Thursday, 5 December 2013

7 + 21 years later...

It's hard to imagine that this was us... in 1987.

... and then in 1989... Aaron's 18th birthday party... Me about to finish year 12 exams... we'd already been together 4 years by this stage.  
My childhood sweetheart and literally the boy next door... 

... and then in 1992... Getting married at long last.

We did everything back to front... had a baby, then bought a house, then went on a honeymoon, then got married. I finally got my engagement ring a few years ago... Time he took me on a date I think. ;)

We've been together 28 of our 42 years... 

Some one asked me recently did I think I had found "your one"... I thought about it for a moment or two... I wanted to contemplate it properly, give it the consideration it demanded... and I was happy to say, with confidence, sincerity and absolute certainty that,  "Yes. I definitely found my one".  It might not have always been pretty but I know that you are my one darling husband and I cannot ever imagine not having you in my life.

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary my love... And here's to our very own fairy tale... Complete with plot twists, dragons, monsters and villains. 

Love you forever and for always.


Do you have a pile of birthday party or photo shoot or other special occasion type photos that you would like to get scrapped in one sitting?

Let me show you how...

I am teaching a class at Tomorrow's Memories on Saturday 14th December 2013 from 1pm to 3pm.

This class is a hybrid class... you will complete a traditional layout plus a pocket page using the Kaisercraft Confetti range of paper and embellishments.  Bright, happy and just gorgeous... I don't think the Kaiser website photos do it any justice to be honest.

I will also show you two other page designs that you can complete at home with the remaining kit supplies. That's four layouts in total... I know how to get the most bang for my buck. ;)

I hope you can join me for a bit of budget scrapping and fun before the silly season kicks in in earnest. Bookings can be made by telephone. Please ring (08) 9279 2183.

THEN after all the Christmas celebrations are winding down don't forget to set some "me time" aside and join us for...