Sunday, 19 January 2014

There goes another one...

Yet another year has whizzed by at break neck speed.

Quick update on the (not all so) little darlings...

Miss C graduated from Primary School and is off to high school next year. Daddy has his shotgun loaded. ;)

Miss D is happy and healthy, addicted to Minecraft and loving the school holidays.

Mr B is happy and healthy and still working at the pharmacy and is addicted to WoW.

The Mr As are both well... we had a bit of a set back last week and spent a night in hospital with fears it was something more sinister but were relieved to find out it was "just a virus".  The Mumma's paranoia kicked in fueled by hand wringing, brow furrowing doctors and too many blood tests... Sorry young doctor... I know you have to learn by experience but look me in the eye... now listen very carefully when I tell you I am deadly serious here, please go home and practice on YOURSELF before you come anywhere near my boys with a hypodermic needle EVER again!

So more follow up appointments and scans at the end of the month... please keep saying a little prayer for them. We are so blessed to have so much support out there.

Speaking of which... how freaking amazing are San and Peta? OMG you girls totally rocked me last month... words can't even touch on how amazed and grateful and totally blown away we were by them organising an auction for us... and then the overwhelming and extraordinary generosity of so many people from the scrap community and family and friends... I could go on and on and on... I just want you all to know how very honoured and humbled we all were by this wonderful event. Thank you all once again from the bottom of seven very grateful hearts.

So Christmas came and went with the darling husband away (trying to earn some extra dollars up north) and my sister and her little clan spending a few days with us.  It was a lovely few days spent playing with the kids, eating our favourite foods... drinking a little... and just being... my ideal Christmas.

New Year was pretty uneventful too... which in this house is a GOOD thing. ;)

I am really looking forward to 2014... I haven't felt this enthusiastic or upbeat in a very long time.  I am planning on making it OUR year... well MY year really... All things being equal and keeping everything crossed that the boys will continue to improve and kick this damn disease once and for all... I'm switching my mindset... I have decided to start putting my own health and well being much closer to the top of the priority list. Eating better. Cutting out sugar (that's a HUGE undertaking I gotta tell ya). Moving more.  Just as simple as that.  So far so good.  3kg down since Jan 1. I will keep you posted. ;)

I have the scrapbooking cruise coming up soon... really looking forward to that in just 67 days...  OMG 67 days??? Far out time really IS flying by!

I am also taking on teaching more classes at Tomorrow's Memories this year too... SUPER excited about that.

Here's a few that I have taught recently...



I have two more classes on 5th and 8th of March... one a traditional LO using some gorgeous masculine Kaisercraft papers from the Art of Life range... and the other is a hybrid traditional plus pocket page double LO using my absolute favourite Simple Stories range Daily Grind.

So anyway, my other plans include keeping up to date with my PL family album (5th year this year!) AND do an album "all about me" AND blog a bit more often... we will see how I go I guess. Famous last words I've heard before. ;)

Anyway, thanks for dropping in on occasion if you still do... Facebook sort of killed the blogspot star didn't it?

Peace and love and wonderful things to you and yours. May 2014 bring you health, wealth and happiness.

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miasmummy said...

Sounds like a great Christmas and New Year, nice and laid back… All the best for your beautiful little boys, and also for a wonderful year for yourself too!! I can imagine how you would just put yourself last, but Mummy matters too!! Good for you!! I do still read blogs, Facebook is overwhelming at times with so much info and STUFF!! I still love a good ol blog!! xxx