Saturday, 16 January 2010

Life is good

Another week down for 365Project.  Is it just me and my imagination or does the year seem to be slipping away even faster than ever?

Can I put a naked / breast feeding photo of myself up in public????  Arrhhhhhh stuff it!  YES I can! ;)

Aaron went back to work Thursday... he is enjoying the new job and it looks like things are going well for him with maybe some good opportunities coming up in the near future... though as he said, “I’ll believe it when I see the money.” ;) LOL

Swimming lessons are keeping Callie and Dylan busy (one week down and one to go).

I read that I should refer to the babies by name and separately to “foster their individuality” so...  Austin is crawling on elbows and knees (I will try to video this and post it here... it is rather cute).  Albert is sort of caterpillar humping / commando crawling on his belly... though he is sitting up a bit better than Austin at this stage.  Austin almost has one of his top teeth... just ever so slightly poking through.  They both have the two bottom teeth already... whoops there I go again, referring to them together!

Bradley is waiting on confirmation for his TAFE course (Cert II in Horticulture) and is going to (finally) go for his L Plates next Monday week.

Callie and Dylan are looking forward to going back to school.  They have received letters from their teachers and have all their uniforms and books organised but we have to go get them fitted for shoes... Callie needs proper black lace up shoes this year... very exciting wearing a real uniform... she also had to have “monkey bar knickers” for under her dress... seriously that is what they call them on the pack!

I am tired... but happy... life seems to be whirling by in a blur.  I must say I am really enjoying the relaxed pace of these holidays.  I am a very lucky Mum whose children are being little darlings and letting me have sleep ins and plenty of time out as they play together, happily making their own fun... seriously I really do think they benefit from being bored and not having perfect parents... imagine how useless they would be if you did everything for them and filled their every waking moment... I can proudly say my children have ample opportunities to amuse themselves and use their imaginations! ;)

Hope 2010 is treating you well...


Coops said...

I swear i remember my sister refering to monkey bar knickers. That's 20 years ago. By the way don't read too much in what people tell you about how to raise your twins. Also don't discount anything. Hope that helps.

Kirsty said...

I am a HUGE believer in letting kids amuse themselves! thats when they have the most fun usually!
Love your pics, and yep, the year is flying by already!

Sue said...

We used to call them bombay bloomers in the dark ages :) Sure your kids are just great... clever Mum not withstanding

Megan B said...

I can't tell you how much a admire you and absolutely looooove the photo of you breast feeding! It brings tears to my eyes to see all that love!!
I am can't agree with you more A-M! Let the children play!!