Friday, 16 July 2010

Just like a good DEMTEL ad...

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE... please go have a look at these in the Gallery.  Thanks for stopping by. ;)

BasicGrey has always been my favourite manufacturer then I went off them for a while... but the Basics range got me interested again and this OLIVER range definitely got me back on the BG bandwagon.

There is yet more to come... I am on a scrapping marathon!!! ;)


Kirsty said...

Basic Grey is awesome I have always loved too and then went off it maybe I need to check this stuff out huh! Stunning work!
Kirsty <3

Felicity said...

I love those sneeks!!
I am bit of BG fan and Love these new ranges.
Have a great weekend.

Sarah Lou said...

Bg is a godsend to teh scrapbooking world! how can you not love em!!!!!!

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