Friday, 13 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Friday Words & Photos

Last school day. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. Stopping to admire the geraniums that Anita's Mum & Dad gave me. On the bus at 7:08am. Poor Dylan slammed her fingers in the classroom door on Monday and they are still sore. I love the books on my bedside table. We need to make more time for reading. Dylan has been colouring in. Callie doing her hair. Back to reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone to Dylan before school. Dylan is still writing letters to her cousin, Kate.  We have a pizza and movie night planned. I texted them all to make sure they'd be here.  Cool weather. 13°C on the 13th. ;)  At last. Autumn is well and truly here now. Love this time of year.  Been sticking to my goal of eating a proper lunch. Definitely helping to make me feel more human in the afternoons. Der. :/  Finally captured a half decent, sneaky shot of Brad.  Continuing with my week of selfies for my regular weekly Project Life album. Boys home at 3:30pm. BWS piss me off no end, Rude prat.  Pizza and ice cream and Oreos. Ben came over too. Deadpool was hilarious. I know, I know... MA15+ is not suitable for kids... but it was bloody funny and really not that bad at all... My kids know the difference between reality and make believe. Go ahead, judge me. No fucks given. The dishes can wait. Poor Aus was really not very well by bed time... He started coughing and had a fever and was complaining of a headache and tummy ache... I dosed him up on paracetamol and ibuprofen... He was also worker breathing and so I gave him Ventolin and Prednisolone. I checked on him a few hours later and he seemed to be sleeping fine. Hopefully he is feeling better in the morning. :(

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