Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Wednesday Words & Photos

The boys are really loving on Callie at the moment. She came out to see them off on the bus. Dylan just loves this little Levi cat. I got some more housework done this morning. A few dreaded tasks out of the way. Feels good to catch up on it all.  Dylan has been feeling a bit neglected lately I think. Her and the boys are going through a bit of a love hate stage and often clash. She needs more Mumma cuddles me thinks.  Bailey peed again. I have been trying to be more mindful of eating a proper lunch this week. I picked Austin and Albert up from school this afternoon. Wednesday afternoons last term meant swimming lessons. We aren’t doing swimming during winter. I am too concerned they will get sick. But they still love their Wednesday afternoon ritual of Hungry Jack’s on the way home. I’m allowed to spoil them a little. I have said it is only every second Wednesday this term though. We are trying to cut back on everything.  Amy (William O’s Mum, from the boys’ class) has been bringing me fresh eggs each week. Albert is still obsessed with changing his Minecraft© skin every five minutes! The boys still love the trampoline and they play on it almost every afternoon with Dylan. A lot of the time it ends in some sort of altercation but we celebrate the days it doesn’t.  Simple dinners this week. The two cats both sleeping on the lounge now that’s got to be a first.  Shower time often ends in me getting cranky with these two because they turn everything into another excuse to play loud. It frustrates me so much but looking at this photo makes me realise I should be savouring these special little moments. How could you get mad at those faces?

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