Wednesday, 27 January 2010

gettin' all Lou{inspired}...

I do so love that chick's stuff!  LOL ;)

I scrapped an old photo that I took waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy back when I first started out... I never did get around to scrapping it because everyone was doing it at the time... and I just looked like a "wanna be".  Plus I read some nasty comment (I think on that smack blog???) along the lines of, "If I see one more photo of a scrapbooker with a camera hanging off her face I'll scream"... or some such twaddle that I was a bit sensitive to back then... but now I know it's all just HORSE SHIT!  LOL ;)  So here it is... and actually I am glad I didn't scrap it back then... because Louise's style suited it to a "T"!  I altered the photo in PSE7, added a photo mask (the black spattered sort of matte behind the photo) by Katie Pertiet (from Designer Digitals) and some word art by Alice Koh (imagine: create: share collaborative kit from  then printed it straight onto Kraft cardstock.  I roughed up the edges a bit, attacked it with Glimmermist then added some hand journalling, some staples and a date stamp... Viola!

... and yes, that is a real leaf... and no, I did not spray it with archival spray... I like to live on the edge! ;)

Thanks for the louinspiration as always chickie babe!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

21 days to form a habit?

... I hope so.  Pictures and stories... getting back to basics.  I am really enjoying this 365Project.... can you tell?

The back ground paper is from a gorgeous kit called Chocolate Mint.  It's available for freeeeeeeeeeeeeee from eidou.  Check out Louise's work... I just ADORE it all!  The curly bracket journalling spot is by Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals, which i altered myself.  I created this in PSE7... I am learning... just at a snail's pace is all!

Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Step AWAY from the Twiddleybitz Floating Frame...

I spent a couple of hours last night fiddling about with this and was sort of happy with how it turned out by about 2am... but not over the moon with it IYKWIM?  (You can click oin the image to make it bigger... but I look a bit scary so I made it smaller!)

So I got up this morning and had a bit more of a fiddle... and, just as I suspected, I am definitely a "more is more" kinda gal it would seem! Everything looks better with rubons, don't you think? But then again I really do need to just leave well enough alone sometimes.  I ended up using the Twiddleybitz Floating Frame back-to-front as I wanted to use it like a shadow box so I could do the 3D effect BEHIND the "glass" to hopefully eliminate at least some of the dust it is sure to collect in my house!  I mean with the perspex towards the front not the back if that makes sense... it will when you see them IRL...  it works fine either way, except I will now have to drill a hole in the back or attach a hanging kit to hang it on the wall.

If I had it to do over again I would have liked to get a better photo of me and DH... though THAT photo is my scrapper's Holy Grail at the moment too... just wish I fitted in the shot better so my head / hair didn't get "chopped" on the left... it would have looked nicer if I was all there... hahahahaha get it? All there? I crack myself up... ok sorry bad joke I know... did I mention I didn't got to bed until after 2am and then was up again at 7am?

Anyway, so not quite the disaster that was the Curly Christmas Tree... though I DID start off with a whole different idea for this frame but it wouldn't work... and suffice to say I did not throw good time after bad this time round (lesson learned on afore mentioned tree) and the mess was relegated to the bottom of the bin... shamelessly and with no regrets... it was $1.85 piece of paper that I am sure I can either (a) live without or (b) buy again if I ever see it on the shelves... or so I will keep telling myself until I stop rocking back and forth sucking my thumb! What is this weird OCD compulsion I have about "wasting" patterned paper? Get a GRIP woman!

So then I decided I'd go with a similar design (the birds and branch and flower) to one that I have used before (and still love) so it would be all nice and matchy-matchy in my bedroom one day when they are finished with it at Tomorrow's Memories who incidentally have the new release Twiddleybitz stock in store now. I did manage to get Liquid Scrap Dots all over myself and kill a pack of Prima rubons in the process... BUT that was not the big disaster I had first envisioned... it actually turned out pretty good... you see what happened was as I was pulling them out of the pack the backing sheet pulled out but the actual rubons sheet stayed stuck in the clear plastic sleeve... so I rubbed them all completely onto the packaging and then just cut them out... now I can use them like overlays / transparencies... which sort of suits my "shuffle things around for four days before you commit to actually adhering anything" style.  So, now I had this great idea and actually applied a few of the rubons to Hambly Transparencies (a clear piece of scrap) and then I could attach it where ever I wanted and with pop dots if I wanted a bit of dimension.  Presto!  OK... I know everyone else has probably figured out that trick ages ago... but I thought I was being clever and resourceful so just let me live in my bubble ok?

Well, I can hear my two littlest darlings waking up for their lunch... hope you and yours are well and gearing up for the new school term... it will be here before we know it!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Life is good

Another week down for 365Project.  Is it just me and my imagination or does the year seem to be slipping away even faster than ever?

Can I put a naked / breast feeding photo of myself up in public????  Arrhhhhhh stuff it!  YES I can! ;)

Aaron went back to work Thursday... he is enjoying the new job and it looks like things are going well for him with maybe some good opportunities coming up in the near future... though as he said, “I’ll believe it when I see the money.” ;) LOL

Swimming lessons are keeping Callie and Dylan busy (one week down and one to go).

