Sunday, 24 August 2008

... and MORE LOs to share

I have come to the conclusion that making a list of challenges I want to complete every month is the way to get my a into g and get these suckers scrapped!!!!  I have so many photos it is just ridiculous so old ones rarely get a look in... but this week Event #2 for the Scrapbooking Olympics  @ CD Doodles required bright colours so I am really happy that I found these at the bottom of the box!  I was trying to make a ferris wheel but it looked pretty crap... so it turned into yet another tree!  I like trees... can ya tell? LOL ;)
This one is for Category Stories... the theme was SUNSHINE.  I really love these photos... my Darling D can be such a delight... but boy can she be a right royal PITA when she wants to be!  Love you much baby girl.  
I am really loving playing with different sizes at the moment and I love how they look all in the same album together.
We have been having the most beautiful weather here the past few days... very cold (for us anyway) but perfect, clear blue skies and sunshine.  I LOVE this time of year.  Touch wood we don't catch any more coughs and colds this year... we have had a couple of minor ones and a case of gastro for two of the kids and I have a bit of a head cold atm... but nothing like the horrendous run we had last year.
I did have some exciting news to share... but turns out I can't do it... the gorgeous Miss Lusi (love to you and yours chickie, hope you are all better soon) asked me to join in one of her Top 10 features for SC which I was totally stoked about.  Unfortunately, because of the exclusivity clause in the SM Masters 2008 Rules I can't participate.  The SC issue wouldn't have been published until later next year and despite the work being commissioned before the Masters are named the fact that it wouldn't be published until after would put me out of the running.
I am not going all scrap diva, up myself or conceited... and not that I think in a million years will I win a spot as one of the Masters... but I did put a lot of effort into my Masters entry... so I am not about to put myself out of the running before I even start IYGWIM?  I still sorta think it's a bit sucky [insert kicking and screaming AM here ;)] but "thems tha rules"... and if you don't like it I guess you shouldn't be in the kitchen! LOL ;)  
To start with I sort of thought that rule would mean the talent pool was somewhat reduced (and so winning a top spot wouldn't be as big an honour IYGWIM?)  as a lot of really talented chickies wouldn't be able to enter (it's because they ARE so talented that they have gigs with other mags!).   However, I choose to look at it in a more positive light... I guess SM feel there is enough talent out there to choose from and even more importantly it gives new up and coming scrappers a look in, so that's a good thing... JUST HOPE I'M ONE OF THEM! LOL ;) 
Anyway,  I had better go get my kids fed, bathed and put to bed.
Hope you and yours are well and warm and happy.


Melissa said...

I have NO doubt that you will be a Master this year!!!
Good luck hun...not that you need any!

Lee said...

hey FAB pages!! The sunshine one is so cool, love how fun and bright it is. THanks for joining in the category stories challenge!
Lee :)

Mel x said...

I know you are going to be a Master this year, I have a good feeling!!

CONGRATS ON THE FINAL 3 in IDOL.... You are going to kick butt!!!!

Skye M J said...

Your scrapping is so bloody amazing!

I don't even know what to say!
If you are not Idol winner AND a Master this year, i will eat my hat! (An old saying of my nans... i won't really eat my hat, don't hold me to that!)

Donna said...

Hey AM - abso-bloody-lutely you can come and play! Would love to meet you and I reckon we'd have a few laughs, Melis, You and I - so yes yes yes from me.

Felicity said...

LOVVE the double!!! and the brightness of the LO!!!
The sunshine is divine!!!
Love all your trees!!
Good luck with the final round of IDOL and masters!
felicity x

Lisa said...

Love this double page AM - I find it so hard to do doubles! Love the trees and GO GO GO BINX for Masters!! - And IDOL! You Rock!

Donna said...

HI AM - yep will definitely check my PM's at the forum - good idea! That's great! It will be so nice to get together, I'll email Poppy'smum and let her know to start storing her energy up!


Michelle Jamieson said...

Stunning double, Miss AM!!
You always amaze me with your layout, my dear!!

Good luck with the last round at Embellished! My money's on you, girl!! :)

Chelle Xx

Megan said...

Your LOs are always fabuloso!!

Just a question, how did you get you SYTYCS blinkie to fit in your sidebar. Mine won't and yours seems to be smaller than what mine is on my blog. Can you offer any pointers??

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS layouts! Wow! Have to look at some more of them now. Good luck with the Masters and the Idol comp!

Megan said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Your instructions were brilliant and it worked. What a legend!!!

miss~nance said...

Beautiful work, that double is simply stunning.

Good luck for idol and masters (although I already think you have shown us you are both already).



I am... said...

thanks for doing the category stories layout its awesome.
and hehe, im pretty much hoping you ARE a master, so it is lucky you turned down the top pretty sure i know who stepped in there for you too ;) how fun!!

goodluck with masters will be cool to see a good one amongst them, i dont care who makes it, except ONE woman who i really hope

take care.

Sharon said...

Hi Anne Marie, I have popped in a few times to check out your work, but never left a message. Your creativity is amazing, keep the inspiration coming!!!

Cheers Sharon

Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous work AM...loving the button tree

that is fab and not so fab news about SM..maybe next time

Newport Nuptials said...

So adorable, I am making a scrapbook for my niece, your pages are so inspirational and cute!