Monday, 17 January 2011

OK... I have been looking at other people's blogs and I have decided I want to organise MY blog into separate sections.  I am going to have individual pages for each [see tabs at top of page].  So far I have come up with the following:
  1. Just {US} will be all about my life and my family... and the occasional brag and/or vent! ;)
  2. Creativity {Cured} the Cat will have all my latest scrapping projects... with commentary. ;)
  3. Binxcat1 Begins explains my scrapping history.
  4. Tomorrow's Memories will have details and samples of my upcoming classes at the store.
  5. Twiddleybitz will have all my DT work.
  6. Scrap the Boys will have my monthly Challenge samples.
  7.  That {Cheshire} Grin is where I will post my published and competition winning creations.
OK, so from now on, here I will post about my life, my husband, my kids, my home.

I will share my highs and lows, my happiness and woes, my trials and tribulations, my failures and successes.  My {dysfunctional} family life can be boring and chaotic.. challenging and fun... full and frustrating... blissful and maddening... hopefully in at least equal measures!

In 2011 I am going to embrace and treasure every aspect, every moment...  they are too precious to take for granted and too fleeting to ignore.   Spontaneity is my wish...  patience is my objective... real, deep down in your bones happiness is the goal.

I will also share my opinions (you know I have plenty of those!) on things that matter to me and you are welcome to have yours...  I encourage it... nothing like a lively debate I say and I really do honestly enjoy hearing other sides of the story... how else are we to learn and grow?  BUT please be a {wo}man about it and leave you name...  if you feel strongly enough to leave a comment regarding something you disagree with then please be brave about it!  I'll respect you more for it. ;)


aussiescrapper said...

Love your new blog layout, great idea, I have been away for a while, floods caught up with us here in Ipswich and well trials and tribulations of my life, but am so glad to be back. Hope you and your wonderful family are well and happy. Love Melxx

Rebecca Beattie said...

Hey AM, haven't seen a blog post for a while- hope things are going ok and that you are just too busy to post - thinking of ya xxx

Donna said...

Hey AM! So lovely to hear from you, love your new set up too! Pity we don't live closer or we could drag each other out for a walk!
Take care