Monday, 23 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Getting These Photos & Stories Into My Album

OK so I am following along with Ali Edwards' approach and I have chosen these seven photos as my first full page photo for each day which will go in the left hand 6x8 page protector... I think... for now... that's the plan so far anyway.

As I was editing these photos and deciding where the text would go it became pretty obvious that they weren't the best photos in a technical sense... not perfectly composed or even in focus and using the front camera of my iPhone 6+ isn't the best quality either... I decided two things:

1. I am not going to sweat that this year. It is what it is and they captured the moment and the story regardless of my photographic skills...


2. I am going to get my big camera out next year and get some more deliberate and thought out "good quality" shots for this project. The stories ARE the most important part BUT I think the photos are almost always the hero for me in what I would call a good page... So, obviously, really GOOD photos plus stories is the best.

Anyhow, this is what I have come up with for each day so far... using Ali Edwards' Week In The Life™ 6x8 LayeredTemplates Vol. 3.

I am also not going to stress about rushing to get this finished either. I am just going to do one task each day, little by little, until it is complete.

Next up I am going to choose which photos and stories I am going to use for the 3x4 and 6x4 pockets. I am planning on using a 3x8 page protector per day also. I have the Stories of Life 3x8 Layered Templates. So I will either use one of those or a full 3x8 photo or a combination of both. I'ves also popped some shopping dockets in those so it will depend on what days it works. So I will be playing it by ear as it were.

I am sort of trying to keep each day chronological too... which may present a challenge. I don't like things out of order. We will see.

Looking forward to seeing how this all turns out. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Sunday Words & Photos

Well here we are... last day done...

We had a really lazy Sunday. But unfortunately I was awake early. Worrying too much as always. Being bothered by Felix the {always hungry} cat. Though I do love being awake and getting a coffee by myself with no interruptions before the rest of the house wakes up. Austin has been marking days off his count down... there is no special day or date he is counting down to... just for the fun of it. I love his enthusiasm and dedication to this little task he set himself. He is a funny little guy.  And I love that he always comes for a snuggle in bed before the day starts.  Alb came in a little later... Poor boy seems to have picked up Aus' bug. :(  They spent the morning in my bed with their iPods and watching TV.  Dylan's drawings are always a pleasure. Her and Callie have been getting along much better lately which always makes my mumma heart happy.  I gave Alb some medicine. We got into some deep and meaningful conversations this morning. Callie sometimes joins in. I am so glad we get the opportunity to connect with her on the big stuff when she is in the mood for it. Catching her in those receptive moments make me believe that maybe we aren't doing such a terrible job as her parents. She drives me nuts but she is so much like us both it is frightening. ;)  Levi is still being his cute but painful self. Dylan you sweet, darling child, Oh this makes my heart burst. She went down to the shops for me to get butter.  I was in a bit of a grumpy and frustrated mood at not being able to get an app to access my photos on my phone. She came back with this. My favourite. Thank you my girl. You made me smile. I spent the rest of the afternoon making pizza scrolls and baking chocolate cupcakes. Then I put dinner on early.  Albert came running in from the backyard with blood everywhere and Austin was hot on his heels singing, "Nee nor nee nor nee nor. Ambulance, Emergency." Alb had bumped his wobbly tooth on Aus' head while they were playing on the trampoline and it had finally fallen out. It went under his pillow for The Tooth Fairy. More laundry... it really is a never ending story around here.  The world's biggest plane landed in Perth earlier this morning. We decided not to brave the huge crowds and watched on TV instead.  Aaron & Callie have been enjoying the pea and ham soup.  We had a lamb roast with all the trimmings for dinner.

And so there we have it...  A Week In The {very ordinary} Life of Us.