I read that I should refer to the babies by name and separately to “foster their individuality” so...  Austin is crawling on elbows and knees (I will try to video this and post it here... it is rather cute).  Albert is sort of caterpillar humping / commando crawling on his belly... though he is sitting up a bit better than Austin at this stage.  Austin almost has one of his top teeth... just ever so slightly poking through.  They both have the two bottom teeth already... whoops there I go again, referring to them together!

Bradley is waiting on confirmation for his TAFE course (Cert II in Horticulture) and is going to (finally) go for his L Plates next Monday week.

Callie and Dylan are looking forward to going back to school.  They have received letters from their teachers and have all their uniforms and books organised but we have to go get them fitted for shoes... Callie needs proper black lace up shoes this year... very exciting wearing a real uniform... she also had to have “monkey bar knickers” for under her dress... seriously that is what they call them on the pack!

I am tired... but happy... life seems to be whirling by in a blur.  I must say I am really enjoying the relaxed pace of these holidays.  I am a very lucky Mum whose children are being little darlings and letting me have sleep ins and plenty of time out as they play together, happily making their own fun... seriously I really do think they benefit from being bored and not having perfect parents... imagine how useless they would be if you did everything for them and filled their every waking moment... I can proudly say my children have ample opportunities to amuse themselves and use their imaginations! ;)

Hope 2010 is treating you well...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

One week into 2010

... playing along with 365Project... I REALLY need to learn how to use this camera!

Friday, 1 January 2010

and so that was Christmas...

... and a Happy New Year. Please excuse the evil, scary looking angel apparently perched on my head... mmmmmmmm... Kindy has much to answer for in this house!

Does anyone know how hard it is to get 7 people to all look at a camera without looking as though they are being held at gun point... or tortured... or under threat of extreme physical harm? I think out of 50 photos Albert is only actually looking at the camera in 5 of them... and that's with Callie holding his head in a vice-like grip! I would so love to have some professional shots taken but I don't think I can bring myself to actually inflict us upon some poor unsuspecting photographer. This is about as good as it gets I'm afraid... but I guess that's us (for the time being at least... hopefully one day I might have more success in bribing them)! ;)

Mortimer the Moose was a more co-operative subject! ;)

We ended up having our Christmas Day and present opening on Monday the 21st. Aaron had to fly out on the 24th which was a bit of a bummer but we made the best of it. We really didn't do much... we were all thoroughly spoiled rotten with lots of presents and too much food and drink... the kids seemed happy and the babies (just as predicted) were more interested in the paper than the gifts inside. I do love Christmas but most of the fun is the build up and anticipation I'm afraid and it was a bit lacking despite our best efforts. Oh well there is always next year I suppose. One of my New Year's resolution is to be more organised (as always!) LOL ;)

Here is a VERY rare photo indeed... me and my biggest (almost 18 year old) boy... I swear I was a mere CHILD when I had him! ;)

I then headed up to Walkaway on Christmas Eve (my Mum's birthday) with the girls and the babies... Brad chose to stay home which I was a bit sad about but he was happy so that's the main thing. They were excellent in the car... all of them... which is a major accomplishment... the girls normally get car sick so it was wonderful to have them all behaving and sleeping for the good majority of the 4 and a bit hour trip. Father Christmas managed to find us and the girls were very happy with all their new toys and clothes.

We had a wonderful time at my childhood home... despite the fact that the wind always blows like a m@#$%^ f!@#er every time I go up there. I am sure that it does it just to remind me how much I hate it just in case I was feeling a bit home sick or nostalgic for the old place. I had a fabulous childhood but there ain't no way in hell I could ever live there again! ;) Love visiting... but yeah, as my niece so succinctly put it, "it just isn't big enough for [me]".

Austin and Albert were little troopers and barely deviated from their routine... despite me having to bath them one at a time (I usually have them both in the bath together). The girls had fun playing with their cousins, climbing on Poppy BAH's old machinery, riding bikes and getting filthy dirty every day! I tried having a practice with the new camera to no avail... bloody wind!

I saw my Grandmother who has just turned 95 in October and she is looking very well and she loved seeing the boys rolling around and smiling. I think Mum and Dad were quite taken with them too. I am sure they will be crawling in the next couple of weeks... they are getting up on all fours now and rocking back and forth... almost sitting up but not quite... oh what fun we will have! ;)

Not much else to report I'm afraid... 2010 has started very quietly... but that is a good thing. Brad, Callie, Dylan, Aus, Albie and I all had a BBQ with my BIL and his family and were in bed by 9:30pm. We are going to take January at a strolling pace this year... only catching up with friends, a couple of birthdays, a spot of shopping, playing tourist, maybe some gardening and VacSwim on the agenda at this stage.

I have written down all my goals and aspirations... let's see how organised, decluttered, thin, rich, happy and clever (with my new camera) I am this time next year hey? LOL ;)

Have a great year... 2010 is the dawn of a new decade... live it well they said.

All the very best to you and yours...