Sunday, 14 December 2008

I am so glad THAT cat is out of the bag!

Hooley Dooley!!! I am so excited to have been picked and I must say I AM feeling rather pleased with myself too! Modest much? Never!!!! ;) hehehehe I am sooo hopeless at secrets... never been one for keeping my trap shut (in case you hadn't noticed!)... so I didn't tell ANYONE. Funny thing was that on Friday DH and I were just having the big "we really have to stop spending money" talk when there was a knock on the door. The parcel post man had arrived with all these wonderful parcels for me. DH gave me "the look" so I had to tell him, "No, no I haven't been spending money these are because I got picked in the Top 10 for Masters". I am still not sure he completely believes me! LOL So I can't wait to get my mag in the mail to prove it to him! ;) Thanks so much everyone for your lovely words of congratulations and support. I have finally stopped spewing which is good... but jeez... I am already feeling soooooooooooooo HUGE and finding it quite a task to get around already... and we are only half way! I will try to get some fat belly shots soon, before I need a new wide angle lens... mmmmm now there's an idea... any excuse to get that new camera I say! My niece reckons I look like I just have a basketball stuffed up my shirt... charming child! ;) Anyway... thanks so much to everyone for visiting here. I really do appreciate all your lovely words. I will try to pop in around the traps more than I have been.