Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Photo update...

My {not so} little crew...

Callie's 8th Birthday (on the 17th because Dad was home... but officially the 25th of March)...  you are growing up way too fast my darling girl!

We had a great Easter break in Walkaway and Geraldton.  The girls had a ball building cubby houses, riding horses and motorbikes and just hanging out in general.

Austin is a confirmed chocoholic just like his mother.  Meanwhile, Albert totally lost his shit over a Chocolate Easter Bunny.  He chucked a complete mental when we took the foil off it and it took ages to convince him that the chocolate was in fact the edible part... metal tastes good it would seem!


We had Austin's & Albert's first birthday on the Easter Monday Holiday but their actual birthday is the 9th (again so Dad could be there).  It is so hard to believe a year has whizzed by already.  Just to add a bit of excitement to the day Austin tried to choke himself on his cake (greedy little bugger) but luckily we were quick and thank you Liz for helping!  Poor little man... it didn't deter him though! ;)  Thank you and The Pissys for the gorgeous gifts too... they are certainly being well loved!  

They are both crawling on all fours properly now and both pulling themselves up to standing on anything they can reach.  They have also both discovered the joys of climbing on things that are just a little too high to fall comfortably from.  Bloody kids! ;) 

My Gran... almost 96 and still working at the museum.  Behind her is my Grandfather's Memorial Rose Garden.

Just us again (for my dear Aunty Weens)... last Christmas.  It was quite the engineering feat I must say... all done with the camera on a tripod and the self timer! You should have seen me carrying on like a lunatic to get them all to look at the camera and then trying to get back into the shot myself! ;)


Vicki said...

What a fantastic collection of photos Anne-Marie! Thanks for sharing....Vicki x

Mel Connell said...

You have a totally gorgeous family AM. xxxx

Liz said...

Ohh just catching up on your posts! It was my pleasure to help my love, he certainly wanted that cake!! A bit too much of it hey! Your family is beautiful and I love the book you made me!! You should seriously publish it! hehe