Wednesday, 9 December 2009

... no bloody fingers!!!!

I actually made something... with a sewing machine... well not the shirts but the characters on the front... and look Mum, no blood! I cannot sew... but I can iron and paste! LOL ;) All I did was added that iron-on bonding stuff to some quilter's fabric, cut out my shapes then ironed them on to a plain, white T-shirt. Then I did a zig-zag stitch around the border... added some buttons and ta da!

My darling girl had her last day of Year 2 today and they had a Christmas dress up day with a bouncy castle, pizza and ice cream for lunch... mmmmmmm... who ever came up with that combination wasn't thinking were they? It's hard to believe she is in Junior School next year. I had tears in my eyes watching her have her fitting for her formal uniform. Don't grow up so fast sweet heart! It is amazing watching you grow into the beautiful girl you are becoming but jeez I'm going to miss my baby girl. Her and her friend presented the teachers with a little tag book that we made of cards with messages, photos and drawings from each child in the class... and me like and idiot forgot to take a photo of it! I'm very proud of you for being brave and standing up to speak in front of everyone my darling.

I am so looking forward to these school holidays... it's been a long year. We don't have a lot planned... and I have nothing organised! Just hanging out, relaxing... a bit of time away with family... catching up with friends... swimming lessons... picnic lunches and trips to the beach... as little as possible really.  We all need the rest I think. I always get a bit nostalgic this time of year... fond memories and not so great ones all flooding in and emotions running high.

Littlest DD had her last day of Kindy last week... lots of tears and hugs... she had one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing and seeing her all dressed up as an Angel to do the Nativity Play was my undoing I'm afraid. I cannot believe she is full time @ Pre-Primary next year.

It has been an extrodinary year... turning 37... two new babies... oldest boy finishing high school... kids growing up... 20 year school reunion... 17th wedding anniversary... DH changing jobs... a few plans in the pipeline for next year... I am exhausted!

I'm looking forward to 2010... but I am going to have a good long lie down first!

How are YOUR festive plans shaping up? I am always a last minute rush type girl... but I sort of think it adds to the charm of the holiday season in some weird way. ;)

Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I just LOVE Carols by Candlelight...

... especially when my little darlings are all being perfect little Christmas Angels for their Mumma! :) Remind me I said this next time they are driving me to distraction! ;)
Austin was getting in the spirit of things...
Yeah... Albert, not so much!
Is there anything cuter than a little girl in a twirly dress... this kid is such a little Huckleberry Finn... no shoes and there were shorts under that dress!
Callie is over her mother and her camera!
The school Chamber Choir sang and they were lovely... as were the individual performers. Courtney Murphy (a finalist from the first Australian Idol... I think it was the first series??) who is a local lad, was the host and I must say I am not a huge fan or anything but he did do a great job and it was a lovely night. The girls had a ball, the boys were quite taken with all the goings on and then fell asleep with barely a whinge. Ah there, that's better Albie...
Father Christmas arrived on a Harley ridden by the school Principal... it was a lovely site to see all the children's faces light up. Yep, magic is in the air... I LOVE Christmas! ;)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Happy Anniversary My Darling...

This is my favourite wedding photo... we didn't have a professional photographer... just my cousin and my sister taking happy snaps. I love this photo... it says it all... I am laughing like that because my darling husband is saying something rude about the wine we are drinking. I'll never forget how disgusting it tasted! It was 40 degrees Celsius that day in Geraldton, Aaron was hung over (from the Buck's Party... yes, like the true, blue redneck he is they had the buck's Party the night before!) & I was sick with the 'flu... yet despite all that this photo captured the joy of the moment and the day. Perhaps it's a bit symbolic about our life... no matter how bad things seem ( and how crappy the wine tastes!) we will always have each other & something to laugh about together.

Always with me, always with you by Joe Satriani (Surfing with the Alien) was our song. It was playing one day and Aaron suggested it before looking at the title. When we checked the album cover it was like, "Yep, that's the one... It's a sign." ;)

We've known each other 23 years... been together 22 years... now we have been married 17 years.

