Thursday, 12 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Thursday Words & Photos

First thing this morning I read Anita’s Facebook post about her Mum & Dad moving today so I made a spur of the moment decision to go help them.  It had the added benefit of letting the boys sleep in for a little while longer and also meant I didn’t have to rush my shower. Hey, it’s the little things right? Besides I figured I could use a dose of the warm fuzzies that helping someone always gives me. Purely selfish motives. ;)

School lunches by Thursday are often a bit of a hit and miss affair around here. I am no Martha Stewart, mother of the year candidate in this department and I really want to get better at doing healthier lunches but they at least get a piece of fruit every day. :P  Aus and Alb often do their reading while we eat breakfast too.
Trying to get a shot of us all together at dinner isn’t working. Alb and Aus didn’t eat much dinner and Alb helped himself to a muesli bar .  Callie has been struggling with school. I insisted she let me start helping her with some extra study. It’s like pulling teeth. If I lie down on the lounge to watch TV or play a game on my iPhone after I get the boys to bed I will without fail fall asleep almost instantly. If I go to bed I can’t get to sleep. So damn frustrating. And weird. Because it is not comfortable. :/

We had to stop for fuel on the way. The traffic was pretty bad, as usual, but we still made it before the bell went.  I went straight to their house after I dropped the boys off. I packed my car with a whole heap of garden stuff and drove out to the new house and dropped it off.

When I got home my Studio Calico package was waiting on the door step. See? Good karma comes to those who do good deeds. I have been waiting for this package for almost 4 weeks. I was worried it had gotten lost.

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