Saturday, 6 February 2010

My boy is {almost} 18!

I was but a mere child when he was born of course! ;)

This LO was created using an Ali Edwards template I brought from Designer Digitals.   I fiddled around with it a fair bit and changed the titles then added that imagine brush from that imagine create share kit that I got at pickleberrypop a while back.  With the journalling I just played around with different fonts and sizes until I was happy with it. 

If you want to read the journaling just double click on the image to make it bigger.

I am busy organising a bit of an 18th birthday party for him at the moment. Nothing too over the top, just a family BBQ... he is not the most sociable chap my boy... BUT, as I told him, the party isn't about him... it's all about his parents congratulating themselves and celebrating the fact that they managed to get him to 18 without throttling him! ;)  He got his "L" plates (finally) the other day and he is starting at TAFE next week... hard to believe the last 18 years have flown by in just the blink of an eye.

Check us out... OMG we WERE so young!!!!!  He was a dead ringer for the newest editions too.

He was four weeks in these photos with me...

and about 8 months here with Aaron...

The girls are settling into the new school term really well. Although, only one week in and we have already managed to lose a hat and Callie's heels are shredded from her new black, leather, lace up shoes... not impressed at all! I brought the most expensive pair of shoes, had them so-called "professionally fitted" to avoid just this thing and yet STILL she has HUGE blisters... poor baby... but she is being a tough, little cookie and sucking it up... hopefully the weekend will be enough to let them heal. She is so clever. She says, "I know why they are called heels... because they need to HEAL." Little Miss Smarty Pants! ;)

The babes are finally getting better... though still not 100%. Seems they developed Lactose Intolerance due to the dose of gastro we all had just before Christmas. The paediatrician seems to think it will be temporary so fingers crossed... I swear I am going insane with changing at least 15 dirty nappies a day! :(

Not much on the scrapping front at the moment... time seems to be marching by so quickly... and there never seems to be enough hours in the day... though I do have a bit of DT & CT stuff on my desk so I had better get my a into g and get them done.  Oh I DO have some exciting news to share soon... but I have to work out all the details first.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by... love to you and yours.


Beck BT said...

ooooo I love the layout! Happy Birthday to you now much bigger man! Gee you look young in the photo with you boy - looking back is the BEST!! Love the update on the Fam as well. Hope your Mr As get over the lactose problem soon! xxxx

Suzanne said...

Sending Happy 18th birthday wishes, I have one turning 18 later in the year so might need some advice on parties.

And yes I can relate to the hat, we have had that on day 2.

Best wishes for the 18th birthday boy.

Chantal said...

Love your layout! Your blog is great! Classic stuff! You have a GSOH!!! Be my friend and I'll be yours? LOL! :)

Michelle Jamieson said...

They grow up too fast, don't they?
I won't tell you what I was doing in 92! LOL

Fabulous layout too, AM!!
You're rockin these digi's!! :)

Chelle Xx