Friday, 10 December 2010

Welcome to the blog hop...

Hey Twiddlers, thanks for hopping along with us.  Can you believe it's only two weeks until Christmas???  I know this year has gone by in a blur for me... how has your year been?  I just want to start by saying a few THANK YOUS... I have had a wonderful time so far being a member of the Twiddleybitz design team and want to say a HUGE thank you to Nic and Andrew for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful team and making me feel so appreciated... and thank you to Mel Forbes for thinking of me... and Tiff Sawyer for doing such an amazing job of running this awesome team... and thank you to all the other DT girls for making me feel so welcome... and to all of YOU for the support and lovely comments you leave in the gallery... but most of all for all the inspiring work YOU share in return.  I just love the generosity of spirit and sharing that goes on in the ning site... it's like Christmas all year round really! ;)

The first little project I want to share is the gifts I made for Dylan's Pre-Primary Teacher and Class Assistant... a little memory book with a photo and a small note or picture from each child... and just a few bits of Twiddleybitz to finish them off.  Again, very simple and last minute-ish but I love how they turned out! ;)  IF YOU WANT A CLOSER LOOK AT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGES.

Next up are a few not-so-Christmasey LOs using some of the latest and greatest Twiddleybitz wonderfulness...

The new tea party stuff is gorgeous...  and suits the Graphic45 Hallowe'en in Wonderland papers... well, to a T! Sorry, couldn't resist that one. ;)  I have used Tim Holtz Crackle Paint in Old Paper on these and then lightly inked for a bit of definition.  I played with the photos in Picasa (a free download) which is a VERY basic photo organisation and editing programme... perfect for beginners and I highly recommend it for anyone just starting out in digital photography.

The new Twiddleybitz mushrooms and faeries are just delightful.  I have heat embossed the mushrooms (ZING Rouge and Brown Sugar) and also inked and misted the "gills" to give a softer texture.  Then I have also inked and misted the faeries and alphas.  The picket fence is done with Tim Holtz Crackle Paint and the fern leaf is done with Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Powder. I have to say I was never a HUGE fan of the Twiddleybitz mirror shapes BUT I have changed my tune!  Now I LOVE them and cannot get enough... they look fabulous with rub ons applied, or stamped with StazOn Ink and now I want some alcohol inks to play with!  AND I am so getting some of these Once Upon a Springtime papers to go with these new faeries, mushrooms and the Twiddleybitz butterflies too! ;)

These pirate themed pieces (the new stuff is not up here yet) were also in the "not really my cup of tea" range when I very first saw them... only because I didn't really have any photos that were suitable... but look at me now... borrowing other peoples kids' photos and just like Oliver begging Nic for "more please"! ;)  I have 3 more unfinished pirate LOs on my desk as I type... so as they say, "Watch this space!"  ;)  I have heat embossed these using Crafty Notions Colourful Thoughts Jewel Enamels which Twiddleybitz  (the enamels are not up on the website so this link takes you to the colour sprays) wholesale in Australia... this stuff is AWESOME.  Really thick and lush... perfect for stamping into too.  I love the smell of Twiddleybitz with melted embossing powders!!!  Oh, but just for the record... if you are going to burn Kraft cardstock as I have done here... do it in a well ventilated area... NOT at your kitchen sink... or anywhere near a fire alarm!!!!!  Firstly,  it stinks to high heaven (I am sure the fumes gave me the subsequent headache I suffered) and yeah... the alarm monitoring company are definitely NOT scrapbookers... they just didn't understand!   Nuff said!  ;)

OK... so there is a taste of some of the newest releases... there are HEAPS more so keep an eye out and start asking your LSS if they have them in! ;)

Now, lets get Christmasey!  I am sure by now you have all heard my delightful tale of how NOT to enhance your Swirly Christmas Tree... but here is the lesson in what NOT to do for anyone who hasn't.  Go on, have a read and a laugh at my expense! ;) 


Here are a few super quick Christmas cards too...  misting and embossing + cardstock + patterned paper = too easy. ;)

... and some older, more rustic ones using corrugated cardboard, misting, stitching and fabric tags.


