Saturday, 4 July 2009

... I have created a new monster

They say necessity is the mother of invention... and so I have learnt how to digi scrap! Well only the basics at this stage but I am having heaps of fun and without the mess which good for me atm... babies and sticky dots, NOT GOOD! Scrapping with one baby on my boob was difficult... impossible with both of them on there... now I can "scrap" one handed... just with a mouse instead of scissors... and I reckon if people can change a nappy with their feet then before too long I will be clicking and dragging digi papers and elements with my toes with a baby on each boob! LOL ;)
Here are my first attempts using the Echoes of Asia Kit by Jessica Sprague free download from CK.  Super quick muck around one of my not so little anymore littlest girl. Can someone tell me where the first half of 2009 went? I cannot believe we are half way through kindergarten already! :(

My darling big girl... who is 7 going on 17!!!

Like I said, just the basics at this stage but downloading free brushes has become an addiction and I am getting quite a collection of digi papers and elements happening. I can definitely see this becoming a permanent part of my scrapping repertoire... but I have enough "real" paper and embellies to scrap the past 7 and next 14 generations of my family so I don't think I will ever stop "in real life" scrapbooking! ;) Dylan's latest little saying, when you do something "for real" as opposed to "just pretend"... note to self: do a IRL page for Dylan "in real life".

We are all going really well... so far, so good anyway. Hard to believe the babies are 3 months old already. Their little personalities are really beginning to show now and I am loving getting to know them. All in all they are very patient with me and though we have had our moments mostly they are very good and sleep through the night for their Mumma... who is a lunatic and should go to bed not play on facebook and Photoshop all night!

I am quite looking forward to spending some time with my darling girls and biggest boy these school holidays... they need some Mum and Dad time too. Seems EVERYTHING is about babies atm. My kids drive me up the wall most days... we are certainly not a Hallmark family (our latest catch phrase is "EVERY BODY LOVE EVERY BODY", courtesy of Will Ferrell in Semi Pro)... but I must say they have been brilliant and settling in with the new editions really well. Having 5 kids is still a bit surreal but I am actually really enjoying them all atm and managing much better than I thought I would.
Better get some sleep... thanks for stopping by.


Aga said...
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Aga said...

oops sorry I deleted my comment by mistake :0

was trying to say hi and that it's always good to check out your work no matter which method you use - I've been wanting to give digi a go too but just never seem to get around to it - yours looks really cool btw!

Also glad to read that all is going well with the twins. Aga xx

kathie said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is going smoothly. Well, as smoothly as it can when there are five children in the house, let alone when two of them are only three months old.
You do sound like you're being resourceful. I love your digi layouts and wouldn't have guessed that you are only just starting out!
I have been thinking about dabbling in digi, and have also started collecting "stuff". When I get the time, I mean to have a go at it. I may need to touch base with you to ask for your wisdom :D

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the other side Binx's... your work is wonderful no matter which medium you use Chick :):) Your an amazing Mother and yes you do need to enjoy them all NOW as they will soon be grown and left Home (it all happens so fast) :):):)

SkyeMJ said...

You're pretty much a natural at this scrapping business no matter which format you choose huh?!
Great work mate!

Kelly said...

Hey Binxy, just checking in to see how you're doing. Your digi is looking fab!! & those babies of yours are adorable!