Thursday, 28 July 2011

Twiddling again! ;)

I don't as a general rule do OTPs... but I made this set of Twiddleybitz Shadow Box Frames... and I was really pleased with how they turned out in the end.  If you have a few moments to spare drop by the Twiddleybitz ning site and check out my tutorial for a basic step-by-step on how I did them.

I need to do two more for the two little boys... I was going to use LEARN for one title... as in Live, Laugh, Love, Learn... but what is another "L" word I can use for the last one?  Any suggestions anyone?

I wanted to add a HUGE thank you to the irrepressable Sherry Mendoza just because she ROCKS... and she gave me two sheets of this Pink Paislee House of Three Parisian Anthology paper which I need to complete the two extra frames and that I could not find anywhere.  Thanks heaps Sherry you really are just the best... now you sure you won't organise another Camp Mojo??? ;)

Anyway, I hope you will check out my little tutorial... enjoy. ;)


Angie Delarie said...

Hi there
Check out my blog hun!

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Beautiful AM! What about Listen, Look, Lead, Leap, Light ???

Anthea said...

gorgeous frames Am!!

Angie Delarie said...

Did you get the stamps hun?
I sent them a while ago...just checking!
Thanks Angie