Amongst all that we have had 5 gorgeous children, 4 dogs, 5 cats, a dozen or so fish, 2 (smelly) mice, 9 cars, owned 4 houses of our own, built 2 of them, lived in 16 others, moved 20 times (or there abouts... I've sort of lost count!). We've meet heaps of interesting people and made dozens of friends, had a near death experience of our own and then lost a great BIL . We've seen friends get married, seen them have children and seen some get divorced. We've fought, we've laughed, we've cried... we've been happy, we've been sad, we've been excited... we've been worried, we've been scared, we've been relieved... we've been enthralled... we've been exhausted! Most of all we've been there for each other... through all the triumphs and failures... through all the joys and sorrows. I could never have imagined that the boy who moved in next door would be my life partner, my true soul mate... the love of my life... but there you were... and here we are now... and oh what a ride it has been so far! I am sure it will only get better... and even if there are more trials and tribulations I know without a shadow of a doubt that we have what it takes to get through it all. We might not have much but we have our family and we have each other. I really do feel truly blessed... we don't DO mushy shit... but it's in my heart and I love you now, for ever and for always.

Happy Anniversary... love you, miss you, want you always. ;)

Friday, 4 December 2009

I made a card!

Big deal! I hear you say... well it is for me.


Edited to add... I forgot! I have a card in this month's SM... and I kinda, sorta like it too... but usually I SUCK @ cards! ;) I think it is because I actually think they are a bit of a waste of stash and energy so I don't like wasting my goodies on them... maybe I need to stop being such a stingey Scrooge! LOL ;)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I am joining in the 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza over at Scrapbook Divas. There will be a pre-Christmas Sale and prizes to win too. I hope you will pop in to the Free Classroom Blog and have a look starting Tuesday 1st December. Here's a few sneak peaks of the projects I have created. I have even branched out into a very basic digital LO for which I will share VERY basic instructions for all you wanna-be digi scrappers out there like me! I also used this digi design as the basis for a hybrid LO.
Organised for Christamas for once? Must be a Christmas Miracle! ;)
I hope you are feeling festive!!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

More LOs to share... and trying to take my mind off LOSING ALL MY FREAKING PHOTOS!!!!!!!

I am always banging on about Louise Nelson and how much I ADORE her style... so I finally got my act together and actually tried her Glimmer Mist technique. Loolabelle will ALWAYS be the mastermind behind this style in my eyes but I am really very pleased with how my first effort turned out...

They are proudly on display @ Tomorrow's Memories.

The blackest of BLACK FRIDAYS...

ok... I am taking a deep breath and trying not to completely lose it here... but it seems disaster has indeed struck me this Black Friday the 13th. The problem with the previous post (and not being able to upload photos) was in fact just a symptom of a deeper problem. MY BRAND NEW EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE HAS DIED... taking with it all my photos from 2008 and 2009. Did I back up I hear you ask? THAT WAS THE !@#$ING BACK UP and my originals died along wioth my PC just a little while ago... teach me for being smug and thinking I was ok because I had this new flash-dangle huge 1TB new external hard drive!!!!! Back up your back up people... from now on I am printing as I go... technology HATES me!!!! Remember that kid who freaked out about his Mum deleting his WoW account... I am about to have a major meltdown... sans TV remote control I promise... but meltdown none the less...

A lesson in what NOT to do...