I am so glad I pushed on with this project and completed it.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Saturday Words & Photos

Cuddles in bed with Austin. Thankfully he is feeling much better this morning but it is really cold and raining so we decided no football today. Coffee, Milo and tea all 'round. Dad gets a sleep in. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Everyone is home this morning. Dylan's game first. Dylan played a great game. She really does always put 110% in but unfortunately a humbling defeat. :( Then Callie's in the afternoon. More than a little disappointing. They played a cracking first quarter and Callie was on fire.... but the coach made a bit of a weird rotation and pulled three of our best players off in one go and then the other team ran away with it in the second and third quarters. :/ More groceries. Aaron made pea and ham soup. Oreos and ice-cream again. Cuddles with Albert too. Grumpy Brad. :/ Homemade beef burgers for dinner. The Chronicles of Narnia on the TV and YouTube on the iPod under the blankets. Bailey likes to snuggle. I am trying so hard to be more cheerful but it is not really showing up very well in these selfies is it? This is me. Right now. And that’s ok.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Friday Words & Photos

Last school day. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. Stopping to admire the geraniums that Anita's Mum & Dad gave me. On the bus at 7:08am. Poor Dylan slammed her fingers in the classroom door on Monday and they are still sore. I love the books on my bedside table. We need to make more time for reading. Dylan has been colouring in. Callie doing her hair. Back to reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone to Dylan before school. Dylan is still writing letters to her cousin, Kate.  We have a pizza and movie night planned. I texted them all to make sure they'd be here.  Cool weather. 13°C on the 13th. ;)  At last. Autumn is well and truly here now. Love this time of year.  Been sticking to my goal of eating a proper lunch. Definitely helping to make me feel more human in the afternoons. Der. :/  Finally captured a half decent, sneaky shot of Brad.  Continuing with my week of selfies for my regular weekly Project Life album. Boys home at 3:30pm. BWS piss me off no end, Rude prat.  Pizza and ice cream and Oreos. Ben came over too. Deadpool was hilarious. I know, I know... MA15+ is not suitable for kids... but it was bloody funny and really not that bad at all... My kids know the difference between reality and make believe. Go ahead, judge me. No fucks given. The dishes can wait. Poor Aus was really not very well by bed time... He started coughing and had a fever and was complaining of a headache and tummy ache... I dosed him up on paracetamol and ibuprofen... He was also worker breathing and so I gave him Ventolin and Prednisolone. I checked on him a few hours later and he seemed to be sleeping fine. Hopefully he is feeling better in the morning. :(

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Thursday Words & Photos

First thing this morning I read Anita’s Facebook post about her Mum & Dad moving today so I made a spur of the moment decision to go help them.  It had the added benefit of letting the boys sleep in for a little while longer and also meant I didn’t have to rush my shower. Hey, it’s the little things right? Besides I figured I could use a dose of the warm fuzzies that helping someone always gives me. Purely selfish motives. ;)

School lunches by Thursday are often a bit of a hit and miss affair around here. I am no Martha Stewart, mother of the year candidate in this department and I really want to get better at doing healthier lunches but they at least get a piece of fruit every day. :P  Aus and Alb often do their reading while we eat breakfast too.
Trying to get a shot of us all together at dinner isn’t working. Alb and Aus didn’t eat much dinner and Alb helped himself to a muesli bar .  Callie has been struggling with school. I insisted she let me start helping her with some extra study. It’s like pulling teeth. If I lie down on the lounge to watch TV or play a game on my iPhone after I get the boys to bed I will without fail fall asleep almost instantly. If I go to bed I can’t get to sleep. So damn frustrating. And weird. Because it is not comfortable. :/

We had to stop for fuel on the way. The traffic was pretty bad, as usual, but we still made it before the bell went.  I went straight to their house after I dropped the boys off. I packed my car with a whole heap of garden stuff and drove out to the new house and dropped it off.

