Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Week 52

I don't do December Daily but I sure make up for it on Christmas morning. I just cannot bear to leave any photos out because each of them tell their own story... and I want to capture ALL of those stories while the kids are little. No doubt that will wane as they grow... but for now... I ain't leavin' nothin' out.  Like a good PL friend once said, "Don't cull. Just buy another album." ;)  I can still fit a whole year into two albums so I am happy with that.

I used those Becky Higgins Christmas themed cards from the Project Life app that I was talking about on these pages. I love that I can add brushes and stamps to them in Photoshop to make them my own. A few had winter Christmas sayings. I just blocked out the words and added my own.

I just love how much love and happy I captured in these pages. Christmas means so much to me. Most importantly of all it means FAMILY and being GRATEFUL for our blessings. Yep, a heart full of happy here.

Week 52
So as you can see... LOTS of photos.
Design A + Design U.

I especially love that little 3x4 with the mini photoshoot pics of Austin with the Santa hat. Last year I had Albert doing the same. They weren't very good photos by any stretch of the imagination. Taken hurriedly when he started saying, "Ho, Ho, Ho." So I kept them small and still captured the story. He was wearing an ugly orange shirt so I wanted them black and white BUT I wanted to keep the teensy bit of red hat that you can see. The oldest "photoshop trick" in the book. Black and white with coloured highlights. It's a bit old hat (hahaha I am so funny aren't I? :P) and maybe a bit corny but for this it worked. Little details like that are what I enjoy about putting my LOs together. It's the attention to the details, I think anyway, that make a great page. (Jeez, now I sound up myself. :P) He was wearing that same orange shirt in the bottom left 6x4 too... so I just made that black and white.

Albert and I went to the shops to finish his Christmas shopping. He didn't appreciate the carol singing as much as I did. Fingers jammed in ears. ;) I LOVE this photo. I love the look on the lady's face in the background. I know her... she is the grandmother of one of my other children's friends... so it kinda made it extra special. Looking back at these photos I think Albert has been wearing that red shirt for three days. Good grief child. Take a bath!

Design U + three 6x4s in one of those American Crafts 3up on a 6"x12" pocket page.

This is the back of that American Crafts 3up pocket page + another Design U.

Last of all the back of the Design U + Design A.

I've written here before about how much getting in front of the camera means to me... even when I'm not looking my best. Like my hairdo? The twelvie made her own hair look awesome with her new curling wand but didn't have the same patience for my "old" hair. Charming child! ;)

We were all dressed up to go to a friend's 40th birthday but our bloody car battery died and so we couldn't go. Never one to miss an opportunity (or effort... getting us all ready and out the door is no mean feat!) I insisted the minions let me have a family photo. For once they actually cooperated without the usually dramas and whingeing. Even the biggest boy.  I will be using those for my 2015 cover page. The photo in my blog banner is one of them... but I had a few cute out takes and this one of my husband and Austin was a favourite so I included it here. 

So the back of that Design A will be my last page. I have used mostly Midnight Edition (by Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press) throughout 2014. I adore her designs and will probably continue to use them throughout 2015. The 3x4 "joy" card on the first page of Week 52 is one of hers. I recoloured it to suit my LO. Being able to buy her digital designs means no shipping costs and instant gratification. Two things I am big on. ;)

I will finish off the year with a couple of New Year's Eve photos and the Last Page Cards from the kit. Simple. Quick. Done. I will share in a week or so.

Happy New Year!

May 2015 bring you and yours health, wealth and happiness.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

Week 51

On a roll... but I have realised I missed a few photos from Carols by Candlelight in Week 49.  They were on my husband's phone because sin of all sins, I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! Easily fixed though which is the beauty of PL. I will pop them into a Design H insert.

I also figured out how to get the files (cards) from the Project Life app kits off my phone. I've made collages of two 3x4 cards onto a 6x4 (you can also add journaling at this stage) then just "export" and "save image" to camera roll. Then they are easily uploaded to my computer along with all my photos. I can either print these myself onto cardstock or (cheaper and easier) just get them printed along with my photos at my local Harvey Norman. They still run a wetlab processing machine and it's the cheapest option for me at this stage.

Week 51
I have included a Design U insert this week... but I plan on cutting it down to three 3x4s by three 3x4s... Design U has twelve pockets which I could have just filled with filler cards but I thought this was a nice change.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

My 2014...

Merry Christmas everyone.

We had a lovely, quiet, relaxing day at home this year. Just us and our own kids (with the exception of a friend who visited very briefly to swap gifts with the biggest girl). It was a nice change. Opening presents, an easy lunch, watching movies, building LEGO, watching cricket... just chilling out and doing... well... not very much of anything really. Perfect.

I have been taking a break from social media over the holiday break and it's been good. Good for me. All the bad news was all getting a bit too overwhelming and just downright depressing. I have to stop trying to solve the world's problems and start focusing on what is good in my space.

