Wednesday, 16 June 2010

... and some more super exciting news

I am so excited... OK, so here's the story.  I have been feeling a bit out of the scrapping loop lately and started thinking what am I doing?  Am I going to get my fat a into g, jump in boots and all and actually DO something with this scrapping gig or just plod along doing my own thing for me?  So, in true "glutton for punishment" style, I decided this year my scrapping goals were going to be pull my finger out and really get this ball rolling.  So I said YES to the teaching job at Tomorrow's Memories... and am really looking forward to making even more of that in the very near future. 

Then I decided my other goals were going to be get myself a Design Team position with a manufacturer... Weeeeeeeeeellll....  only a few weeks ago I was reading about a DT call on a manufacturer's ning site.  I thought... mmmmmm... maybe I could do that... but didn't actually commit to applying.  Then lo and behold and totally out of the blue just a few days later Miss Melanie (of the Forbes variety!) messaged me on Facebook.  I started thinking, "Did I post something in the forum saying I was giving it a shot????"   Or maybe she's hacked my computer and can see my web surfing history!!!! ;)  Seriously, I mean, c'mon... that has got to be a sign right?  Maybe a sign to be careful what you ask for, but a sign none the less! ;) 

Soooooooooooo...  I am going to be a DT member for Twiddleybitz!!!!  Holy Crap how cool is that????   I am so over the moon... have you SEEN their stuff.  Totally awesome... and I thought that BEFORE I got this amazing envelop of goodies to play with!!!!  Thank you so much Mel for thinking of me!  I am totally stoked.  Thanks heaps Tiff and Jo for the warm welcome, very, VERY much appreciated.  Finally, a HUGE thanks to Nic and Andrew for giving me this opportunity, I am so very, VERY grateful and excited, and inspired and revved up and ready to create! 

Here are a few sneak peaks, make that "exclusive previews" ;)

Please stop over for a look at the gallery where I have posted a few things I have done already... with more to come... much more... you really should see all this delicious stuff Nic sent me to play with! ;)

Happy scrappin' people... hope you are having a fabulous day. ;)  Sorry for all the cliches and hyper active enthusiasm... but hey, I really am THAT excited! ;)


Linda said...

Wow, how awesome is that!!!
Huge congrats on your DT position - looking forward to seeing what you create with this fabulous product :)

Louise Williams said...

man am I gonna have to up my game now you're on the team! lol... congrats chickie, yay for working together!! :D

Wendy Smith said...

awesome news AM.Great to see you get on that scrapping horse again. Tiff is a dear friend of mine, you will have a ball with Twiddleybit

Mistra Hoolahan said...

Congratulations AnneMarie... I hope you have a ball playing!!

Tracey said...

Congrats and well done they are so very lucky to have you.

Rebecca Beattie said...

I was trhilled to see you on the list for the new members! Your work absolutely ROCKS and there is no surprise from me that you got the gig! so what is the next goal? :D Churning these ones pretty quickly LOL

suzitee said...

Wooohooo...congratulations AM. It's great to see people achieving their goals...have fun with it!