Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tomorrow's Memories

Mel Connell and Evana Willis have some simply gorgeous classes coming up at Tomorrow's Memories.  If you are looking for some inspiration give the store a call and book your place.

I have also just finished putting together a take home kit that is available for purchase from the store.  It's a quick, simple way to just get those photos scrapped without too much effort.

Not much else to report... the snot train has well and truly arrived at my house and doesn't look like it will be departing any time soon. We have been in the wars a bit around here... coughs and colds and no voices... trips to the doctor and antibiotics for me and Miss D who stepped on a hot ember and burned in between her toes... then ran and jumped on my bed and hit her face and grazed and bruised her cheek really badly on the foot of my bed... slow down dear child, your poor mother cannot take much more of this.  Then Albert decided to take a swan dive off the chair at Miss C's class assembly... and screamed the entire place down (he was fine, thank god)... BUT then came home, promptly fell over and split his bottom lip open... poor little man.  :(

Other than that not much happening really. I am counting down the days until Camp Mojo... I am so looking forward to this break.  It is really the first time I have ever been anywhere on my own... the first time away from my kids and husband...  DH and I DID go to Adelaide without the (then 3) kids for four days back in 2006... but this is the first time I have ever been anywhere without any of them...  it is the first scrapbooking retreat I have ever been on... the first time I will get to meet in real life a whole heap of amazingly talented chickies that I have been chatting online to for the past 5 or so years... it is going to be fabulous and I cannot wait! ;)

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aussiescrapper said...

Oh I can so relate to the snot train, and well Nate has now only one tooth in front at 4 (a bike accident) so although I only have one my heart and mind goes out to those of you who have 2 or more.....I am so glad you had a great retreat, I look forward to one also in the next year. Love this stunning layout. Love to you all, Mel and Natexx