Friday, 1 January 2010

and so that was Christmas...

... and a Happy New Year. Please excuse the evil, scary looking angel apparently perched on my head... mmmmmmmm... Kindy has much to answer for in this house!

Does anyone know how hard it is to get 7 people to all look at a camera without looking as though they are being held at gun point... or tortured... or under threat of extreme physical harm? I think out of 50 photos Albert is only actually looking at the camera in 5 of them... and that's with Callie holding his head in a vice-like grip! I would so love to have some professional shots taken but I don't think I can bring myself to actually inflict us upon some poor unsuspecting photographer. This is about as good as it gets I'm afraid... but I guess that's us (for the time being at least... hopefully one day I might have more success in bribing them)! ;)

Mortimer the Moose was a more co-operative subject! ;)

We ended up having our Christmas Day and present opening on Monday the 21st. Aaron had to fly out on the 24th which was a bit of a bummer but we made the best of it. We really didn't do much... we were all thoroughly spoiled rotten with lots of presents and too much food and drink... the kids seemed happy and the babies (just as predicted) were more interested in the paper than the gifts inside. I do love Christmas but most of the fun is the build up and anticipation I'm afraid and it was a bit lacking despite our best efforts. Oh well there is always next year I suppose. One of my New Year's resolution is to be more organised (as always!) LOL ;)

Here is a VERY rare photo indeed... me and my biggest (almost 18 year old) boy... I swear I was a mere CHILD when I had him! ;)

I then headed up to Walkaway on Christmas Eve (my Mum's birthday) with the girls and the babies... Brad chose to stay home which I was a bit sad about but he was happy so that's the main thing. They were excellent in the car... all of them... which is a major accomplishment... the girls normally get car sick so it was wonderful to have them all behaving and sleeping for the good majority of the 4 and a bit hour trip. Father Christmas managed to find us and the girls were very happy with all their new toys and clothes.

We had a wonderful time at my childhood home... despite the fact that the wind always blows like a m@#$%^ f!@#er every time I go up there. I am sure that it does it just to remind me how much I hate it just in case I was feeling a bit home sick or nostalgic for the old place. I had a fabulous childhood but there ain't no way in hell I could ever live there again! ;) Love visiting... but yeah, as my niece so succinctly put it, "it just isn't big enough for [me]".

Austin and Albert were little troopers and barely deviated from their routine... despite me having to bath them one at a time (I usually have them both in the bath together). The girls had fun playing with their cousins, climbing on Poppy BAH's old machinery, riding bikes and getting filthy dirty every day! I tried having a practice with the new camera to no avail... bloody wind!

I saw my Grandmother who has just turned 95 in October and she is looking very well and she loved seeing the boys rolling around and smiling. I think Mum and Dad were quite taken with them too. I am sure they will be crawling in the next couple of weeks... they are getting up on all fours now and rocking back and forth... almost sitting up but not quite... oh what fun we will have! ;)

Not much else to report I'm afraid... 2010 has started very quietly... but that is a good thing. Brad, Callie, Dylan, Aus, Albie and I all had a BBQ with my BIL and his family and were in bed by 9:30pm. We are going to take January at a strolling pace this year... only catching up with friends, a couple of birthdays, a spot of shopping, playing tourist, maybe some gardening and VacSwim on the agenda at this stage.

I have written down all my goals and aspirations... let's see how organised, decluttered, thin, rich, happy and clever (with my new camera) I am this time next year hey? LOL ;)

Have a great year... 2010 is the dawn of a new decade... live it well they said.

All the very best to you and yours...


Aga said...

Glad to hear you had a good xmas, and wow can just imagine how much effort it took to get the family pic ;)

Happy New Year
Aga xx

PS. best of luck with all your goals for the year!

Michelle Jamieson said...

I loved reading all about your Christmas and New Year.
I bet it's quite the push to get a family snap! LOL
Love that pic of your beautiful family.

Chelle XX

Tara said...

lovely xmas pics!! looks like you are giving that new camera a workout :D

Vicki Cowan said...

I admire you for organising your family and making the trip away for the looks of the photos you did have a great time. Enjoy the start to the New Year and we hope to see you soon.....Vicki

Beck Beattie said...

Loved the update!! The family all looks well, and you seemed to have had a nice Christmas! the little Munchkins are getting cuter and cuter every time you post photos!! They seem just SO happy with all the smiles. Can't wait for the next update.