When I got home my Studio Calico package was waiting on the door step. See? Good karma comes to those who do good deeds. I have been waiting for this package for almost 4 weeks. I was worried it had gotten lost.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Wednesday Words & Photos

The boys are really loving on Callie at the moment. She came out to see them off on the bus. Dylan just loves this little Levi cat. I got some more housework done this morning. A few dreaded tasks out of the way. Feels good to catch up on it all.  Dylan has been feeling a bit neglected lately I think. Her and the boys are going through a bit of a love hate stage and often clash. She needs more Mumma cuddles me thinks.  Bailey peed again. I have been trying to be more mindful of eating a proper lunch this week. I picked Austin and Albert up from school this afternoon. Wednesday afternoons last term meant swimming lessons. We aren’t doing swimming during winter. I am too concerned they will get sick. But they still love their Wednesday afternoon ritual of Hungry Jack’s on the way home. I’m allowed to spoil them a little. I have said it is only every second Wednesday this term though. We are trying to cut back on everything.  Amy (William O’s Mum, from the boys’ class) has been bringing me fresh eggs each week. Albert is still obsessed with changing his Minecraft© skin every five minutes! The boys still love the trampoline and they play on it almost every afternoon with Dylan. A lot of the time it ends in some sort of altercation but we celebrate the days it doesn’t.  Simple dinners this week. The two cats both sleeping on the lounge now that’s got to be a first.  Shower time often ends in me getting cranky with these two because they turn everything into another excuse to play loud. It frustrates me so much but looking at this photo makes me realise I should be savouring these special little moments. How could you get mad at those faces?

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Tuesday Words & Photos

I am really glad I decided to go through with WITL. I had a much better day today. Feeling much more upbeat and positive. I spent quite a bit of time today online. Sorting photos and playing with Ae's digital elements. Aaron even contributed with some photos from work. Some good news (in the form of acknowledgement and appreciation) on that front also helped lift my mood. Perhaps things really are looking up. Sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone I said that... I might jinx myself. :P

Callie and I still bump heads continuously, like the goat and ram that we are, Aaron reminds me. But she has been a great help with the boys this week. Getting them in the shower in the evenings and getting them up in the mornings. She forgot her SmartRider this morning so had to dash back to get it. I love capturing these silly everyday moments that would be so easily forgotten. On their own they might not seem much but stitched together they are the tapestry of our lives. Right here. Right now. I especially love the moments of them all playing Minecraft together. It makes my mumma heart so very happy.

I have a bit more of a plan in my head now about how I am going to pull all these photos together... My thoughts are so far that I am going to follow a formula of page protectors in the same order each day. As Ae describes here. So each day will include a main 6x8 photo, a 3x8 photo (or a collage using the layered templates or possibly both back to back), four 3x4 photos, two 6x4 photos and then a 6x8 collage to include extra photos and stories.   

Monday, 9 May 2016

Week In The Life™ 2016  Monday Words & Photos

So Monday is done and dusted... 

I am not sure exactly how this album is going to come together yet. I have Ali Edwards' Week In The Life 2016 kit so I will be following along on her blog and probably following her lead in how she puts hers together to a large extent. I don't plan to use all the photos I take every single day but I will use Becky Higgins' Project Life App to keep a track and keep them organised... 

I am really struggling to get back into the routine of school mornings this term. The onset of cold weather always slows me down to a glacial pace but I have to admit I am feeling really down & worried at the moment. The news of yet another angel gaining her wings this morning and a gorgeous 3B boy drifting off ever so quietly has my heart hurting. So, of course, that isn’t helping either. I decided to go ahead with my #weekinthelife project even though I am not really feeling in the mood. Perhaps it might help me find some motivation and good things to focus on. I hope so. I could really use the lift to my spirits. We don’t have much planned this week. Just your run of the mill, ordinary, everyday living kind of week. Mondays are my catch up on the laundry and get the house reasonably tidy days. I’ve done a little of both but the house is so cluttered & I am overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to get it in some semblance of order. I was going to have a real estate agent come to give us an appraisal today but I cancelled it. Totally unprepared to deal with it right now. Hopefully I can make some head way in the tidy up & decluttering project this week in amongst all the normal goings on around here. Wish me luck. I will need it. I hope your week is a happy one.