Sunday, 6 April 2014

This life really IS beautiful...

So much to catch up on... the bullet point version:

  • Kids back at school. Miss C taking the bus everyday and becoming far too independent in high school (eek), Miss D has a fabulous teacher, Aus and Alb starting at the Language Development Center (common sense CAN prevail if you work through the mountains of bullshit in your path)... and even taking the 7am bus pick ups in their stride... me not so much. :/

  • The boys have, for the most part, been well... but unfortunately they've had a terrible cough the past week that I am praying is gone soon.

  • Their last few follow up appointments and scans have shown "nothing remarkable" but we have more review scans (it really is never ending) coming up soon. My paranoia has kicked in since this damn cough though.
  • The girls have had friends sleeping over and have gone to friends for sleepovers.
  • I finally got a hair do I love.

  • The Man of the House has started playing cricket... and fancies himself a contender... so happy to see him doing something for himself and enjoying life.
  • We had a FABULOUS Big Day out at Adventure World.


  • Brad turned 22.

  • Callie turned 12.

  • Dylan turned 9.

  • Aus and Albert will be 5 on Wednesday.
  • FAR OUT!
  • I shopped at IKEA and rearranged my scrap room (work in progress).

  • I got to teach on a Scrap cruise... Sam Fillingham from Northam Travel rocks.

Yep, this life really IS beautiful...