... the Merry Christmas ones are what I am talking about... I only have this photo from the Perth 2010 Craft Fair to share and I am sorry chicks I don't know whose these Happy Birthday ones are.


Here is my Christmas Wreath... LOTS of Creative Colour Spray, some embossing and crackle medium here.  I hated this so much to start with that I refused to give it to Mrs Twiddleybitz... it just looked like a really tacky dust collector... and VERY amateur-ish to start with... so took it home again and tweaked it some more... I still wasn't entirely happy with it but gave it back anyway... looking at this photo... I think I have changed my mind... I sort of like it now! ;)  Mmmmm... I am obviously NOT a "love at first sight" sorta girl hey?

You may have already seen this LO... but I am sharing again anyway just because it is Christmasey!  Again embossing and inking and lots of distressing...

For all you West Australian chicks I am teaching a very similar LO (it is designed especially to add your photo later if you want) at our Twiddleybitz Christmas Day at Tomorrow's Memories on Sunday, the 19th December, 2010.  It is also an Old Perth Road Market Day so come along and join in the fun and get all that last minute Christmas shopping done.  Look at that, I am a poet and I didn't even know it! ;)  I will be also doing some Twiddleybitz Christmas make and takes and demos (Nic has shown me how to make some super cute ear rings!) AND there is  25% off all Twiddleybitz products (and Crafty Notions embossing powders) on the day PLUS with every Twiddleybitz purchase your name goes into the draw to win a fabulous Twiddleybitz prize pack!  Hope you will come along and play... 

Now for the best part...  if you have read this far you deserve a chance to win something!!!! ;)  To be in the draw, leave a comment telling me what Christmas means to you and I will send one lucky hopper some Twiddley Christmas goodness to help put you in the festive mood! ;) 

OK...  I hope you are enjoying our blog hop and you are getting in the Christmas spirit... go pour yourself a drink, get that Father Christmas hat on and head on over to the AMAZINGLY TALENTED and UBER INSPIRATIONAL Jo Twiddley Kinder 's blog at 10pm AEDLST (that is Australian Eastern Day Light Savings Time and they are 3 hours ahead of us West Aussie, Wait Awhile people... for those of you who are time challenged like me!!!!!) for even more Twiddley fun!

May you all have a wonderful, creative, safe and magical festive season.... Merry Christmas to you all! ;)

twirling, twirling, twirling towards the end of 2010...

So, how organised are you for the silly season?  I have done a little bit of Christmas shopping... but this year we decided we were not going to spend a fortune.  As a child I remember maybe 2 or 3 gifts that I got BUT I DO remember all the fun we used to get up to.  I wanted to try give my children the same sorts of happy childhood memories I had, rather than another pile of plastic crap.  So we are doing the whole "getting back to the REAL spirit of Christmas" thing.  

We have already finished school.  Early yes... but I am one of those parents that LOVES school holidays... and (or maybe because) I have kids that know how to sleep in!  Bliss! ;)  So we have lots of NOTHING planned... getting bored teaches children how to entertain themselves I say! ;) There will be swimming lessons and a few family outings and catching up with extended family of course... and we have a few unfinished projects around the house we want to get completed... but mostly just a lot of relaxing.

We had our very own Little Elves Workshop to make the girls' classmates' gifts...  it was just a lolly pop and a computer printout... very quick, very simple... all done the morning before school started on their last day!  Did I tell you what a last minute sort if person I am???  Still, they had fun attaching the lolly pops and passing them out at school. ;)

I can't quite believe my baby girl is going to be a big Grade 1 kid next year!  I only hope she gets another teacher as wonderful as these two have been this year. Thanks Miss Comp and Mrs Fraser.

