Wednesday, 9 December 2009

... no bloody fingers!!!!

I actually made something... with a sewing machine... well not the shirts but the characters on the front... and look Mum, no blood! I cannot sew... but I can iron and paste! LOL ;) All I did was added that iron-on bonding stuff to some quilter's fabric, cut out my shapes then ironed them on to a plain, white T-shirt. Then I did a zig-zag stitch around the border... added some buttons and ta da!

My darling girl had her last day of Year 2 today and they had a Christmas dress up day with a bouncy castle, pizza and ice cream for lunch... mmmmmmm... who ever came up with that combination wasn't thinking were they? It's hard to believe she is in Junior School next year. I had tears in my eyes watching her have her fitting for her formal uniform. Don't grow up so fast sweet heart! It is amazing watching you grow into the beautiful girl you are becoming but jeez I'm going to miss my baby girl. Her and her friend presented the teachers with a little tag book that we made of cards with messages, photos and drawings from each child in the class... and me like and idiot forgot to take a photo of it! I'm very proud of you for being brave and standing up to speak in front of everyone my darling.

I am so looking forward to these school holidays... it's been a long year. We don't have a lot planned... and I have nothing organised! Just hanging out, relaxing... a bit of time away with family... catching up with friends... swimming lessons... picnic lunches and trips to the beach... as little as possible really.  We all need the rest I think. I always get a bit nostalgic this time of year... fond memories and not so great ones all flooding in and emotions running high.

Littlest DD had her last day of Kindy last week... lots of tears and hugs... she had one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing and seeing her all dressed up as an Angel to do the Nativity Play was my undoing I'm afraid. I cannot believe she is full time @ Pre-Primary next year.

It has been an extrodinary year... turning 37... two new babies... oldest boy finishing high school... kids growing up... 20 year school reunion... 17th wedding anniversary... DH changing jobs... a few plans in the pipeline for next year... I am exhausted!

I'm looking forward to 2010... but I am going to have a good long lie down first!

How are YOUR festive plans shaping up? I am always a last minute rush type girl... but I sort of think it adds to the charm of the holiday season in some weird way. ;)

Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year to you and yours.


Linda said...

Love what you've done with the T-shirts...they look fantastic!

Monica said...

Wow! You've had quite a year!!
And you used your sewing machine on fabric, HOORAY!! That's something I still haven't done lol!

Anonymous said...

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byclops said...

Those t shirts are GORGEOUS!!!!!