Sunday, 26 January 2014

Catching up...

I really must get us all back into a routine... I cannot believe we only have one week of school holidays left... It's gone way too fast for my liking. :(

I know I should stop doing it but I have been enjoying staying up until the wee hours for this past week. I am almost finished the first half of 2008.  As usual I am planning digitally... creating the LOs, cropping and editing photos and adding words and graphics in PSE7.  I will still be printing each photo out individually and using divided page protectors and Simple Stories' The Daily Grind  collection to put this album together.

I don't have any notes or anything to complete my journaling so my plan is just to look at the photos and put down the basics. If the photos remind me of a story or I want to reflect on the memories from a retrospective point of view I will do that too... some might be written in present tense, some in past tense... normally that would annoy me and I would say the key is consistency... but I'm going to just go with the flow and it will be whatever it will be. I  will also add in lots of quotes and filler cards that I make myself in PSE7.  Oh and I also used a few cards from Becky Higgins' Digital Project Life Rad Dad mini collection.

Admittedly, I had nowhere near the photos that I take now back then... only a few special occasions, a couple of DIY photo shoots and lots of odd, random pics too... I am sort of doing it monthly but I have still ended up with a few spreads per month...  It was all looking a bit too higgledy-piggledy and I didn't think I was liking it... but as I've gone along it is all sort of coming together... in a random, mish-mashed but still kinda chronological sort of order.

2008 was a sad year for us... hard to believe it is almost 6 years (in April) since my brother in-law passed away.  I still swear the darling twins, Austin and Albert were his last little joke on us... TMI? I worked out they would have been conceived right around his birthday in July... and lo and behold when did they make their grand entrance? Just one day before his first year anniversary... weird how things work out hey?

There won't be many photos for the last few months of 2008 because I spent most of it violently ill with the pregnancy. So I think I am going to get this whole album done in record time... I will share more when I am finished... but here's a few of the digital versions I have planned...

GAH! I just noticed a spelling (actually, it's a grammatical) mistake! Doing my head in... will have to fix it now.  OK, I just had an idea... I have a little prize for the first person who finds it and tells me what it is in the comments here on my blog... If you click on each pic it should show big enough for you to read.

Next week is filled up with follow up appointments and scans for review... and me trying to get them all organised for back to school.  I'm trying not to think too much about any of it... It can be a bit overwhelming if you dwell on the could be and what ifs... There's been too much sad news for so many families on the oncology ward of late... these amazing people and their incredible families keep on taking the next step no matter what. Cancer is cruel and my heart aches for them.  Love your babies well people. Be mindful and aware. Stop and breathe them in... even when they are well the time flashes by in an instant doesn't it?

Happiness and health to you and yours... if you've got those sorted... you have wealth sorted.


Jaimie said...

Hi! Great pages as always... Hmm I can see king sizebed there... Is that what you're talking about??? He he...

Kirsty said...

Found it!

When the girls made playdough it says "in" instead of "is"

Hope learning is this much fun!

Thanks for this! needed it at 6am in the morning!! been a long morning already!!

Kiwi The Kreator said...

I wish I were this organized with my krafting. I haven't consistently scrapped in two years and I'm just trying to GET.MY.LIFE.RIGHT at the moment...thanx for the inspiration!!!!