Monday, 14 November 2011


I am so sorry for the delay in drawing the winner of my little give away... as usual life has been getting in the way!

Without any further adieu... drum roll please... the RANDOM GENERATOR SAYS... THE WINNER IS...  ok so that was maybe a little further adieu ;)

Comment NUMBER 10.... which was...

Blogger Baggles said...

I am loving you r work, If i stuff up a LO I usually pull it apart and start again it usually ends up better than the one I stuffed up lol
6 November 2011 11:06 AM

Congratulations Baggles!!!  ;)

If you let me know your address I will pop this package in the post for you chick! You can email me at or Facebook Message me (see right hand column).

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, said nice things and left comments... I really appreciate the support and the sharing... it was a bit of a giggle to read what becomes of all your "stuff ups"! ;)

Thanks also to the amazing Sandra Wallace for organising us all and making this blog hop happen.  Thanks too to all the amazing Twiddleybitz Design Team... you are a constant source of inspiraton and amusement!

Finally... a HUGE and heartfelt thank you to Mr and Mrs Twiddleybitz who create THE VERY BEST CHIPBOARD and give us the opportunity to play with it.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to be allowed the opportunity.

Until next time... keep on Twiddlin' chickies! ;)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Welcome to my blog on the Twiddleybitz hop...

Hi there... thanks for stopping by... so glad you have made it this far.  Our apologies for all the delays.  Blogger hasn't been playing nice. :/  There's a nice blogger... please publish my post. ;)

How are you enjoying the hop apart from the hassles?  I for one am totally blown away by all the amazing talent that we have seen so far... in fact... so much so I think I am having a bit of a confidence crises... especially having to follow Karen McLauchlan. ;)

Just to get us started... and not to be outdone by the other DT girls who think those pretty boys are "eye candy"...  What about THESE lookers???  I give to you your TWIDDLEY ANGELS (well some of them plus a retired one at least!) ;)

Now, just as I promised, I am going to share my not so proudest of moments first (surely it can only get better from here right?).  Have you ever started a LO that looked just fabulous in your head but that just would NOT co-operate and translate onto the page.  I think I have my ambitions mixed up with my abilities and reality of late!!!  I have always been a bit of a "more is more" type of girl... but this next LO was definitely one I should have left well enough alone on!!!!  I am still going to show it to you... because I am also a "wear your heart on your sleeve and air your dirty laundry in public" sort of girl too! LOL ;)  Anyway, it does have a few techniques on it that I wanted to share... and I hope you will give them a try and post you creations in the gallery at the ning.

You may or may not know by now what a cheap skate Twiddler I am... I used my Twiddleybitz pieces as a mask with Crafty Notions Black Tulip spray on this piece of white cardstock BEFORE I used them on another project  (if you scroll right down to the bottom of THIS POST you can see the other project I used the actual Twiddleybitz pieces on) .  I just had a think about what else they could be used for and positioned them on my background for another project when I sprayed them.

I also used TWO Tweeny Bitz Cogs as a temporary stamp.  I just used double sided tape and attached them to a small acrylic block and dipped them in paint... here's where I got a bit carried away... and wrecked it... but I digress... it's all about the technique... "EMBRACE IMPERFECTION," Tim Holtz says... "excuse my crap," I whisper. LOL ;) I tried the stamping technique using the word Baby too.

The Twiddleybitz had become rather soggy at this point... so in true stingey fashion I also peeled the pieces (very carefully) apart so as to make two for the price of one...  you have to be VERY gentle and patient.  I used an awl to prise the layers apart.  So there is actually only three Tweeny Bitz Cogs used on this whole page plus three word titles.

By this stage I hated the LO so much anyway that I thought, "why not go for broke" and I added more watered down paint (the turquoise) by flicking with a toothbrush (way messy...  note to self: don't be wearing a white singlet at this point)... and even more Crafty Notions "Jaffalicious" Colour Spray.  The background would probably be ok for another project... just not this photo... too many different things going on (trying to be whimsical / cutesy with the twine and hearts and grungy all on one LO just isn't doing it for me!) and it's too all over the place. I think it looks TOTALLY crap and to be totally honest I will probably pull it all apart and redo it... but yeah, the thought was there and it is SUPPOSED to be the thought that counts isn't it? ;)

Anyway, I hope you had a laugh and learned something from my mistakes experimentation!!! ;) Why not have a go using your Twiddleybitz in some new ways... masking, stamping and then splitting into layers... now THERE'S some bang for your Twiddley buck... but ssssssssssssshhhhh don't tell Mr Twiddley... he already thinks I am a scrooge! ;)

Here's another one I did using the new Birds on Tree Trunk (November release).  I love this photo of my biggest boy.  It's hard to believe he is fast becoming a man. I also adore this piece of Twiddleybitz.. my latest favourite... but again it just didn't turn out quite like I had hoped.  It's ok... just not as spectacular as I had imagined in my head!  My imagination knows no bounds... shame my fingers can't keep up the pace.  Oh and just for the record I KNOW I won't be able to leave this one alone either... I have a couple of ideas to "fix it" already!!!!  ;)  I used Tim Holtz Black Soot Distress Embossing Powder for this piece.  I used some Twiddley Alpha Square letters and stickers to complete the title.

