Thursday, 22 September 2011

Just sharin' some "stuff"...

These two LOs are samples I did for Tomorrow's Memories.  You can buy them as a kit in store.

I did this LO using some old Basic Grey Boxer papers that Melissa Heather gave me eons ago... this LO was about 4 years in the making and I finally got it completed at Camp Mojo... with just a tiny bit of Twiddleybitz to finish it off.  It's my darling husband and his dad at his18th birthday.  

I used to be cute... in 1979!!!! ;) My Mum used to make these dresses for me and my two sisters... I hated them... and used to wear shorts underneath to get changed when I got to school... for which I am SURE one of them dobbed me in!!! ;) Mum was mad that the school photographer didn't make me take the green cardigan off... man WHO sends their kid to school in a red dress and green cardy???? Anyway, now I wish I could sew and make my girls dresses like this... but I bet my bottom dollar THEY WOULD wear shorts underneath to get changed too! ;)

FASTEST LO EVER! 15 minutes to make a challenge (vintage pack) deadline at Camp Mojo... I didn't muck around with tape or glue... I STAPLED it all down to make it in time!!! ;) With just a tad of Twiddleybitz and a little butterfly form Chelley Bean Designs to finish it off! ;)

This one of my littlest man, Albert was another Mojo challenge... brown and teal and thread and calico if I remember rightly... or something like that.  More from A Lil' Somethin' {well they WERE sitting right behind me!!! ;) } and the new "little" words and an adorable pram from Twiddleybitz.

This one is using the new Twiddleybitz rusting powders... if you can get your hands on some of this stuff then DO!  BUT you have to be a bit patient with it.  To be honest I tried it and almost threw the whole thing out!  It DOES take a bit of time for the effect to show... even overnight if you can stand it.  I applied Gesso then the powder then sprayed with vinegar... then WAIT.  It is worth it I promise! ;)  

This is my Kindergarten photo... told ya I WAS cute! ;)  I absolutely love the My Minds Eye Lost & Found papers... teamed with a bit of texture paste and colour spray... and LOTS of Twiddleybitz of course! ;)

Just for fun... and another Mojo challenge.  I think it was orange, lace and a die cut???  Maybe? ;)  I think my brain is fried... when I did this LO I actually put 3&4 on it... lucky I WAS sitting behind Wendy Smith because she pointed out my error so I fixed it! ;)

Anyway, as I said before you may have seen these posted on my Facebook page before... but I am just putting them here for my own record.

Thanks for stopping by... happy day to you and yours. ;)


Aga said...

Wow AM, you have been busy!! Love all the wonderful pages you have created and cannot believe you did one of them in just 15mins!!! LOL it would take me that long just to decide which paper to use first ;)

Also enjoyed reading about your memories of the hand made dresses and LMAO about you wearing the shorts underneath!! Oh and yep you were very cute :)
Aga xx

Monica said...

I always love looking at your work!! How do you scrap so well so quickly??? Amazing!

naomi said...

OMG AM... you rock. Love all your stuff for Twiddleybitz. Have only just found a store that stocks it near me so I thought I'd pop in to see what you have been up too... and I am tottally blown away as per usual..
love it.
naomi x