... and we have been to Carols by Candlelight.

... and had our twins playgroup Christmas party.

Even my darling husband played along and helped put up the tree! ;)

We are not devoutly religious but to me Christmas is about giving and being with family, spending time catching up with friends, taking time to enjoy each other's company and being aware of the blessings we have, home and hearth and all that mushy stuff that we don't really take time to indulge in enough.  Christmas is a time to stop and take stock of all that we have and to focus on all that is good.  

We believe in Father Christmas and the magic too... I was asked once how I had my (then 11 year old) son still "believing" in Santa... I was a bit puzzled by the question to be honest... and I said, "Don't YOU believe in Father Christmas?"  She looked at me weird... so I explained... Father Christmas (my kids call him Santa... but I will stick with Father Christmas!)... doesn't have to be a fat guy in a red suit that comes down the chimney... it's the IDEA of Father Christmas... the spirit of giving... the MAGIC, the wonder and all that wonderful stuff that we believe in... Do YOU still believe in Father Christmas?  I sure do and so does my (now almost 19 year old) son... even if I do get the "bah humbug" look when I am taking photos!!!! ;)

So this year I am taking each of my kids shopping on their own... just me and one of them at a time.  So it serves several purposes... they get some precious and rare alone time with Mum (we will see a movie, have lunch and shop at our leisure), they get to do their own Christmas shopping for all their brothers and sisters and Dad (thereby getting into the whole spirit of giving thing) and all the shopping gets done bit by bit instead of one mad dash by me on Christmas Eve (I am a notorious leave it to the last possible moment person!).  Their father then gets the dubious pleasure of taking them all shopping to get their mother one spectacular combined gift... yep, I've got it all figured out don't I????! hehehehe ;)

Pop back in an hour or so... we are having a Twiddleybitz blog hop this weekend.  Starting at the ning site.  Come along and join in the fun... you might even win a prize! ;)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

18 years...

of wedded bliss... plus 5 years before that (boy/girl next door, childhood sweethearts and all that jazz)... we have been together since we were 15.  Well, maybe it isn't ALWAYS blissful... but then I always prefered the roller to the coaster merry-go-round. ;)

We have had plenty of trials and tribulations along the way but thankfully more than outweighed with success and happiness... and the best five kids anyone could ever ask for.  Thank you for all that you are and all that you give... I love you.  Even if you can be a gigantic PITA sometimes... I love you.  Even when you drive me insane.... I love you.  Really and truly and madly and deeply.  I am so blessed to be sharing this journey of our lives with you, my life, my love, my forever and for always.  I love you.

This is my favourite wedding photo... the reason I am laughing like that is Aaron is saying something rude about the wine we are drinking.  Look at the look on his face.  It was 40° that day, I was sick with the 'flu and an awful sinus infection, Aaron was hung over from his buck's night (the night before if you don't mind!) and that wine tasted disgusting!  I will never forget it... but despite all that this photo captures the joy of our day perfectly.  Thanks to my wonderful cousin George who took our wedding photos.  It's kind of symbolic of our lives I reckon... no matter how bad things get and how crappy the wine tastes we still have each other and something to laugh about.  Just perfect. 

Joe Satriani's Always With Me Always With You was our song.  We took ages to find just the right one.  Then, sitting in our lounge room listen to the album (Surfing with the Alien) one day, Aaron said, "What about this one?"  Then we checked the track title... yep, there's another sign.  Perfect.


Bradley was 10 months old when we got married...  he is a dead ringer for the two little boys in this photo. We did everything back to front.  Moved in together and had a baby... then brought a house... then went on a honeymoon... then got married... he still owes me an engagement ring!   BUT seriously he asked me to marry him when we were 15... on one knee and all... I told him to get up and stop being stupid! ;)  He was obviously more in tune with his heart than I was at that age... but I am really glad it never put him off! ;)

Just look at us now... I love you more than ever my darling.  Here's to the next 18.

