Thursday, 4 September 2008

oh and don't forget...

Scrap the Girls... the lovely other Mel asked me to do the challenge for STG... I hope you will play along. Hey chickies, I am so stoked to be taking part in the STG Blog challenge for September and I hope you will all play along.

My favourite thing at the moment is using HEAPS of different textures, materials and mediums all thrown together on a LO. I am definitely a MORE is BETTER girl!!! ;) I also really like to use embellishments that add to the story I am trying to convey or hold some significant / symbolic meaning on the LO.

So... my challenge is: get a little bit of everything onto your next LO.

Include at least one example of each (and every one) of the following elements: plastic; metal; chippie; cardstock; patterned paper; stickers; journaling spots / cards / stamps / stickers; felt / fabric; string; lace; ink; paint; sanding; distressing; tearing; tape; staples; bling; buttons and brads! That's a lot of elements to include I know but it's easier than you might first imagine.

I know my "sunshine" sample here is of my littlest darling... but given that September is for Father's Day... I would love to see some LOs of YOUR Little Princess with her Daddy or Poppy or Uncle or even her Big Brother... just call it an optional EXTRA requirement.

Just in case you were wondering, for the background of my "sunshine" I have used core-dinations cardstock... folded into thirds and put through my Cuttlebug in an embossing folder (Floral Fantasy) one end at a time, then heavily sanded and distressed it. I thought I was rather clever working out how to do this and I love the end result. I wasn't a huge fan of the core-dinations cs before... but now I am HOOKED! ;) I also popped some acetate in the same Cuttlebug folder and then hand cut out the leaves I wanted. Then I put a precut cb flower through in the same folder, being sure it was positioned in just the right place to get the image I wanted. Finally, I also put the actual photo itself through (on a bit of angle) and sanded and inked it as well.

Have fun... hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I enjoyed setting it!

WOW! What a week{end}!

OK so just a quickie with some too exciting news! Friday night we went out for dinner with a great bunch of friends and had a great night. PIL had the girls for the night. Then Saturday we went out to their house as it was MIL's birthday... had another lovely night BUT looks like I am just not cut out for two late nights and I ended up rather ill. I didn't really have all that much to drink (though I have always said I am a cheap date and two drinks is more than enough for me!) so I think I must have picked up a bit of a stomach bug... which DH seems to be suffering from now. :( So anyway, Sunday I was a bit of a wipe out... BUT I WON Embellished IDOL 2008! Mel & Co. (I wish I could remember who else Mel said was there... sorry chickies!) rang to scream a LOUD congratulations down the phone :) so that cheered me up and made me feel heaps better! Thanks and a big MWAH to all you wonderful chickies... and thanks to absolutely everyone who was involved in IDOL this year. I reckon the work was OUTSTANDING this year, so to have won amongst this amazing bunch of chickies was just too awesome... ok, ok... I promise not to let my head grow TOO big! LOL ;) Thanks everyone for your votes, your comments and your support and a HUGE, heartfelt thanks to Ali and the *e* girls for running such a great competition again this year. OH and HUGE thanks too to the sponsors... Hey, I ain't too proud to admit those prizes are going to be welcome at my house! LOL ;) NOW... this morning I get DD off to school and get home to the phone ringing... OMFREAKIN'GAWDFATHER!!!! Cass Bellemore is ringing ME! Yes! ME!!!!!!! I made the TOP 50 Masters LIST!!!! I have to say it is shaping up to be some very tough competition... and I am so pleased to see Mel Connell's name is on it too!!!! Actually the whole list is looking rather FINE I reckon... yep, I shall keep my SM subscription this year! LOL ;) I guess now the REAL waiting begins! HOW EXCITEMENT!!!!!! ;) OK... I have to go to the post office now! hehehehhe ;) Lots of love to you and yours...