Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I keep forgetting...

what LOs I have and haven't posted... so forgive me if any are ones you have seen before.   

Apart from my Project Life / 365Project I haven't been scrapping much of late... life seems to have gotten very busy in the last few months.  I guess it is no coincidence and having 5 kids... including two, two year olds... in the house will do that! ;)

I am loving the cooler weather... but it looks like the snot train has arrived at my house this week. :(  After the crap we went through last year I was hoping this year we might have built up a bit of immunity but alas no... and last night poor Aus was up half the night vomiting... delightful.  Everything crossed the rest of us don't get it... but I won't hold my breath.  Looks like poor Alb is not himself today and has taken himself off for a nap in my bed... that very rarely happens unless I put them into their own beds.  So we will see I suppose.

Other than that life is pretty much same old, same old around here.  Which is a good thing... I need some time to slow down and smell the roses! ;)  The girls have started netball though so that will be our main weekend activity for the coming months... followed by just good, old lazin' about, chillin' out and enjoying each other's company with the odd family outing thrown in for good measure.

We went the The Maze a few weeks back which was great fun... the girls loved it and the little boys were so funny (and surprisingly capable) on the mini golf (you can click on the collage to make it bigger).  Next time we will get there earlier and make a whole day of it.

Check this out... the colours of the rope maze, Tayla's Tangle, were an exact match to the clothes I put on Aus & Alb... complete coincidence I swear! LOL ;)

My smart arsed husband! ;)

Anyway, these are the latest LOs I have done...  this one is using a Bo Bunny kit which is available at Tomorrow's Memories.  Still loving everything Steampunk from Twiddleybitz and I can't get enough of these new Itty Bitty alphas from Twiddleybitz too.

These two are from ages ago... and I am pretty sure I have never posted them here before... they were also kits you could buy at Tomorrow's Memories...  not sure if any are still available but they do have heaps of other great page kits available for purchase here if you are looking for some quick and easy, no-brainer projects to get those photos scrapped.  They also have the gorgeous new Create @ Home kits too if you were after something extra to sink your creative talent into.

Here is a shop sample I did for Tomorrow's Memories...  this one is using the Pink Paislee House of Three Parisian Anthology Darling Doilies paper and just a few pretties.

These were just for fun... and something a little different.  I have laminated (hot sealed) the photo and some scraps of patterned paper inside the pouch then added some assorted embellies such as flowers, buttons, stickers, alphas and rubons to the outside.  See the Twiddleybitz butterflies? They are DELISH! I have split one into three layers... Mr TBZ thinks I am a cheap skate. He's right! ;) LOL ;)

They are a bit difficult to photograph (excuse all the finger smudges!) but I really love how this turned out.  Dylan was (still is) such a little bit of a thing most of her pants (and the hand-me-downs from her sister) would always be too big around the waist and she'd be forever running around like this.  The title is something my mother always said when we were little...actually I think she stills says it.  It was a turn of phrase that meant't you'd stuffed something up, not lived up to expectations or let the side down.  If you'd done something wrong... you were a "bum show"... or if something not so great had happened that was a "bum show"... or "what a bum show".  Somehow it just fitted this photo... I guess running around with your bum crack showing is the ultimate "bum show" and by doing it you are being a "bum show" LITERALLY! LOL ;)

The title  for this one is cut out of a Baker's Delight plastic bread bag and attatched with good old Sellotape...  and here are the other three butterflies.  See I AM a cheap skate! LOL ;)  I just adore this photo of my darling girl... 9 years old already... and going on 19!  Little hag... love you baby girl. ;)

The boys wrestle and cuddle all the time and I finally got some cute photos of them in action... 15 minutes after I took these of them playing in the rain a mini tornado hit our back yard and tore our back fence down!  Eeeekk! 

I am STILL in love with the Twiddleybitz cogs and sprockets and I have used the Bo Bunny Cambridge paper again here plus some Ali Edwards word art and Tim Holtz; 7 Gypsies; Stampin' Up and Baisc Grey embellishments to finish it off.

Here's a couple more from eons ago... I can't see them posted anywhere previously so I thought I'd just add them here too.  This one is with the My Mind's Eye Jack & Jill range.  My Mind's Eye was from the beginning and still is one of my all-time, favourite ever manufacturers.

This is an old photo of my husband and his little brother... no, they are not twins... born 14 months apart... but they look even more like twins now they are grown! ;)

Well I had best get to school to pick up the little darlings.  Thanks for stopping by... much happiness to you and yours.

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Julie said...

Great pages here AM. I love the ones in the laminating sheets. Great idea.