I hope you and yours are feeling as happy and fulfilled as I am today.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Hey you...  you wanna win a prize????

The girls at Tomorrow's Memories are feeling VERY generous.  They are getting in the Christmas spirit, putting on the red suit and playing Father Christmas with a FABULOUS give away... or THREE!!!!

Here's what you have to do...  pretty simple really! ;)

“Like” our Tomorrow's Memories Papercraft Specialists Facebook page to go in the draw to win 1 of 3 prizes.  The prizes consist of a class kit with instructions and product to complete the layout.  These three gorgeous kits have been designed by members of the Tomorrow’s Memories Design Team.

There will be three separate draws and each person will receive 1 of the kits available PLUS a $20 voucher to spend at Tomorrow’s Memories on Wednesday 29th December only when we will be open for the TM “Sale Day”... that means you have to be there on the day to use the voucher.

So “like” the page BEFORE the 22nd of December and you are in the running... simple as that!  The winners will be announced on Facebook on Thursday 23rd December.

Here's a look at the prize kits...  pretty spesh hey? ;)

Details of Prize Kits:
Class Kit No 1:
“Je T’ Adore”
Created by Evana Willis
Some Products Used: Collections, Bazzill, Dusty Attic, Green Tara, Liquid Pearls

Class Kit No 2:
“Mirror Mirror”
Created by Sonya Thair
Some Products Used: Girls Paperie, Dusty Attic Chipboard, Zva Bling, Carolees Creation Chipboard Alphas, Bazzill, Prima

Class Kit No 3:
“Something Beautiful”
Created by Mistra Hoolahan
Some Products Used: Shabby Green Door, American Craft, Dusty Attic, Prima, Petaloo

I hope you will join in... and please get in the spirit of giving and invite your friends along too!

Seasons Greetings to you and yours! ;)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Just a quick share...

I have been losing track of which LOs I have posted and forgetting to take photos of others... so bear with me if you have seen these already...  I am posting them for my own benefit... and adding more old ones here on my Creativity {Cured} the Cat page. ;)

These are for Tomorrow's Memories using the latest KaiserCraft Love Notes Papers...  they will be available in the store soon.

This is just a sneak... I don't know what happened to the full sized photo! ;)

Feelin' a bit vampy... these are really versatile papers... although they are a "Valentine's" theme you can adapt them to heaps of other projects. 

More news on the Twiddleybitz front... we have a Christmas Blog Hop planned.  I hope you will come join in all the fun...

Please join us for our Christmas blog hop where our talented design team will be showcasing some wonderful designs to get you in the festive spirit. 

Kick off will be 7pm AEST Friday 10th December and run thru to midnight Monday 13th to give those who are busy celebrating, time to hop around and enjoy. 

There will be many prizes on offer, so be sure to stop buy and check it all out. And don't forget your Santa hat, glass of something and your Christmas cheer :):):)

How are YOUR Christmas preparations coming along?  Better than mine I hope! ;)

Friday, 26 November 2010

Have YOU scrapped YOUR boy yet????

Can you believe the end of November is upon us already?  Have you done your pages for the latest challenge over at Scrap the Boys?  Get them linked by the end of the month to be in the running for some fabulous prizes.  Here's what I came up with...   I keep saying I like simple (a la Leanne Stamatellos) but I just never seem to be able to actually do it (and actually like the result)... this time I think I succeeded for once.

I haven't been getting much scrapping done lately... I know I sound like a broken record but if I have one more dose of sick kids I swear I am booking myself into Graylands!  Time and the lack thereof is ALWAYS an issue in our house but lately it seems even worse.  Seriously, what the hell is going on?  I feel like I am in a time warp... school is about to end; babies are getting to be, well, not such babies anymore; the girls seem to be turning into teenagers before my eyes; the house STILL looks like a bomb hit it; I STILL haven't lost any weight and I have brought all of 2, count them 2, Christmas presents!!!  The proverbial chook with its head cut off has nothing on me I tell ya! ;)

I do have some secret Twiddleybitz business coming up VERY soon (actually, hoping it is waiting in the mailbox for me as I type)... some exciting new designs in the works... all to be revealed soon... so please come check back in the next few weeks.

