fist YCW4017, Geo Pointers - Heart & Home YCW4007, Geo Pointers - Stars & Arrows, Cameras YCW8002,  Arrows Set 1 YCW4001.   Other materials used: Paper by; Becky Higgins - Midnight Core Kit Edition. Becky Higgins Pocket Pages - Design A & F.

I hope you have found Your Creative Wings designs in your local store. If not ask them to get them in. We have some gorgeous new designs coming out... and dare I say it... Christmas themed ones too... it is only 55 sleeps away you know. ;)

September 2014

Hey there, Anne-Marie here, I am so excited to be making my first official blog post for Your Creative Wings!  I just love all the fabulous designs I have had a chance to play with... and I’m looking forward to even more.

This is my fifth year of Project Life style scrapbooking and while I tend to keep my photo a day album fairly simple I still like to add a few little embellishments here and there to keep it interesting.  Your Creative Wings has some gorgeous little bits and pieces that work perfectly with your pocket page style layouts.
I included a photo from this spread into my weekly layout but I just loved these photos so much that I thought they needed an entire spread of their own... to tell the story of my two darling girls and the rocky relationship they share. One day it’s love the next day hate... or should I say one minute love and the next minute hate?  Such is their sisterly love for one another! :P

As you can see this double page LO is very simple.  I have used the Becky Higgin’s Project Life mini kit from Amy Tangerine called Cut & Paste.  I have painted the Small Jar Banner which makes a super cute addition to the title card.  Then I’ve used a few arrows and stars to add a little eye candy to each card.  I have painted some of these and left some raw for added interest. I still love raw chipboard all these years later.  The Heart Geo Tag  (there are various other icons too) is one of my very favourite designs and I am sure I will be using those on almost every page from now on. 

Sister Love

Also, the alphas are fabulous for titles too. Again I have left those raw to complement the 6x4” filler. I added a few jellybean soup stickers and a handmade flair button to finish it off. If you take a close look you will notice the flair is stuck on top of the plastic pocket page. I find that putting them inside the pocket warps the plastic and it doesn’t sit well so I attach mine on the outside with double sided foam tape. 


Your Creative Wings Materials used: Arrows Set 2 YCW4009, Alpha 1 YCW5006,  Mason Jar Bunting YCW9001, Star Border YCW10003,  Geo Tags - Heart & HomeYCW4007. Other products used: Becky Higgin’s Project Life mini kit from Amy Tangerine called Cut & Paste, Jellybean soup stickers.

Cool Chick

For my second LO I have used one of my daughter’s selfies... it’s the only photo’s I’m allowed these days it seems... and I have done a traditional style 12x12. I turned it into a Polaroid type photo by adding the 4x4” image to a 6x4” background in Photoshop Elements, printed it put and then just cut it to size.

Your Creative Wings Materials used: Let me take a Selfie frame YCW1020, Arrows 3 YCW4008, Geo Pointers - Heart & Home YCW4007.
Other materials used: Echo Park Paper Co. called Happy Days, washi tape.

I have embossed the Your Creative Wings Selfie frame, wiggly arrow and (another) heart geo tag with red embossing powder. I love how it makes the chippie really pop off the page.  Then the background is made up of layered strips of patterned paper from an old range from Echo Park Paper Co. called Happy Days.  I have then smeared a very thin layer of white gesso over it. Then I used some bubble wrap to stamp on the teal coloured paint as a bit of contrast.  Add a few strips of washi tape (everything looks better with washi tape!), some aqua coloured cotton, some alphas and a flair button and viola! Another LO in the tween’s album done. ;)


I used to mull over LOs like this for hours (days even!) but this literally took me an hour to complete.  I’m all for the keep it simple and don’t over think things style of scrapping these days. Have fun creating!

August 2014

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