Sunday, 14 March 2010

2 kids' birthdays down...

Two to go... well three really, but you get what I mean right? 

Brad's 18th was great fun, just some of the family and Brad's best mate (thanks heaps for making it Ben)... but we all had a really good night.  He had a ball which was fantastic considering he really wasn't all that fussed about having a party at all.  Thanks Jadeeee Baby for suggesting it... or it probably would not have happened! ;)

Dylan's 5th birthday was a quiet "family" party with a cake as big as the kid herself... but my stupid new SD card chucked a mental and ate the photos... so we did a re-enactment with an half eaten cake! ;)  She got a pink scooter and loves it... so does her big sister... luckily she has a birthday too soon! ;)

We had a fantastic night at the AC/DC concert... getting in touch with our bogan upbringing... and my feet STILL hurt!  Note to self:  You might THINK you look hot in those high heel boots and yes, they might make you look a tiny bit taller and thinner than you really are... but for god's sake woman, when you have to park the car 3 miles away and walk (there AND back) wake up, get a grip on reality and just wear DBs next time! ;)

We have been really busy lately.  I am not entirely sure why.  There just always seems to be something going on... visitors, parties, a wedding, kids assemblies and certificates, movies at the park, sleepovers, a trip to the dentist, two to the doctor, a swimming carnival, concerts, scrapping, playgroup, missing keys  and credit cards (don't even ask)... plus the every day type stuff like grocery shopping, paying bills, cleaning, school runs, laundry, baths, cooking, homework, piano practice, teeth brushing, stories... life just seems to be whirring by at a hectic pace at the moment. 

Austin and Albert are better than they have been but still not 100% yet.  I am getting really frustrated because just when it looks like we are past the worst of it... BAM! and their poor little bums flare up again for seemingly no reason at all... so over it!  They also had a bit of a 'flu for about a week... kids with snotty noses are my pet hate... and that set them back a bit too... they came good again but today they seem to have the snots again.  Ah the joys of motherhood hey? LOL ;) 

They both love their baths and walks in the pram.  They are good eaters and sleep really well too.  They are also both very mobile now... commando crawling still but FAST!  They both sit themselves up and are waving and clapping hands and saying Dad Dad Dad... that's due to training on my part I reckon they SHOULD say Dad first... I don't want them nagging ME!  They also say Bub, Bub, Bub and La, La, La that sort of thing.  They do say Mum Mum Mum but that's our little secret for now.   Austin has this little raspberry blowing thing going on... which is super sute most of the time... but yeah, not so much at dinner time!  Albert is almost standing... well, he will stand up and hold onto furniture if you put him there... but not actually pulling himself up yet.  Austin is a pita and not at all interested... so we will see... my money was on Austin for crawling first, which, if you count commando style, he did... but walking... mmmmm... not looking very promising as yet.  The girls were racing them up the hallway the other day... yep, each of them had baby and was calling them towards themselves to try and get their baby "across the line" first... I think Albert won the first heat!  ;)

Callie will be eight in a couple of weeks and the end of term is almost upon us... then Easter and then Austin and Albert will be one!!!  Seriously, where does the time go?   This is just getting ridiculous!

On the scrapping front I have been doing some Guest DT work for Michelle at Scrapbook Divas... there's still time to pop in for the March 2010 Crazy Crop if you are loking for a Sunday challenge or two.  Here is my challenge...  No Stamps, No Ink Stamping Challenge #3

Not much else to report I'm afraid... other than I should really go to bed!

Good night and sweet dreams to you and yours. ;)