We are also planning a Twiddleybitz Day at Tomorrow's Memories for the Old Perth Road Markets on the 19th December 2010.  I will be there all day so please stop by to say hello (you know I hate being a Nigel No-Friends!) and stay to have a play.... we are doing Christmas decorations and gift tags demos and make and takes in the morning.  Then I will also be teaching a Christmas Themed Lay Out (designed specifically so you can add your photo later if you wish) in the afternoon... please contact Tomorrow's Memories on (08) 9279 2183 to book your place for the LO.  It's going to be a great day with discounted Twiddleybitz and a few other surprises (think prize draws!) planned... hope we see you there.

The Tomorrow's Memories ladies have also got the most FABULOUS Facebook giveaway planned too... so sssssssssssssssshhhhh don't tell them I told you... but watch this space in the next week or so for details of your chance to win something special.

Last week I played Parent Helper for Dylan's Pre-Primary class.  We had an absolutely ball painting and decorating Christmas Angel and Reindeer Christmas Tree Decorations and finishing off Baubles.  I was really impressed with their ability and designs and we didn't end up with THAT much paint on their uniforms! ;)  The end results were heaps better than I thought... seems my little girl ain't so little anymore.  The concept that she is in grade 1 next year still eludes me I'm afraid.  All my babies are growing up way too fast!

At lunch time it was too hot to go outside to play so we all started watching Toy Story 3... there wasn't enough time to see the whole thing... but I had brought the DVD and it was supposed to be for the girls for Christmas... well, needless to say I couldn't wait to see the end.  We watched it that same afternoon and I bawled!  You see, you have to understand, I am NOT a crier (normally)...  AND that when we saw the very first Toy Story my oldest boy was only 3 years old and has, just like Andy, grown up now.  I think he had a bit of a tear in his eye too by the end... I told him he had to go play with his toys one last time... he said, "I can give them to the babies now Mum."  That made me bawl some more.   There was just so much meaning to this movie for me... being that I have one who is all grown up, two right in the middle and two little ones.  Made me feel happy and sad and excited for the future and nostalgic for the past all at once... the time just flies by far too quickly doesn't it?  I am so proud of the young man you have become mate... but jeez I miss that little boy you were... arggggggggggghhh there I go again with the tears... this time of year ALWAYS makes me emotional.  Luckily I have kids who ALL let their mother cuddle them still and a young man who we taught how to say "I love you too" without feeling weirded out... even if he DOES hate having his photo taken!

Love you mate. ;)

Well, I just had a knock on the door and the Parcel Post man just brought me an amazing parcel of Twiddly fun so please come back soon and see what it was... thanks for stopping by... best wishes to you and yours.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

... and again with the "time flies {supposedly} when you are having fun"!

Been busy, been happy, been frustrated, been sad, been excited, been rocked by Metallica, been scrapping, been camping...

And on a totally different note... Here are my completed Camp Mojo Challenge LOs so far... I missed Challenge #3 and then I forgot to get the 2nd half of Challenge #4 (a card) completed!

I have a class coming up at Tomorrow's Memories using the latest Twiddleybitz "Steampunk" inspired designs altered with crackle paint, embossing and misting... with some masking and a few tips on how to make the most of your chipboard too.

