Sunday, 15 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Sunday Words & Photos

Well here we are... last day done...

We had a really lazy Sunday. But unfortunately I was awake early. Worrying too much as always. Being bothered by Felix the {always hungry} cat. Though I do love being awake and getting a coffee by myself with no interruptions before the rest of the house wakes up. Austin has been marking days off his count down... there is no special day or date he is counting down to... just for the fun of it. I love his enthusiasm and dedication to this little task he set himself. He is a funny little guy.  And I love that he always comes for a snuggle in bed before the day starts.  Alb came in a little later... Poor boy seems to have picked up Aus' bug. :(  They spent the morning in my bed with their iPods and watching TV.  Dylan's drawings are always a pleasure. Her and Callie have been getting along much better lately which always makes my mumma heart happy.  I gave Alb some medicine. We got into some deep and meaningful conversations this morning. Callie sometimes joins in. I am so glad we get the opportunity to connect with her on the big stuff when she is in the mood for it. Catching her in those receptive moments make me believe that maybe we aren't doing such a terrible job as her parents. She drives me nuts but she is so much like us both it is frightening. ;)  Levi is still being his cute but painful self. Dylan you sweet, darling child, Oh this makes my heart burst. She went down to the shops for me to get butter.  I was in a bit of a grumpy and frustrated mood at not being able to get an app to access my photos on my phone. She came back with this. My favourite. Thank you my girl. You made me smile. I spent the rest of the afternoon making pizza scrolls and baking chocolate cupcakes. Then I put dinner on early.  Albert came running in from the backyard with blood everywhere and Austin was hot on his heels singing, "Nee nor nee nor nee nor. Ambulance, Emergency." Alb had bumped his wobbly tooth on Aus' head while they were playing on the trampoline and it had finally fallen out. It went under his pillow for The Tooth Fairy. More laundry... it really is a never ending story around here.  The world's biggest plane landed in Perth earlier this morning. We decided not to brave the huge crowds and watched on TV instead.  Aaron & Callie have been enjoying the pea and ham soup.  We had a lamb roast with all the trimmings for dinner.

And so there we have it...  A Week In The {very ordinary} Life of Us.

I am so glad I pushed on with this project and completed it.

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