Sunday, 14 December 2008

I am so glad THAT cat is out of the bag!

Hooley Dooley!!! I am so excited to have been picked and I must say I AM feeling rather pleased with myself too! Modest much? Never!!!! ;) hehehehe I am sooo hopeless at secrets... never been one for keeping my trap shut (in case you hadn't noticed!)... so I didn't tell ANYONE. Funny thing was that on Friday DH and I were just having the big "we really have to stop spending money" talk when there was a knock on the door. The parcel post man had arrived with all these wonderful parcels for me. DH gave me "the look" so I had to tell him, "No, no I haven't been spending money these are because I got picked in the Top 10 for Masters". I am still not sure he completely believes me! LOL So I can't wait to get my mag in the mail to prove it to him! ;) Thanks so much everyone for your lovely words of congratulations and support. I have finally stopped spewing which is good... but jeez... I am already feeling soooooooooooooo HUGE and finding it quite a task to get around already... and we are only half way! I will try to get some fat belly shots soon, before I need a new wide angle lens... mmmmm now there's an idea... any excuse to get that new camera I say! My niece reckons I look like I just have a basketball stuffed up my shirt... charming child! ;) Anyway... thanks so much to everyone for visiting here. I really do appreciate all your lovely words. I will try to pop in around the traps more than I have been.


Anonymous said...

About time you got your sorry(well you know what I would say) back on the computer Bin been so worried about you xxx Hope your over the sickness now... sure wouldn't be pleasant! Huge Mega Congratulations (I don't want to say it but I really must) Told you it was your year... Enjoy the crown of Master in 2009 so deserved xxx

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Congratulations hun.. You have really wonderful work. :)

Linda said...

Big congratulations!!!
Your work is always stunningly gorgeous....and I love visiting your blog to see what you've been up to in the scrapping dept....needless to say, I've been rather disappointed lately (hahaha). I'm sure that's gonna be changing real soon!

Vicki said...

We were very excited for you when we found out the news about Masters!! Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your work when you get a chance!
Take care of yourself.
Vicki x

Kirsty said...


Julie said...

Congrats AM...look forward to getting to know you and sharing both our Masters and pregnancy journies together! :)

Susan Longman said...

Congratulations!!! I haven't even seen your entry yet ...was hoping for some sneaks on here oh well will have to checkout the

Sharmaine said...

Very exciting, enjoy the new journey that this presents and glad that your feeling better (and hope that continues!!)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Congratulations Anne-Marie!!
I was so VERY excited to see your name on that list!!
I love your work and your entry was divine, as always!!

Well done, babe!

Chelle Xx

Susanne Perry said...

Congratulations Anne Marie, so well deserved, I really love your work.Enjoy all 2009 has to offer for you as an SM Master. Gosh it'll be such a busy exciting year for you.

TatumW said...

HUGE congratulations to you! Every piece of your entry is absolutely stunning, so pleased to see you as one of the 10! Hope you aren't too uncomfortable, I'm 22 weeks and starting to really feel it! Have a wonderful christmas. Tatum xx

Alice said...

YAY!!!!! Congrats AM! SO excited you made it :)

I am looking forward to seeing some cute pics of you with a baby belly! :P


Hetty Hall said...

Congrats again AM, you so deserve to be on that list, saw your work in the mag and it is just awesome. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, know exactly what you ar going through, lol! Take care!
Hugs xx

Julie said...

Congrats on the masters and your pregnancy too. Can't wait to see your work.

memoryfairy said...

Congrats on the Masters Binxy!!

phatassphairy said...

congrats AM.....i am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year ....was going to cancel my sub next year ...but now i will have to keep it

wow how excitting ...little pitta patta in the house again ...mwhoa and cyber hugs there

Lisa said...

Absolutely stoked you are one of the Masters! Very well deserved! I love your work, you are so creative and your work is always unique!! Well done!

Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Big Congrats on the Masters and a Big Congrats on your Pregnancy, i'm a Mum to Five and OMG it's a Fantastic and tiring job.

Good Luck in 2009

Take Care,

SkyeMJ said...

Most well deserved Masters winner ever if you ask me!

You were top of the list for my guesses... i actually went "aww yes!" out loud when I read the list at work! :)
They all think I'm nuts anyway, so nothing new!

HUGE congrats hun!


Marelle said...

Congrats for both your pregnancy and becoming a SM Master!
Have a great year!
Marelle x

Michelle Macdonald said...

Congratulations! You are quite funny ! So glad your spewing days are over. All the best with your Masters work and the upcoming bubs!

Louise said...

You Faaaaaaaabulous thing you!!!!!
Just the Huuuugest Congratualtions

:) :) :) :)

Lou xxx

Mel said...

WOOHOO Congrats AM, You know how much I love your work and you are such a deserving winner!!!
Cant wait to see some belly pics, I am sure you look beautiful!!

Chat soon

Mel xx

Hetty Hall said...

Hi Am, just popping in to wish you and your family a very merry and safe Christmas.
Hugs xx

AGA said...

Merry Christmas Binx and big congrats on the masters!!
All the best to you and your family in the New Year :)
Aga xx

Wendy Smith said...

Congratulations Master rock

Tara said...

Congrats on Masters!!!

Love your stuff and can't wait to see some more of it... It's been a while!!

Axel....{Carol} said...

oh my gosh!!!! you poor woman "twins" lol congratulations.
I dont know where iv been surfing but i havent got your blog saved?
love your layouts they are so cool
note: i have saved you now lol