Love Layout
Sorry I don't have a photo! But you can see it here in the Tomorrow's Memories Class Timetable ... incorrectly listed as Saturday 20th October... it should be November... ;)

Date: Saturday 20 November 2010
Time: 10am-12noon
Cost: $22.50
Technique: Altering Chipboard
Requirements: 6x4 photo portrait orientation; Glue Dots; Craft glue; Stapler; Magic Mount;
Double Sided Tape; Basic scrap tools
Please join Anne-Marie as you play with the very latest Twiddleybitz laser cut chipboard designs to create a very textured layout. You will experiment with chipboard with crackle paint, Glimmermists, embossing powder and even learn how to split and cut chipboard to get great value for money.

Please contact Tomorrow's Memories to book your place.
(08) 9279 2183

Only 4 and a half weeks of term left and 7 weeks until Christmas... and I am as disorganised as ever... but hey, what's Christmas without all the mad, last minute, dashing about??? ;)

Happy day to you and yours...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Time flies...

Days and weeks just seem to be blurring into one another at the moment and I can't seem to get myself organised.  I have created a list, so that's something at least... but I seem to be adding to it MUCH more quickly than I am crossing things off! ;)

I DID get a LO done in under an hour this morning though.. and I really like it...  back to (reasonably) simple... back to basics... back to BasicGrey basics! ;) Thanks Vicki, Jo and Clori for getting this range in at Tomorrow's Memories and letting me play with it.  I seriously think this is my absolute favourite scrapping range ever...

Have you had a look at the latest challenge at Scrap the Boys?  I hope you will join in... heaps of inspiration,  fabulous prizes to be won and swaps if you are interested.

I have also being playing with the new Twiddleybitz releases... but they are still under wraps until the Sydney Paper Crafts Festival... but I will post some pics soon I promise! ;)

In the meantime Tiff is running a fabulous giveaway over at the Twiddleybitz ning... 

Scrap Space Bonanza

Show Your Space For A Chance To Win!

OK girls, here's what we are going to do. Once you have your photos, post them to your blog and leave the link here so we can go check out your wonderful spaces.

If you would like to be in the running for a package of Twiddleybitz, then you must leave a comment on each person's blog who leaves a link here. Then by the end of this month or maybe a little longer, depending how many have entered, I will draw a random winner of the Twiddleybitz, names being entered from the comments. How does that sound? Of course I will be showing my space but will not be in the draw.

So you can start posting whenever you are ready to. This going to be so much fun, you can do before and after or just a random shot you like, whatever you wish, there are no rules except for supporting each other and leaving comments to be in the draw.

Have fun now and I am so excited to see all those wonderful spaces........

Come and join in the fun... I don't know about you but I love sticky beaking at everyone's creative spaces. ;)

Hope you and yours are well... 

Saturday, 2 October 2010

More twiddling to share...

I hated this LO when I first did it... HATED it! So much so in fact that I took it to the Twiddleybitz Trade Show recently and left it in my bag... and didn't give it to Mrs TBZ for the display.

I very nearly pulled it apart... but I left it a few days then sat down and worked out what was not working... it was the photo... I had the same print but in colour... so I changed it to a sepia version... and now I think I like it! ;)

Bit OCD I know... but some LOs do that to me... and I can't sleep until I get it right! ;)

This one of Austin was the Splatter Proof class I taught at Tomorrow's Memories recently... you splatter the paint (I used Making Memories Scrapbook Colors™ acrylic paints) onto the page with a drinking straw then heat it (gently at first then on high) with a heat gun just as if you were melting embossing powder and it POPS!  It makes a cool sound and puffs up giving a very cool texture and appearance.

This is one I did for Tomorrow's Memories AGES ago (I took the photo just before the twins were born while I was getting everything organised for their arrival) but can't for the life of me remember if I shared it or not... so I am. Baby clothes on my line again... Who'd have thunk it? ;)  Especially when you read this! ;)

We are having lots of lazy, pyjama days at the moment... I love the school holidays... BUT I have 101 unfinished projects on the go and not enough time or mojo to get them all done.  Slowly but surely I will get there... luckily for me those that matter are patient! ;)

Happy holidays to you and yours... before you know it Christmas will be here... who is getting organised?  Not me for one! ;)

Friday, 1 October 2010

I {heart} Steampunk!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the latest Steampunk inspired cogs, clocks, swirls and gorgeousness.  I simply cannot get enough of it...  teamed with Graphic45's Steampunk Debutante papers and diecuts it is even better!

