Tuesday, 26 July 2011

2 days, 7 hours and 55 minutes since Camp Mojo...

What can I say about Mojo?  Words just don't seem enough.

Well, I am totally and utterly exhausted... glad to be home but missing the whole experience already.

It was everything I expected and so much more.  I had the most amazing weekend.  I chatted and laughed and ate and drank... and even got into a few deep and meaningful conversations... Lisa Oxley, my darling, my desert is looking just that bit  more welcoming with an oasis at its centre... my cube has it's old spark back... my ladder grew about 80 rungs... that horse is looking a damn sight better and even those poor, little, wilted flowers are blooming a little brighter today. ;)  Now lots of these photos are shared ones... so I will credit where I think I know... but please forgive (and feel free to correct me) if I have it wrong.

Finally I meet Lisa Witch Oxley... thanks for sharing this great shot of us chick. ;)

I have been chatting to these girls online for about 6 years.   The fabulous Lauren Condon came for a drive to visit especially...  Finally, we met face to face and and I think it was her camera that Peta MacBeth (yet ANOTHER awesome chick that I hope to meet again one day soon) took this gorgeous photo with.  Lisa Oxley, Ali McDonald, Lauren and Sarah Ward and Me... that's my scrapping history right there...

... and Alyssa Vollmann too!

I got to meet some of the most amazing women in the scrapbooking / crafting / arting world... I caught up with lots of old "online" friends in real life FINALLY and got to make some unexpected and just plain awesome new friends too.

Two of my most favouritest people in the whole wide world... Loolabelle and Lucy "crazymumm" O'Malley-Powter (I think this is a Lisa Oxley photo).

That is LOUISE NELSON!!!  Taking MY PHOTO!!!!!

WA was well represented with Mel Forbes, Lyn and Tahlia Marafioti, Bev Lemm, Rachel Walsh, Mel Connell, Jenny BurnsMegan Black and me all making the trek.  The trip over was good and the taxi ride up to the Hunter Valley Retreat was an experience to say the least! ;)  Thanks so much to Lauren Bell for organising us from Sydney Airport to the actual retreat...  and back to the airport on Sunday afternoon.

I did Jane Clark's card class and learned a very clever faux rust technique using Tim Holtz Distress Stains and Inks and clear embossing.

I got to do Sarah Gladman's canvas class... I have been chatting to this amazing creative genius for 6 years online and it was fabulous to finally meet her in real life... and of course I have not yet finished the project!!! ;)

On Friday, after lunch, I had the AMAZING opportunity to have a mini photo shoot with Lynette Van Barrelo of My Lens and Me Photography.  Lynette and I were Scrapbooking Memories Masters together back in 2009... and I have been chatting online to her since.  It was a pleasure and a privilege meeting you chick... and HOLY CRAP, YOU MADE ME LOOK HOT (even if I do say so myself)! ;) hahahahaha

I also did Sherry's canvas class... again NOT YET FINISHED... perhaps those teachers back in primary school had it right... if Anne-Marie didn't talk so much and focussed on the task at hand she would complete more work on time. ;) 

Finally, I also did Rachel Grieg's card class which was really cool.  I am so not a cards person... but after this class and seeing how simple it really is to get a cool look using Tim Holtz and Darkroom Door... I think I've changed my mind! ;)  These I did finish... BUT they are being posted home... I will share when they get here.

I met Jodi Dolbel, a top chick, who had us all in stitches with her Glee performance... which certainly falls under the "What happens at Mojo stays at Mojo" clause!!! ;)

I met my most recent favourite scrapper... Crystal Goulding, the dark horse and my newest Facebook friend... and current Master Bridgette Hatton who is just the most lovely chick you could ever hope to know. ;)

I met Kat Hall (meow) who sat to my left while we talked to much and scrapped not enough!!! ;) I will cherish those heartfelt memories and treasure the moments FOREVER chick! bwahahahahahha ;)

I wanna be Sharryn Thomson when I grow up!  This chick made the whole weekend an absolute blast. :)

along with Sandra Staples... with whom I enjoyed my respite care!!! ;)

I also met and LOVED Lisa Warren and Ebony van der Starre and Marelle Jackman and Angela Connolly and Libby Morris and Andrea North and Deb Godley and Maree Warren and Katherine Fletcher and Carol Mead  and Kim Jeffress and Kris Pace and Tarrah McLean and Michelle Winston and Sherie Goodrich and Ellen Woodbridge and Tatum Woodroffe and her sister Lauren Boase and Lisa Pate and Peg Hewitt and Penny Lees and Alita Pereira and Melanie Jefferson and Teresa Crouch and Vickie Deans and Wirg Hampson... man it really WAS a who's who of the scrapping world! ;)

Tracey Henly and Judie Willoughby and Helen Jolly were especially fabulous, generous and fun chicks too...