I DO HAVE PICTURES... BUT STUPID BLOGGER IS PLAYING WITH MY HEAD AND WON'T LET ME UPLOAD... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I think the files may be corrupted! I will have to go in and take some more photos!!!! The lovely Vicki at Tomorrow's Memories gave me a Twiddleybitz Christmas Tree to play with... now I have to start by saying I have never been a big fan of OTPs but when Vicki showed it to me I had to have one... they are just gorgeous... and ideas started whirling in my head immediately. I had originally decided to paint it white and add a crackle medium but that didn't really work... painting it was a little fiddly but ok... just my crackle medium didn't really work as well as I would have liked (in fairness it has been sitting on my desk for eons... does it lose its "crackliness" I wonder???)... So then when I lifted it off the newspaper I had it sitting on some of the newsprint came off on it and I thought, "Mmmmmm that looks really cool." From there I decided to do the whole thing like this... but while looking through the paper for a page of plain print (which I couldn't find... have you noticed that the newspaper has colour on almost EVERY page now? I used to work for a newspaper in advertising and colour was only ever on the front page... but I digress...) I found a picture of Father Christmas with musical notes behind him which then led me to think of the sheet music I have... and how much I LOVE Christmas Carols... bear with me ;) ... so in my infinite wisdom I think, "I'll cover the tree (both sides mind... yep, I am a glutton for punishment that's for sure) with coffee stained sheet music." At this point (as I am soaking the sheets of music in coffee) my husband asks, "Did your brain just have a fart?" Charming man, but "I'll show YOU!" I thought to myself. OK so this is about where I should have heeded his remark and cut my losses... but oh no, not me... I pressed on... too impatient to wait for the sheets to dry I thought they'd be easier to work with a bit damp. They were not. Throwing good time after bad now, I was too far in to stop. I covered the tree in Modge Podge and stuck the sheets on both sides and then painted them (one side at a time, drying in between) in another coat of Modge Podge... this is DEFINTELY the point at which I saw the folly of the task before me... but again... too far in to stop now. Cutting the paper away with a craft knife took me two two hour sessions... then probably another solid hour of sanding the edges which really didn't work all that well... but it would just have to do... I had scraps of paper and fine saw dust EVERYWHERE!!! Hind sight, 20/20 vision and all... perhaps it would have been easier to cut and sand BEFORE I coated it Modge Podge... derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! So at this point I am thinking OMG this looks absolutely SHITE, my fingers are aching, my nails have Modge Podge wedged under them and I have cut myself at least twice... and I am too embarrassed to actually take it into the store... my DH was not helping either... not-so-quietly chuckling under his breath every time he walked past me filing and cutting and cursing away. Eventually I got it all filed and looking OKish... but think more shabby than chic... it really wasn't "doing it" for me IYKWIM... but still I pressed on. I am stubborn if nothing else and a “more is more” approach often works for me in these situations... throwing good time after bad... throwing good stash after bad... I started adding charms and bows and beads... Mmmmmm, starting to ever so slowly look half decent... if you sort of squint your eyes, stand five feet back and move your head back and forth a bit... then I decide it needs some photos for the little decorations that hang off it... ok this is where my brain had yet another fart... Modge Podge EVERYWHERE yet again... and my fingers are developing arthritis by now from fiddling with all the little bits and bobs. At some point I decided I would make a little bird to go in the tree... let us just call this BRAIN FART #3 shall we? I discover at this point that I most definitely CANNOT sew... I have had this lesson previously (on more than one occasion mind you) but I still go back for more frustration and bloody fingers... I swear I will never try it again... I suck... I DID NOT inherit any of my mother's amazing stitchery genes... my big sister obviously got my share of that family trait... just like the boobs. ;) The bird is lost among the mess on my scrap desk... we shall never speak of it again... So then I decide we need an angel to go on top of the tree... she was much more my skill level and with a bead for a head and a piece of calico she co-operated... and then I found some German Scrap gold wings to finish her off. At this point my DH had gone away for the night... so no more smart arsed remarks from him! So it is all starting to look not so bad now... until I decide the little hanging decorations (with the photos) would look better "tizzed up" a bit and start punching holes, adding bling, more charms and even more ribbon... oh and on the back a digital journaling block for each of their names... which took me FOREVER to get the printer installed on my laptop (so as not to disturb His Royal Highness the LORD OF LIGHT & DARK WoWer who needs to have my PC keyboard surgically removed from his fingers atm!!!!) and then another eternity to actually get it printed out the right size and YOU CANNOT EVEN !@#$ING SEE WHEN IT IS ALL ASSEMBLED!!!!! By now it is 3am... but I kinda, sorta think I am actually starting to like it... but then again it could just be that my eyes are blurring from lack of sleep... we'll see in the morning. Next morning, up at 6:30am to booby feed babies and get the girls off to school... three coffees later I really do think I like it... even DH conceded I had pulled it from the brink of disaster... so all in all I sorta, kinda think it looks ok... Now I hope I haven't put you completely off by now... because seriously they are lovely... and I am sure you can learn from my mistake... just don't try covering something so intricate and ornate in paper... unless you have the patience of a saint... or a BIG bottle of wine (it will look better through an alcohol induced haze). Then again it probably wouldn’t have been so difficult had I not Modge Podge'd it before cutting and sanding... go figure... you learn something every day hey? ;) Next time I want to try painting an undercoat and then heat embossing with a script type stamp... but then again, knowing me, that will be a whole other disaster story in the making... I can smell the burned chipboard and scorched fingers already!!! ;)