This year has been long and hard... tough in many ways, challenging and boring and just plain shitty at times and to be totally honest I will be glad to see the back of it... SEE YA 2014... be careful the door doesn't hit you in the arse on your way out...

But as I look back through my PL album there has been much to be grateful for too. It's hard to remember to be grateful when you're trudging along in a bit of a rut... but I need to remind myself to lift my chin up occasionally and see over the crap... to appreciate all the good stuff. Of which there is much, I just need to focus on it more purposefully, more often. It's all about perception. This album is a constant source of comfort to me. It highlights the ups and downs. It is a record of all that I have to be thankful for but it also shows the hardships and the lessons learned (and often re-learned!). Balance in all things.

So, here's my super fast 2014 update in PL weekly form:

If you want to see the photos in more detail just click on the first image and you can scroll through the entire album.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

A 6x8 Design 4 insert (the top right 4x6 was cut in half to fit the 3x4 pockets).

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7
Design A + Design F.

Design F + Design A.

And a 6x8 Design 4 insert.

Week 8
This one has a Design H in the middle.

Week 9

Week 10
This one has a Design I in the middle for the 4x4 Instagram prints.

Week 11

Week 12
This one has a Design H in the middle.

Week 13
A huge week for photos.
Design A + Design H

Design H + 6x8 Design 3 (insert).

Design 3 + an October Afternoon pocket page which holds sixteen 3x3 prints. I love this pocket page for including lots of little photos that I can't bear to leave out of my album.

The back of the OA 3x3 + Design A.

Week 14
This one has a Design H insert.  It was also the week that I got to meet Becky Higgins and lots of the amazing girls from our Project Life Australia Group (on Facebook). I have included a Design F and a Design U to hold all my 3x4 cards that we swapped.  I will take a photo of those pages and include it here later.

Week 15
This one has a Design H insert.

Week 16
Design A + Design F

Design F + Design A

Week 17
This one has a Design H insert AND a Design I insert.

Week 18

I included this as an 8x8 insert in the main family album but I am also having in printed as a 12x12 for the boys' album. This was created using the Just Add Color Digital Kit and a template which I got free from a lady called Lilach Oren. This link will take you to her blog but I can't find where I found the free template download. Perhaps you could ask her.

Week 19

Week 20
Design A + Design H.

Design H + Design A.

Week 21
Whoops... missed some journaling here.  I like including black and whites right alongside my coloured photos.

Week 22 
Too many cute photos. I can't leave any of them out.

More missing journaling. :/
This was a sad week. Blake grew his Angel Wings. Bless your heart darling boy.

Week 23
Another Design H insert.

Week 24
Design A + Design F.
I really need to go back and fix this one. I struggle a bit with placement when I have square and round corners. I like to mix it up BUT I like front and back to match. That's easy in my physical album but I get a bit lost in my digital versions... not that it matters but I get a bit OCD over it. I wish I was so OCD about housework. (That's a big fat lie but I do feel obligated to mention it in occasion... my house is a sty.)

Design F + Design A.

Week 25
Design A + Design C.

Design C + Design A.

Week 26
Design A + Design G.

Design G + Design A.

Week 27
School holidays and a trip up to Walkaway.

Week 28
Design A + Design C.

Design C + Design A.

Week 29
Another Design H insert.

Week 30

Week 31
Design A + Design F.

Design F + Design A.

And another 6x8 Design 3 insert.

Week 32

Week 33

Week 34

Week 35

Week 36
Design A + Design F.

Design F + Design A.

Week 37
So this week I decided to try something different. I had a play with a WRMK pocket page. I really love how it turned out BUT the pockets are a wee bit too big so I had to add some white cardstock to fill the 6x12 pocket. It looks OK, like a white border... It's just not as neat as the digital version you see here and I was a bit disappointed about that. I know, I know... "Embrace the imperfection," she cried. ;)

Week 38

Week 39
Design A + Design K.

Design K + Design A.

Week 40
Design A + Design H.

Design H + Design A.

Week 41
Design A + Design 4.

Design 4 + Design A.

Week 42

Week 43

Week 44
Design A + Design F.

Design F + Design A

This week I also included a full 6x8 Design 1 insert.

This is the back of that Design 1 insert.

Week 45

Week 46
Another Design H insert.

Week 47
This week I have included a AC 6x12 insert. It holds three 6x4 landscape photos on each side. This is another of my favourite pocket pages for including extra full size photos.

Week 48
This week I have included a Design 3 insert.

Week 49
Design A + Design F.

Design F + Design A.

I completely forgot these photos! They were on my husband's phone because I forgot to take mine!

Week 50

So that's almost our whole year wrapped up. No wonder I am so bloody tired. That's a LOT of stuff going on.

I just have to finish off the last two weeks' LOs (plus the Week "53" LO that I will include Monday to Wedneday of next week in).  I will post those photos here... or maybe in a new post in the coming days.