This is me 13 and a bit years and 4 children ago.  Actually, it was a bit of a turning point in my life...  these papers and Twiddleybitz pieces really help convey the story I am telling too.

... and another wedding photo scrapped... that makes 3 all together now! ;)

I have had a bit if a horrid run the last few weeks... actually make that months!  I have heaps of scrapping and sharing to catch up on but blogger is not playing nice and making uploading a chore... so just these for now.

Thanks for still stopping by... hopefully life will get back to normal some day in the not too distant future...  though I am beginning to wonder what that entails... I think this might just be my normal! ;)

I hope you are enjoying the school holidays... I am... These are the days that I reap the rewards of my efforts of teaching my children the fine art of sleeping in! ;)

Love to you and yours... 

Thursday, 30 September 2010


This looks all right hey????

Just helping to spread the word...

[Get Picky would] like to offer you a chance to win this amazing RAK for helping [them] spread the word about [their new challenge blog]!

Here is what is included (click on the image for a close up view)

CARDS Magazine August 2010 issue
4 x Basic Grey Cappella double-sided patterned papers
1 x Basic Grey Cappella Element Stickers
1 x Basic Grey Cappella Sparkling Rub-ons
1 x Basic Grey Ribbon Doilies (black and kraft)
1 x Making Memories 10"x10" Blank Calendar
1 x Kaisercraft Floral Tags Album
1 x Delish Designs Biscuit Board Filagree Monograms
1 x Heidi Swapp Damask Sticker
1 x Heidi Swapp Writers Block Paper Pad

All you have to do for a random drawing entry is...

1.  Become a follower and
2.  Post on your blog about this giveaway with a link back to us and
3.  Add one of our blinkies (located in our right side bar - just right click, save as, then add photo/html script) to your blog's side bar and
4.  Leave a comment on this post saying you've done so.

That's all!  It's so simple!  We will randomly choose a winner on October 14th.

Thank you so very much to all of you for waiting with us as we prepare Get Picky.  And thank you also for all your lovely comments and to all our 'followers' and 'facebook likers' so far.  We are soooo ready for our first challenge, it is going to be fantastic!

AND one of my all time favourite scrappy chicks, Nicole Pomeroy, is on the DT... so I will be checking this place out for shizz! ;)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


She gets her a into g and chooses a winner... sorry Twiddleybitz Happy (blog) Hoppers... life has been flying by a the rate of knots lately.

I originally asked Miss 8 to pick a number between 1 and 59 (the number of comments on the giveaway / blog hop post below)... she predictably said "25" (her birth date)... I counted down to 25 and it was none other than Tiff THE TERRIFIC Sawyer herself! LOL ;) 

Well, seeing as she has her own stash of Twiddley-deliciousness, I told her to pick another number... instead she scrolled through the comments with her eyes closed and stopped at aussiescrapper's lovely comment... so I have a little pack of goodies with your name on it chick... now it just needs your address and it is ALL YOURS!  I hope you enjoy...

Friday, 6 August 2010

{hopping} along...

Hey everyone... welcome to my blog!  Hope you are having as much fun as me so far!!!!   This is my first ever blog hop but more importantly my FIRST EVER BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!!   So don't forget to leave a comment to be in the draw for some Twiddley mail!

