Thursday, 15 January 2009

I lied!

OK... so I know I promised, in capitals too, belly pics next post... but I still haven't taken any. I will put it on the VERY top of my to do list. REALLY, I will! I do have some alien baby 3D ultra sound images though... Twin 2 looks just like my Grandpop I SWEAR! LOL In the meantime... all is good with the doctor's report for my Dad which is great news, thank you God. I don't think this family could take another year of sad stuff to deal with. He has gone on his merry way home now so this week I am planning to get this household back into some semblance of a routine... wish me luck... it's going to be a challenge! I am so happy to be back scrapping again. I got all inspired by The Gratitude Project. Thanks BethJ for posting the details at the SM Forum... I am still doin' that dance! hehehe ;). Besides one Master's Project this is the first thing I have done since being so sick for so long. I wondered if I'd ever get the urge to scrap back to be honest... but it hit like a bolt of lightning yesterday... let's just hope it lasts! So here is my effort so far... for once I am actually ahead on something and have actually done my first four weeks' entries. It is about 6"x9" all up... all higldy pigldy and "messy"... I am loving it... and using up heaps of odds and ends and scraps which is even better! This week is going to be a week of getting things in order, prioritising my to do list and getting caught up with scrapping commitments... that means CJs that I have had all this long while (sorry Mellinda, Lisa and Pam!) are going to be done FIRST and FOREMOST! Hope you and yours are enjoying the school holidays still... thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Happy {scrappy} New Year!

Just a real quick post to say I haven't fallen off the side of the earth and things are good at my house. I am finally feeling on top of things again... getting bigger by the minute though... I PROMISE belly pics next post! ;) We had a lovely Christmas with my BIL (DH's brother) and family. I played the preggers bit for all it was worth and did very little all day with my feet up watching the kids play... it was bliss! ;) Hey, I figure this is going to be the last chance I get so I may as well use it! LOL New Year's was a very quiet affair... in fact I think we were all in bed by 10pm... which is actually unusual for us... most nights we have been up (kids included) until way past our bed times! The kids had fun with the hose on the trampoline... sacrilegious playing with water like that I suppose but it was only for a few minutes. These are the posed "smiles" I am getting every time I point a camera at my kids at the moment... I will have to learn to be sneakier me thinks! We went up to visit my lot in Walkaway for a few days last week... the kids always have a ball playing and keep themselves well entertained. It is great to catch up with all the fam, the collection of in-laws we are acquiring along the way, nephews and nieces... and GREAT nephews and I also got to meet my cousin Kate and spend time over lunch with my Gran (who is 94). I have not had much of a chance to get any scrapping done so nothing to show on that front I'm afraid. I am looking forward to getting back into it all very soon. DH goes back to work Monday BUT then I have my father staying with me for a couple of days while he has some health checks with the specialist... I will have to run him back and forth from the hospital... sooooooooooooooo... AFTER THAT I am DEFINITELY getting my scrap desk sorted and into action! Hope you are all enjoying 2009... a happy and safe one to you.