Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 + 2 weeks already?!

Seriously? That fortnight just flew past!

OK. First things first... my sincere apologies for the delay in drawing my giveaways last Saturday as I promised... Mainly it's the digital age version of the dog ate my homework... my computer has been an absolute pain in the arse the last few weeks and I cannot blog on my phone. I'm old and I'm blind ok?

Then we had lots of visitors for my birthday which was lovely but busy...

PLUS my damn airconditioner died and it's STILL NOT FIXED!!! I am hot and bothered and over it... pffffffffftttttt.

Sooooooooooo without further ado... the winners are:

DIY Shop... Tarryn

Caroline B... Odds & Ends

Leah... Peace, Love & Sunshine

Anita... Heidi Swap Glitter Kit
Let me know your addresses by email or Facebook message chickies and it will be on it's way to you.

Now, more about my approach to documenting 2015.

I have been thinking a bit more about what I want to do with my memory keeping this year... and reading a LOT of bloggers that are thinking the same.

Ali Edwards is always an inspiration... I must sound like such a desperado-stalker-fangirl but so much of what she says just resonates with me...

Then there was another chick I found through Cathy Zielski (who I also love by the way)...

 Kelsey McEvoy... and she sort of really cemented what I am thinking I will do... (the fact that she likes to say fuck a lot just sealed the deal).

Again... it is all a work in progress,,, so we will see I suppose.

So after MUCH mucking about and changing my mind I FINALLY settled on my 2015 cover page.

I really love how it turned out.

Trying to get a photo of this motley crew, using my Canon 500D on a tripod with the self timer, is no mean feat so I was ecstatic with how these turned out. I toyed with them in black and white but I just love them in colour and then I found these Paislee Press On My Desk digital journaling cards that I've had for ages and they were just perfect.

That little house on the first from left 3x4 is actually from the Amy Tan Plus One mini kit... I just erased the green from around it and placed it on top of the Paislee Press card.

I also changed the second from left 3x4... it is also from the Paislee Press On My Desk kit. It had a P and play. I changed it to C and cox by using the healing brush tool (it looks like a bandaid) in PSE7 to block out the circle then added a text box for my C and cox. 

The 3x4 quote is a freebie from Ali Edwards' blog here.

For the 6x4 "living our story" filler card... I opened a new blank file. Then  I used an Ali Edwards brush from a set called Selfie for the Win. It actually says "living my story" (as you can see in my blog header) but I wanted it to say "our" for this album so I just blocked out the "my" with the rectangle tool in white and added a text box over the top. I added the other text in curly brackets with another text box.

The top right filler card was another Ae brush from the Firsts Digital kit. I just added the line with the line tool and 2015 with a text box.

As always I will print these out and put them into an actual, physical Becky Higgins Design A pocket page. I might change the quote and the chevron 3x4 cards over actually now that I look at it again. I can't leave anything alone. ;)

I really love the wood grain / black & white / linen / leather / metallic / gold and bronze / vellum colour and texture combos that I am seeing around so I think I will be following that trend for the most part in 2015.

I would DIE to get my hands on the Studio Calico 9x12 albums they have released... they are just divine... but with international shipping and the crappy exchange rate at the moment my credit card says "no" (yeah, really it said, "are you fucking kidding me, get a grip on reality, you crazy bitch?" but I thought that was just rude).

I am being good and trying to stick with my no buying pledge but MAN it is hard.

How is your 2015 memory keeping shaping up?  I am ALREADY 2 weeks behind! :P

Monday, 5 January 2015

and then...

I was done!

I just whipped up my 2014 album's last page with the Rhonna F Design apps (for the quote on the 6x4 photo) and the Project Life app.

As always I will print these out as 6x4s and 3x4s (or use cards that I have from my Midnight physical kit) and pop them in my last Design A pocket page for 2014.

I am really liking simple designs and white space at the moment. A huge change from the reality that is my chaotic life!

For next year I am making a few decisions on how I will go about my record keeping.

I will still be doing my daily PL album but I want to get back to basics and focus on the stories more. Hence my subscription to Ali Edwards' Story Kit and Story Stamp. I have always loved her approach to memory keeping and love her style.

I've made a few notes to keep in mind while I am defining my style for 2015...

1. Be more purposeful when I take photos.

Meaning stop taking 552 photos of every single moment and get just a few REALLY a good ones. I am not too bad with the basics of the technical side of photography but I want to learn more about composition and be more artistic too. I want to record the everyday from different perspectives as well. . Like physically getting down low and up high on occasion.  Also, trying out themes for each week / month... maybe in accordance to Ae's kits but maybe just my own ideas... we will see.

2. Delete BAD photos BEFORE I upload (or is it download?) to my HDD.

I really need to go through and delete all the really crap photos off my HDDs. It's getting full and a lot of it really is just crap.

3. Get my DSLR out more often.

I do love the convenience of my iPhone but my DSLR is a beautiful camera that gives me those really extra special shots that I'd like to capture more of this year. I did a course on how to use it well and I don't get it out enough.

4. Use what I have.

No more buying... Well except my SC and Ae kits... No more add ons either! Oh and an order that I made and I am waiting on... but then THAT IS IT! I MEAN IT! This is a personal goal for me this year. I have a serious FOMO thing going on and it HAS to stop.

5. Record the facts AND  feelings.

I don't do this nearly enough.

6. Record more of those funny little conversations and cute things my kids say. 

There are so many of these little moments that I want to record. The years really do fly by in the blink of an eye and I don't want to miss a thing.

7. Get it done in real time. 

Writing journaling at the time often has a very different perspective and tone than when you record with the benefit (or perhaps burden) of hindsight. In the past I have relied on Facebook posts to upate my journaling in my album but this year I am going to keep a diary. I will be more likely to share all the nitty gritty there. I am an over sharer on fb (that's stopping too) but I don't air all our dirty laundry!!! This way will be more authentic too. Or at least I hope it will.

I am really looking forward to getting my 2015 album started and sharing it here this year.

Now for the {really} good stuff...

Last post I promised a giveaway...

Soooooooooooo I have some... let's call them samples... to give away to three (3) lucky winners.

Each set will consist of 30 journal / filler cards + six 6x4 journal cards + six 6x4 title cards.

DIY Shop

Odds & Ends

Peace, Love & Sunshine

I also have a half pack of the Heidi Swapp Glitter Kit for another winner.

This consists of twelve 3x4s and twelve 6x4s and 13 glitter shapes.

 So that's four (4) winners in total.
I thought it would be fun to share some love around.

To be in the draw become a follower of my blog (you have to scroll to the VERY bottom of my blog to find the "join this site" button) AND leave me a comment on this post.

I would love to hear how you are approaching your memory keeping this year too if you feel like sharing.  

I will draw a random winner on my birthday on Saturday, 10th January 2015. 
Oh and sorry only domestic postage. International shipping is insane. :(