Tuesday, 4 May 2010

So it appears sticker charts DO work...

... apparently. That is of course if you print them on the computer with very specific wording for each task to be completed (read: essay), hang them at a good (easily accessible) height and in a visible position (read: fridge), have "cool" stickers to put on them (shiny stars for the ill informed) but most importantly it is all about the reward (well obviously!). It has to be something decent... in this case new bed linen (this is where I have it over them; they needed new bed linen anyway, so I am in a win, win scenario here). Then I just have to “leave [them] alone to do it for [them]selves!” Jeez, my girls are fussy little hags. I guess it is like my husband always says, "high maintenance is fine... as long as she runs like a Ferrari not a clapped out old HQ." LOL ;) Anyway, I won’t complain / count my chickens too loudly just yet but this morning the beds got made, the kids got dressed, the hair got brushed, the bags got packed, the breakfast got eaten, we got to school early and the gold stars are on the chart to prove it... all without one single whinge! So feeling like a Ferrari this morning (even if I do look like a clapped out old HQ)!!! ;) Hey, I think I need a sticker chart of my own! LOL ;)

All is good at our house, just your run of the mill, every day, “stuff" going on. Austin and Albert are almost walking... I will try to work out how to put a video of that up. I have it on my phone. They have worked out how to push one of those plastic storage boxes around (the ones with a lid on top and wheels on the bottom). They both stand at one end and sort of use it as a walking frame like a wheel barrow. I was very impressed at the co-operation... a sign of things to come I suppose. I don’t expect I will be so impressed when they work out that together they can get up to all kinds of mischief. I suspect that the two of them will be driving me quite mad before long!

Bradley has started a paper run... small stuff to most I guess but it is a monumental task. He actually took on two runs so it is a huge pile of papers and brochures to sort, fold and deliver each week. He was quite over whelmed with it all the first week but he is doing really well with it now and has got himself much more organised (and with less help from me). That is a major accomplishment in itself. We have had a win with getting some support (I promise not to say bad things about Centrelink again) for after school transition and work choices for him too which is a huge relief for me. AIM is an advocacy group that assist autistic people in finding and keeping employment and accessing training. They came to us for the initial interview and I can’t tell you how strange it was talking to someone who actually “got it” without me having to spend hours re-telling and re-hashing Bradley’s entire life story (the guy we spoke to has an autistic son himself). It was like someone came and lifted the weight of the world off our shoulders and said, “We are here to help, don’t stress.” Yep, after 18 years of banging your head on walls... seriously weird! Thanks Mac, you are certainly on our Christmas card list this year! ;)

Callie started netball last weekend... she was a dead set legend. She did play the summer season at the end of last year but that was sort of just an introduction to the "real" game. I was so proud of her, she played GA & shot two goals and then had a go at C and GD and did a really great job stopping the other team's attempts at goal and intercepting quite a few passes. Her team won so she was stoked (last year they only won one game all season). I know it's all about how you play the game and having a go and trying your best and all that but this little win was just what she needed for a bit of a confidence boost and I know it will keep her coming back for more so I am really pleased that they had a success... despite the fact that we have to be there at 8am which means I have to get up earlier on a Saturday than a school day... there is something not quite right about that I say!

I have finally got some scrapping to share... I absolutely LOVE these Webster’s Pages papers.  My life really IS beautiful (just as the bottom strip of the papers say) and it's nice to be reminded of that fact, even if the mundane crap gets on top of you sometimes... that's what scrapping is all about and I like telling both sides of the story.  At the moment I am feeling very blessed that I do have two sides to tell.

The lovely Chelle... of Chelley Bean Designs gave me these gorgeous little, music paper butterflies (which I have crackle medium’d to within an inch of their fragile little lives) to have a play with and they were perfect for this piece of paper. This photo was one of those, “Oh dear, my baby girl is growing up!” moments. I really liked how it turned out despite the BG 100% Girl rubon going mental on me. I am on a mission to use up all my old rubons because I am convinced they have a use by date, a shelf life... a best before date at the very least... I think I saved it from disaster though.

This one is for the (ever patient) lovely ladies from Tomorrow’s Memories using the Webster’s Pages again and the Twiddleybitz Nero Wrought Iron Border. I covered it in DM and as always learned that my compulsion to just add a “little more” needs to be dealt with! Those flowers were white... then in my infinite, scrappy wisdom I decided they needed just a teensy spritz of Glimmer Mist... but of course there was only a tiny bit left in the bottom of the bottle and the sprayer couldn’t pick it up so I ended up with a few big blobs then nothing! Ever the optimist I tried pouring a little on... don’t try that, EVER! So then it was a paint brush to try to fix it up. Thankfully that was more successful and I actually really like how it turned out in the end. We’ll call that one a “happy” accident shall we? ;) {The colour isn't coming up all that well, the blue is really more of a pretty, minty-greenish, blue}.

Tomorrow’s Memories are celebrating their 6th birthday this month and they have some HUGE stuff planned... these girls really know how to party! Please go check it all out... I promise it will be worth your while. My big, scrappy news is that Clori, Jo and Vicki have asked me to teach so I am doing my very first ever class (it’s going to be something a bit difference and I guess you’d call it technique based) there at the end of June... I am super excited so please book in and come do my class with me so I don’t feel like a Nigel No Friends! Watch this space for more details and some sneak peeks.

This one was a just for fun and just because...

As you can see I really love this photo! I don’t usually do that (scrap a photo more than once) but I just really love this one, so I did.

See that tiny little bit of yellow pp at the bottom right hand corner? THAT started out as the background for this one! Again with the “more is more” attitude I’m afraid... I Glimmer Misted it to death so I was only able to salvage a few scraps in the end. Note to self: light weight paper and too many squirts of Glimmer Mist does not make for a good back ground. I was a bit bummed at it too... the paper looked really good with this photo and it was some K&Co pp I was given for a Master’s Challenge last year so I don’t think I will be able to replace it ... oh well, live and learn I guess. The “more is more” thing I have going on and my OCD tendencies do not sit well together! ;)

I am still plugging along with the 365Project. I have missed a few days here and there but I am really enjoying putting all these photos (plus a few extra favourite ones here and there) into my Becky Higgins Project Life album. I spent the weekend getting (almost) caught up with printing and organising them into the album. I really need to catch up on the journaling now but that is why I put such long descriptions when I upload my photos. That way it is all there, now to just get it into the actual album. I am also using the album as a record of all the photos I have on the computer. It’s a great reference to go back to when I am looking for photos for the kids’ albums.

Finally, I just wanted to say a HUGE and heartfelt thank you to Jen for the gorgeous (huge) bundle of Dusty Attic stuff that I won from her blog give away. I thought she was going to send me a piece of DA chippy, not a whole stash of the stuff! I promise I WILL get my a into g and use some Jen and post it in the DA gallery. MWAH chick, you made my year!

Best wishes to you and yours... can you believe it is May already!


Vicki Cowan said...

It is always great to read your blog and catch up on everything happening in your family...I am looking foward to seeing you tomorrow and admiring all your layouts in person!!! Vicki x

Anonymous said...

Wow these layouts are stunning and I too love Websters, such yummy scrappy goodies :)

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Ann Marie,
I have to seriously thank you for the loveliest message that you just left on my blog. I can't thank you enough for those words of encouragement especially coming from someone who is as talented as yourself. I wish you were there!


Anonymous said...

I could just look at your layouts all day, love them all, actually can I make them into a screen saver LOL? No actually, that's a bit freaky isn't it, sort of like a stalker or something? Besides, I'm happily married LOL.