Let me start by saying how excited I am to be on the Twiddleybitz Design Team.  Just a few short months ago I was having a bit of a  mojo-less crises of confidence as far as my scrapping was concerned and decided I needed some new scrapping goals.  One of those goals was to try out for a manufacturer's design team... I kid you not... I put the thought out there and lo and behold I have a message on facebook from the Magnificent Mel THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!  I gotta tell ya it was a wee bit weird... I started thinking she was some kind of super-hacker chick that had spied on me reading the Twiddleybitz DT call on the ning site the night before!!!!!!  Then I get chatting to Tiff "THE TERRIFIC" Sawyer and found we have much in common... and Mel "LissyK" Connell (one of my VERY first favourite scrappers ever) joins the DT too... yep, it was just meant to be! ;)   I am so glad to be part of such a wonderful team and I am always really inspired by the wonderful work all YOU chickies share in the gallery too.  I found my new home adn it sure is warm and comfy! ;)

OK, OK, I know I bang on a bit... so here's a few of my most recent LOs...

watch ya THINKING 'bout?  I really love this photo of my darling boy and...

the new cogs are MY FAVORITE EVER TBZ pack! I heat embossed them with Metallic Finish Pewter... LOVE LOVE LOVE 'em!  I teamed them with the new BG Basics pp... which is my current ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE EVER patterned paper. The 2 "black holes" in the centre of the cogs are actually holes right through the background paper... just for added interest. I added a few alphas and a BG rub on... Spattered it with some of ssssssshhhhh... that "other" stuff (only because I don't have any Crafty Notions spray yet!). Plus some maniacal distressing... my favourite "technique" to hide crappy handwritten journalling that just doesn't look any good... oh and a few scraps of pp that were floating around on my desk.... and I got my sewing machine out again.
... and anothery just like the othery... told ya I love 'em! ;)
This boy-man of mine is well and truly in touch with his inner child...

I am loving my DYMO Labeller again lately (inspired by Tara Scobie)... but I had run out of black tape so this is a free font download from da font.  Another excellent way to hide crappy handwriting... I really am struggling to just let things be on my LOs at the moment... but I like how this one turned out in the end.

Here is my DEAR son... a bit of Louise Nelson type distressing and grunging going on here.  I want to give credit again to Tara Scobie for that title idea too... really loving her style at the moment.

Now, at the risk of looking like a tight @#$% scrooge [YES, ANDREW, I KNOW, I KNOW!!!! ;)] I split these scrolls into two and misted them.  Cheap you [HE may] say?  More bang for your buck I say! hehehehehe ;) 

... and here is my Sugar Babe... My biggest {little} girl... sweet like sugar... but she also makes my teeth ache! ;)  More Louinspiration here too.

... and again with the sewing machine... while it is out I will use it A LOT!!!!

I used some coffee stained sheet music (I chose this piece especially because of the title)... some scraps, a twig and some rusty wire... a Hambly Screen Prints rub on and a BG office tab (quite possibly my favourite BG embellishment EVER!)... and of course some TBZ Musical Notes (simply inked with black Versa Color Cube).

Sorry about this photo... I was so hell bent on getting these LOs to Mrs Twiddleybitz herself for the True Blue Craft Fair last weekend that I didn't get a chance to take photos before the show...

I just LOVE this new Fantasy Butterfly... I have heat embossed it with Black Glitter Finish... yummo!

This is why I got my sewing machine out in the first place... I really stuffed this LO up... it was coming along really nicely (it is a very close lift of my own FOREVER LO) then I had a brain fart (as I am prone to do on more than the odd occasion) and thought I could free hand drawn the butterfly's path with a black marker... it looked crap so I tried to sew over it... that looked even more crap... so, as I usually find more is so much more... I just kept sewing and sewing and sewing (hey, no use getting it out for one little stitch now is there???) until I think I kinda like it! ;)

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I hope you are enjoying the blog hop so far...  I KNOW I am!!!!

Don't forget to leave me a comment... I'd love to pick YOUR name for the pack of goodies I have sitting here! ;) 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...  and get that mojo flowing... the next designer to be going live will be Jennifer Hodge at 10am AEST tomorrow morning, Saturday the 7th August.  Please pop over and see what goodies she has for you...