Saturday, 19 June 2010

Happy, happy, happy CAMPER...

Camp Mojo HERE I COME!!!! 

OK... so I know it is 13 months away BUT I just cannot wait... is this shaping up to be THE scrappy event of 2011 or what???

Haven't told DH yet... but he's good like that... and he owes me a couple of days off.

I am sure he will have his next trip away organised BEFORE I go though! 

This is one way to make the year go slow... the last few have flown past at the rate of knots so that has got to be a good thing! ;)

Happy , scrappy evening to you people.


Sar said...

Yaaaayyyyy!! We'll get to finally meet!!! xoxo

Wendy Smith said...

I am excited that youi are going, cos I am going too....yay....cant wait to meet you

Louise said...

Hey YOU!!! You are so roking the Brilliant news WTG and Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and if you dont save a possie [right next to you!!!] at your table for me at Camp Mojo, Ill neva speak to you again!!!!!

Much much Mwah!!!! xxx

WIOIN Kits said...

Aww had I known about Camp Mojo sooner I so would be there, would have loved to meet you AM!!!!!!!
Mel x

Sharon said...

Hey Anne Marie, thanks for leaving me some sweet comments over on my blog, I have been AWOL for quite some time now and really feel out of the loop especially when I missed out on CAMP MOJO!! Love your work and thanks again for your messages. Cheers SHaron