AH HA!  Thanks to my darling husband's, gorgeous cousin's, SUPER TECHNO-HERO Husband... I can now finally share a photo of my tree... I hope you kinda, sorta like it too! ;) 

Friday, 6 November 2009

Feeling a bit *speesh*...

I got JACKED... and by my totally-and-absolute-fave-scrappy-type chick too... you know I am in fact a mad, crazed stalker of loolabelle right??? ;)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Happy Birthday My Love...

... my husband is 38 today. Hope you have a wonderful day my darling... I've paid for the things you bought yourself on eBay! ;)

so where did THAT six months go?

The baby boys are nearly six months old already! They are rolling over and grabbing for objects...lots of goos, gars, grins and giggles... they sleep really well (she says with fingers crossed in case she might jinx herself) and they really are quite delightful little guys... except when they start playing tag team on me or crying in stereo! Thankfully that is not too often so I have not quite gone insane yet...
I haven't been doing much of anything lately... life seems to be whirring by in a blur. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done... but we are plodding along and enjoying the sun. The school holidays were lovely, though they too seemed to fly by before we knew it and here we are now one week into term 4 already. My big girl is growing up way to fast... I know I used to give my own mother a hard time but I am sure I wasn't quite this head strong until I was at least 13... yeah, yeah, I can here my mother laughing from here! Tell me though, is 7 the new 13? Love her guts... but jeez sometimes we bang heads! My little girl is really coming out of her shell but I can't quite believe she will be going to school everyday next year... she still falls asleep at about 5:30pm on the 2 days she goes to Kindy. My oldest boy has finished Year 12 and has applied for a place at TAFE... I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. I so hope he gets into this course... keep your fingers crossed for him wil ya?
In keeping with that theme, of time whizzing by, next weekend my class is having our TWENTY year school reunion!!! I have been taking stock of all that I have done in the past twenty years and all in all I have to say I'm pretty happy with where I am at... I might not be the richest or the thinnest [though I do think for having breast fed 5 babies that my boobs are still looking OK, all things considered!;P ] or the prettiest or the most accomplished... but I reckon I have the longest lasting relationship and the most wonderful marriage and I probably have the most kids [including one of the oldest and probably two of the youngest] ;) LOL... and I can honestly say I am pretty pleased with the path I chose and the choices I made... even the bad ones... because they all led me here and I am happy... really happy... deep down in your heart and bones happy. I really am so very blessed and I really am smiling as I type this, as mushy and stick-your-finger-down-your-throat gaggy as it might be. ;)
Scrapping has taken a back seat for now. I could blame lack of time but it really isn't that... My Masters commitments are all finished up now and I am feeling a bit de-mojo'd and flat. I'm not too worried about it... I am sure it will come back eventually.
Having said that I have done some stuff for the lovely {and very patient! ;)} ladies @ Tomorrow's Memories using the October Afternoon Ducks in a Row paper and RW Laser Cuts embellishments and some gorgeous embossed card stock (I forgot to ask what company it was!) and some ribbon and lace and a few other bits and pieces. I was actually really pleased with them all in the end, despite the lack of mojo.
I think I am going to try a "get back to basics" approach with my scrapping. I am re-reading Ali Edwards' Life Artist book. I have always really liked her approach to scrapping so I think I am going to refocus on the photos and telling the story... which is why I started scrapping in the first place.
I was very pleased with how they photographed my wall hanging for the Scrapbooking Memories Magazine Vol. 11 No. 9 PINK Issue too. Thankfully it didn't fall to bits in the post! Thanks Australia Post I won't say anything nasty about you ever again! ;) If you scroll down a bit that's mine there on the website... nine very pink mini canvases... bit proud of it I am. It is to be donated to a hospital... don't know which one yet though.
Thanks to everyone who still pops by occasionally... I surely get the worst blogger award by now. Take care of you and yours... Christmas will be here before we know it and I will be making New Year's Resolutions again... I think I am sort of doing OK with the last ones I made... life is good... hectic, crazy, noisy, chaotic... but good. Hope you are happy too.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Happy Birthday big sister...

