Monday, 5 January 2015

and then...

I was done!

I just whipped up my 2014 album's last page with the Rhonna F Design apps (for the quote on the 6x4 photo) and the Project Life app.

As always I will print these out as 6x4s and 3x4s (or use cards that I have from my Midnight physical kit) and pop them in my last Design A pocket page for 2014.

I am really liking simple designs and white space at the moment. A huge change from the reality that is my chaotic life!

For next year I am making a few decisions on how I will go about my record keeping.

I will still be doing my daily PL album but I want to get back to basics and focus on the stories more. Hence my subscription to Ali Edwards' Story Kit and Story Stamp. I have always loved her approach to memory keeping and love her style.

I've made a few notes to keep in mind while I am defining my style for 2015...

1. Be more purposeful when I take photos.

Meaning stop taking 552 photos of every single moment and get just a few REALLY a good ones. I am not too bad with the basics of the technical side of photography but I want to learn more about composition and be more artistic too. I want to record the everyday from different perspectives as well. . Like physically getting down low and up high on occasion.  Also, trying out themes for each week / month... maybe in accordance to Ae's kits but maybe just my own ideas... we will see.

2. Delete BAD photos BEFORE I upload (or is it download?) to my HDD.

I really need to go through and delete all the really crap photos off my HDDs. It's getting full and a lot of it really is just crap.

3. Get my DSLR out more often.

I do love the convenience of my iPhone but my DSLR is a beautiful camera that gives me those really extra special shots that I'd like to capture more of this year. I did a course on how to use it well and I don't get it out enough.

4. Use what I have.

No more buying... Well except my SC and Ae kits... No more add ons either! Oh and an order that I made and I am waiting on... but then THAT IS IT! I MEAN IT! This is a personal goal for me this year. I have a serious FOMO thing going on and it HAS to stop.

5. Record the facts AND  feelings.

I don't do this nearly enough.

6. Record more of those funny little conversations and cute things my kids say. 

There are so many of these little moments that I want to record. The years really do fly by in the blink of an eye and I don't want to miss a thing.

7. Get it done in real time. 

Writing journaling at the time often has a very different perspective and tone than when you record with the benefit (or perhaps burden) of hindsight. In the past I have relied on Facebook posts to upate my journaling in my album but this year I am going to keep a diary. I will be more likely to share all the nitty gritty there. I am an over sharer on fb (that's stopping too) but I don't air all our dirty laundry!!! This way will be more authentic too. Or at least I hope it will.

I am really looking forward to getting my 2015 album started and sharing it here this year.

Now for the {really} good stuff...

Last post I promised a giveaway...

Soooooooooooo I have some... let's call them samples... to give away to three (3) lucky winners.

Each set will consist of 30 journal / filler cards + six 6x4 journal cards + six 6x4 title cards.

DIY Shop

Odds & Ends

Peace, Love & Sunshine

I also have a half pack of the Heidi Swapp Glitter Kit for another winner.

This consists of twelve 3x4s and twelve 6x4s and 13 glitter shapes.

 So that's four (4) winners in total.
I thought it would be fun to share some love around.

To be in the draw become a follower of my blog (you have to scroll to the VERY bottom of my blog to find the "join this site" button) AND leave me a comment on this post.

I would love to hear how you are approaching your memory keeping this year too if you feel like sharing.  

I will draw a random winner on my birthday on Saturday, 10th January 2015. 
Oh and sorry only domestic postage. International shipping is insane. :(


Anita Worthington said...

Me! Me! Meeee!!! I need a new hobby to obsess over for 2015!

Maria said...

Love your blog and I am new PL so your giveaway would be fantastic to win.Thanks for the opportunity.

Caroline B said...

I'd never thought of using the Rhonna App to make PL cards. What an awesome idea!
My PL albums are mainly for my 2 girls but in 2015 I really want to record more of my stories.
I'm tossing up if i'll sub to the AE digi sub. It looks great.
Look forward to following ur PL this year :)
Thanks for the chance to win (I'd love the Heidi kit ;) )

jenny Whillas said...

Some deep thinking , or planning, there Anne Marie. I really like the real time and benefit/burden of hindsight point. You've got me thinking now. Glad your back to posting too ! :)

JustMoodle said...

Choose me ;)

I am going with on album for 12x12 and PL. Last year i did too and repeated lots of stories and got all confused. I also want to not get more than a month behind. Lets see how i go on that one.

Leah said...

I already get your blog in my Feedly, but now am an official "follower". That actually sounds a little creepy! Love your ideas for 2015, I may just be joining you on the tell the story journey.

Philippa said...

Love this list - and love the giveaways too!!! I'm doing simple, monthly, achievable this year! {hoping my subscribe to blog worked}

Nicole Taylor said...

My list is pretty similar to yours actually. I'm working on finishing off a few old albums and cleaning up the HDD in the process. There's no point keeping a million dodgy photos when I don't even look at them, much less print them out. I have some blurry ones I like because they show movement, but others are just 'blergh' so nope, not keeping it all :)

Thanks for sharing your list, and the opportunity for some freebies :)

Mum2two said...

Your resolutions sound a lot like your last 2014 page too. Simple and elegant

Kerry Andrew said...

Love your BLOG and looking forward to following you as well as watching what you do with Ali's kits, especially since you are the reason I am currently stalking the postie waiting for my goodies to arrive.
Happy New Year & an early Happy Birthday. xoxo

Tarryn said...

I am just starting PL this life, so love looking at all the blogs and YouTube clips to help me get started!

Tarryn said...

Hmm might even start it this year!!! Lol! Oops sorry bout that!

Lisa's Passion to Scrap said...

Your work is beautiful Anne - Marie. I'm not sure how you do it though - with such a busy life! My plan this year is to print photos weekly & get them put in the protectors straight away. Then I can go back & decorate when I have time. I also got a diary just for PL so I can note down things we have done etc instead of relying on dates in my phone, or backtracking.

~Kathryn~ said...

pick me !!!

new to PL this year - so a huge thinking shift required .... not sure how i'm going but I'm trying

HoneyBear said...

Great ideas and as someone who probably spent way too much today, I understand. I'm very new to PL and trying to get some stuff together, although not really having much of an idea of what I'm doing.

I like your thoughts for 2015 and I look forward to viewing your blog. Thanks for the opportunity. Sx

Scented Stars said...

Love your ideas for pocket page scrapbooking

Kerrie said...

Great ideas! I want to do more with my SLR camera!

lynbscraps said...

Just to be I. With a chane to win and Aldo the opportunity to follow the beautiful pages on your blog! Lucky me for finding you!

leeanne bradbrook said...

Love your blog and your list you have
Its very kind of you to give people a chance to win