Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Where I have I been for past 2 months you ask?

Well, I have been... lying in bed... head in a bucket... vomiting like there is no tomorrow. Oh the joy of pregnancy! Yes, 'tis true... I am knocked up, up the duff, carrying a belly full of arms and legs... but wait... just like a good Demtel ad "there's more"... oh yeah, we don't muck around... when we do things we go the whole hog... YEP! The rumours are true... it's twins!!!!!! Holy Mother of Mercy, what in God's name am I going to do with 5 kids????!!!!!! I still haven't got my head around the whole being pregnant thing yet, let alone there being TWO of the little monsters in there!!! ;) Let's just say it was a "surprise" not an accident! Not exactly planned but we obviously weren't trying hard enough NOT to if you get my drift! LOL ;) I am blaming him... he still maintains I must have "disheveled" him in his sleep because he has NO IDEA how it happened... my Mum says, "If you haven't worked that out by now you are in big trouble!" (Says she, who has 5 kids of her own!!! LOL). Seriously though... oh my freaking gawd father!!!!! I was just getting over the whole shall we or sharn't we have any more babies cluckiness and was really starting to get excited about the prospect of sending "the baby" off to kindy next year and possibly going back to work / study. Oh well... we'll see what happens I am not getting too carried away with it all just yet... I know these things don't always turn out how you'd like them to... so sort of cautiously happy at this stage. Besides it is hard to feel excited when I am still feeling so disgusting!!! I have been into hospital twice because I just get so dehydrated and can't even keep water down. I am home now though and have managed to not spew this morning... yet... it is 11:19am... hopefully I am not jinxing myself! Sorry I haven't been on here for so long... I haven't been capable of much of anything lately much less actually being sociable. Thankfully DH was able to take a few weeks off work to look after me and the three little darlings... and fingers crossed I am over the worst of it now. Love to you and yours... hope you are having a great day... with NO spewing! ;)