Monday, 23 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Getting These Photos & Stories Into My Album

OK so I am following along with Ali Edwards' approach and I have chosen these seven photos as my first full page photo for each day which will go in the left hand 6x8 page protector... I think... for now... that's the plan so far anyway.

As I was editing these photos and deciding where the text would go it became pretty obvious that they weren't the best photos in a technical sense... not perfectly composed or even in focus and using the front camera of my iPhone 6+ isn't the best quality either... I decided two things:

1. I am not going to sweat that this year. It is what it is and they captured the moment and the story regardless of my photographic skills...


2. I am going to get my big camera out next year and get some more deliberate and thought out "good quality" shots for this project. The stories ARE the most important part BUT I think the photos are almost always the hero for me in what I would call a good page... So, obviously, really GOOD photos plus stories is the best.

Anyhow, this is what I have come up with for each day so far... using Ali Edwards' Week In The Life™ 6x8 LayeredTemplates Vol. 3.

I am also not going to stress about rushing to get this finished either. I am just going to do one task each day, little by little, until it is complete.

Next up I am going to choose which photos and stories I am going to use for the 3x4 and 6x4 pockets. I am planning on using a 3x8 page protector per day also. I have the Stories of Life 3x8 Layered Templates. So I will either use one of those or a full 3x8 photo or a combination of both. I'ves also popped some shopping dockets in those so it will depend on what days it works. So I will be playing it by ear as it were.

I am sort of trying to keep each day chronological too... which may present a challenge. I don't like things out of order. We will see.

Looking forward to seeing how this all turns out. 

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