I met sister act Wendy Smith and Susan Longman of A Lil' Somethin' fame... LOVE their "stuff", LOVE their work, LOVE their sense of humour.  These chicks rocked Mojo for sure! ;)

Sadly it seems Camp Mojo is to be a one off... though I reckon if we keep harrassing Sherry Mendoza and Jane Clark for long enough they might just concede and do it all again next year... well, a girl can dream can't she?? ;)

I created stuff all... started LOTS but didn't finish much.  I did do a few LOs but they are still in transit because I had to jettison some luggage!!!  The wonderful Jo "Twiddleybitz" Kinder is kindly posting them back for me... that's if she doesn't ransack my stash!  I will share soon.  She was the BESTEST roomie and scrappy neighbour EVER!!  Jo thank you so much for a fabulous weekend... We SO have to do it again one day in the not too distant future!!!

I got to meet LOTS of the Twiddley Angels too... what an AWESOME bunch of chicks... and Tracy Lamoon came for a visit and a photo too! ;)

Look at us getting our Angel poses on! ;)

Jo and I (well I was the ideas man... Jo did the actual creating!) made Sherry a floppy, fabric chicken with a sign around his neck saying "Knock, knock Motherfucker!"  I think she liked it... so if you see a whole lot of chickens popping up on Facebook you will know why! ;)

Actually, I think I was having a bit of a crises of confidence surrounded by all that talent... star struck and stage fright... but man the inspiration was flowing and now that I am home I have finally got my Mojo happening!

Here's my LO from the last pre-Mojo challenge... lots of Twiddleybitz... if you pop over to the Twiddleybitz ning site I am going to do a little give away for whoever is the first to tell me how many different pieces (excluding duplicates and the alphas count as one).  You have to add your comment to my photo in the gallery there though, not here ok.  Can you see that little pink and green button... near the rope yellow one?  That's one of Michelle Jamieson's little ChelleBean Designs creations that she asked me to make something with, oh I don't know... about 3 years ago!!!!  Slow scrapper much?  Sorry Chelle... it's on a page now!!! ;)

This is one I started at Camp Mojo and just finished this morning... it's the first LO that I have really loved in a while.  I have decided I am an ideas man... my ability just cannot keep up with my creativity and imagination is all! LOL ;)

Well... that was my Camp Mojo round up... if we can't do Mojo again I hope at the very least I get to meet some of these amazing women again soon.  Seriously, it was just THAT damn good! ;)

Thanks for stopping by... happiness to you and yours.  


Anonymous said...

Aww AM you put tears in my eyes reading your blog that's nice words you have said about everyone ;) i am so very glad i met you, and i think you are just the funniest person EVER ! Thanks heaps for the lend of your Nose ring LOL and i hope we get to meet again MWAH KKMF :)

Kat said...

well that's all a little sweet - perhaps even heartfelt...chat soon gorgeous girl x

scrapwitch said...

what a freaking hoot of a weekend ..omg..loved reading your post and floating back to mojo..we so have to set a date and meet in SA somewhere..drag melissa with ya and the wolf pack to reunite xx

Jo Kinder said...

OMG I am such a bloody slacker when it comes to keeping up with blogs... well... ok.... honestly who am I trying to kid!! I'm a total slacker at most things lol.
You are most welcome about postage thing, I only wish I had done it myself!!
I was gobsmacked when Sherry told me I was rooming with you! I thought I could never be so lucky!! and you surpassed all my expectations, you are one magical chick and I loved every minute being your roomy and scrap-neighbour!!!
We really must try our own get together in 2012. I just couldn't wait til 2013 for another mojo!! :(

Jodi Dolbel said...

haha I just found this by accident! Where were you this year missy! Missed you :(