Saturday, 5 December 2009

Happy Anniversary My Darling...

This is my favourite wedding photo... we didn't have a professional photographer... just my cousin and my sister taking happy snaps. I love this photo... it says it all... I am laughing like that because my darling husband is saying something rude about the wine we are drinking. I'll never forget how disgusting it tasted! It was 40 degrees Celsius that day in Geraldton, Aaron was hung over (from the Buck's Party... yes, like the true, blue redneck he is they had the buck's Party the night before!) & I was sick with the 'flu... yet despite all that this photo captured the joy of the moment and the day. Perhaps it's a bit symbolic about our life... no matter how bad things seem ( and how crappy the wine tastes!) we will always have each other & something to laugh about together.

Always with me, always with you by Joe Satriani (Surfing with the Alien) was our song. It was playing one day and Aaron suggested it before looking at the title. When we checked the album cover it was like, "Yep, that's the one... It's a sign." ;)

We've known each other 23 years... been together 22 years... now we have been married 17 years.

Amongst all that we have had 5 gorgeous children, 4 dogs, 5 cats, a dozen or so fish, 2 (smelly) mice, 9 cars, owned 4 houses of our own, built 2 of them, lived in 16 others, moved 20 times (or there abouts... I've sort of lost count!). We've meet heaps of interesting people and made dozens of friends, had a near death experience of our own and then lost a great BIL . We've seen friends get married, seen them have children and seen some get divorced. We've fought, we've laughed, we've cried... we've been happy, we've been sad, we've been excited... we've been worried, we've been scared, we've been relieved... we've been enthralled... we've been exhausted! Most of all we've been there for each other... through all the triumphs and failures... through all the joys and sorrows. I could never have imagined that the boy who moved in next door would be my life partner, my true soul mate... the love of my life... but there you were... and here we are now... and oh what a ride it has been so far! I am sure it will only get better... and even if there are more trials and tribulations I know without a shadow of a doubt that we have what it takes to get through it all. We might not have much but we have our family and we have each other. I really do feel truly blessed... we don't DO mushy shit... but it's in my heart and I love you now, for ever and for always.

Happy Anniversary... love you, miss you, want you always. ;)


Sar said...

Just beautiful, thanks for sharing. xoxo

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary guys :)

Like you Luke and I aren't the soppy kind either.