OK here is one I really DO love... I adore this photo of my darling husband and our girls... and I really like how it turned out.  Simple is my new look I think.  I am still in love with everything Steampunk. ;)

Another really simple and quick one of my biggest girl...  I can't get enough of these Nero Wrought Iron Filligree pieces and I have used them on LOTS of LOs as that little finishing touch. There are also some $2 shop, cheap arse, contraband letters on this one... sssssssssssssssshhhhhhh don't tell on me ok!!! ;)  I need MORE alphas pretty please Mrs Twiddley!!! ;) 

The big girl again... she has been giving Mumma's camera better smiles lately... take them while you can get them I say! ;)  I love the new My Mind's Eye Lost and Found 2 range of papers... I had to have them all... and they co-ordinate with so many Twiddleybitz pieces that I think it's a match made in heaven!  Just a few touches of Twiddleybitz here to finish it off... Nero Wrought Iron Mantle and just a small Flourish in the bottom left corner under the flowers.

I just had to add this one in... even Miss 9 loves to Twiddle... she chose all these products and put it together completely and all by herself with NO interruptions or suggestions from Mum! ;)  She simply inked the Fantasy Butterfly with a black Versa Color cube.  Those are some more contraband alphas there... did I mention I needed more alphas? ;)  I personally love the lead pencil ruled line under the title to keep it "straight"... too cute. ;)

OK... last project for me.  I completed this mini album for Tomorrow's Memories as a shop sample for the Webster's Pages Let's Celebrate Range.  I have included a double page for each of her birthdays up to age 18.  It started out as a quick "just throw something together" project but it ended up bigger than Ben Hur and I used heaps of Twiddleybitz to complete it.  You could adapt this project to suit any theme but it would make a great GIFT (I am nothing if not subtle!) for a first birthday present for someone special. ;) 

I heat embossed the title word... 

I also painted the back of the title word white so it looked nicer seen through the transparent cover.  I heat embossed the baby basics.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm... no Twiddleybitz here??? Will have to fix that when I get it back! ;)

I must have missed taking a photo of the 2nd Birthday page. :'(

Just a painted heart on this page.

These mushrooms and the fairy have all been heat embossed.  It was a bit fiddly doing different colours (you just need to mask off each section with a piece of paper as you do each colour) but they turned out really well I think.  Click on the photo for a larger image to see the details.

I covered this banner with left over scraps... a bit fiddly to sand the edges... but I think it looks cute. ;)

More heat embossing on the cupcakes... they almost look good enough to eat IRL! ;)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Twiddleybitz-less again... I think I am out of hearts too Mrs Twiddley! ;)

Heat embossing on the musical notes. ;)

I painted this section of banner and added some doodling with a black pen.  Don't be afraid to cut your Twiddleybitz down to the size you need.

More pages yet to be Twiddley-fied for extra birthdays yet to come. ;)

Most of my recent projects / LOs on this blog have Twiddleybitz on them so please feel free to have a look around... I have a page devoted to Twiddleybitz here and of course my ning gallery too.

Thank you so much for stopping by... I also have a prize pack to giveaway...  to be in the running please follow my blog and leave me a comment... I'd LOVE to hear what you do when you ruin a LO / project... Do you chuck a tantie?  Throw the lot in the bin?  Pull all the "good stuff" off and start again?  Or just keep throwing good product / time after bad like me????!!!!! ;)  I have heard there have been a few issues with not being able to comment on some of the blogs... if you are having trouble with mine please copy and paste this link below directly into your browser and see if that helps...

if not... let me know on Facebook. ;)  

Also... if you are heading off to the Paper Crafts Festival in Penrith today we also have more prizes on offer... check out the ning (scroll down on the Home Page under the picture of Lucile Ball) to see how you can win Twiddleybitz just for stopping by the Twiddleybitz booth and saying hello. ;)

Keep checking back on the Twiddleybitz (Chipboard & Craft) Facebook page too... tag yourself in the picture of Lucille Ball for another chance to win. ;)

NEXT STOP ON THE HOP IS... drum roll please...  LISA KAMPHUIS' BLOG  at 3pm AEDST...

Sandra has listed it as AEST but they are on Daylight Savings Time at the moment... if you get lost along the way... check the schedule here. ;)  

Happy hopping... hope you are all having fun and thanks again for stopping by and don't forget to ask your local stores to get Twiddleybitz in stock... it really is a fabulous product! ;)

Friday, 4 November 2011

IT'S TONIGHT!!! The Twiddleybitz RAKamania Bloghop!!

Welcome to the 
it starts today!! 

Each of the DT members has a RAK waiting for you to win when you
 visit their blog during the hop.
We hope you find lots of inspiration and ideas,
have a bit of fun and maybe pick up a prize or two along the way. ;-)
The schedule for the hop is below, but make sure to keep popping back into the ning and on our
Facebook page for more inspiration, fun and even more chances of winning!

Going to the Australian Papercraft Festival this SUNDAY??
Be the first of 20 to go to the Twiddleybitz Booth and say these Secret words..


and we will give you a piece of Twiddleybitz! Too Easy!
 (of course there is a but, lol)
you must be a member of the Twiddleybitz Ning and it is only on the Sunday.
 So....Ready to start the Bloghop??
The schedule is below with the times that each DT members Blog goes live. The DT Angels can’t wait to show  what they have created for you.
 and PSSSTTT!!
 Be on the look out for secret words!!
These will be highlighted somehow in each of the posts along the way. Don’t worry, they will be easy to find. ;-) They are the words of a quote and will be in order. All you have to do is collect them along the way and then send me, Sandra Wallace, a personal message telling me what you think the quote is. All correct entries will be placed into a prize draw.
The RAKamania bloghop starts with the VERY talented
and super gorgeous Mel Forbes.
For the rest of the schedule please click the following link

Now let's get this party started...  the first blog to visit tonight... Friday 4th November... will be the amazing 

7pm AEST
9pm NZ
6:30pm SA
6pm QLD
5:30pm NT
4pm WA