Hope you had a wonderful day... and didn't eat TOO much cake! LOL ;) I really don't have much to share in the way of scrapping... the only stuff I have been getting done is magazine stuff. But I do have some photos to share... Albert being cute and Austin being a PITA! and the best I can do of the two of them at once... they just will not co-operate! oh ok... here is a cute one of Austin so I don't look like I am playing favourites!!! LOL ;) I will be back later... gotta go get screaming baby/ies!!!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

... I have created a new monster

They say necessity is the mother of invention... and so I have learnt how to digi scrap! Well only the basics at this stage but I am having heaps of fun and without the mess which good for me atm... babies and sticky dots, NOT GOOD! Scrapping with one baby on my boob was difficult... impossible with both of them on there... now I can "scrap" one handed... just with a mouse instead of scissors... and I reckon if people can change a nappy with their feet then before too long I will be clicking and dragging digi papers and elements with my toes with a baby on each boob! LOL ;)
Here are my first attempts using the Echoes of Asia Kit by Jessica Sprague free download from CK.  Super quick muck around one of my not so little anymore littlest girl. Can someone tell me where the first half of 2009 went? I cannot believe we are half way through kindergarten already! :(

My darling big girl... who is 7 going on 17!!!

Like I said, just the basics at this stage but downloading free brushes has become an addiction and I am getting quite a collection of digi papers and elements happening. I can definitely see this becoming a permanent part of my scrapping repertoire... but I have enough "real" paper and embellies to scrap the past 7 and next 14 generations of my family so I don't think I will ever stop "in real life" scrapbooking! ;) Dylan's latest little saying, when you do something "for real" as opposed to "just pretend"... note to self: do a IRL page for Dylan "in real life".

We are all going really well... so far, so good anyway. Hard to believe the babies are 3 months old already. Their little personalities are really beginning to show now and I am loving getting to know them. All in all they are very patient with me and though we have had our moments mostly they are very good and sleep through the night for their Mumma... who is a lunatic and should go to bed not play on facebook and Photoshop all night!

I am quite looking forward to spending some time with my darling girls and biggest boy these school holidays... they need some Mum and Dad time too. Seems EVERYTHING is about babies atm. My kids drive me up the wall most days... we are certainly not a Hallmark family (our latest catch phrase is "EVERY BODY LOVE EVERY BODY", courtesy of Will Ferrell in Semi Pro)... but I must say they have been brilliant and settling in with the new editions really well. Having 5 kids is still a bit surreal but I am actually really enjoying them all atm and managing much better than I thought I would.
Better get some sleep... thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I am loving these new blogs / sites...

Visit Aussie Scrapjack
Lovin' ya sick loolabelle! ;)

I AM grateful... if a little slow

I am still playing along with The Gratitude Project but I am MILES behind! Here are my latest. I am loving this journal as a means to use up extra photos... a couple of these didn't print well as my printer was running low on ink... but they are good enough for this little book. Please excuse the dodgy scans...