Friday, 11 July 2008

On the campaign trail....

Shameless!  Yes, I know... but seriously, I was the IDOL bridesmaid last year so PLEASE help me at least get past the first round this year!!! LOL
There is so many great LOs... voting is going to be super hard.  I wonder how many we are allowed to vote for and how many will actually get through to the next round? 
Not them... ME! ;)  
In other news... I have been trying to get my Masters entry photographed and in the mail but the weather gods are against me it seems.  I come from a farming family and I know we need rain but can't it just p!$$ off to where they need it?   Even as a kid I can remember asking God to just let it rain on Dad's paddocks! LOL
We are off to watch my nieces ride in a  horse show tomorrow... so PLEASE let the sun come out!
We also have my Uncle in-law's 60th birthday tomorrow afternoon... always enjoy catching up with all the cousins... it's always a laugh... and it is always LOUD!  
Well not much else for now... oh apart from a  bit more subliminal messaging... g.o. v.o.t.e.  f.o.r.  m.e.  n.o.w.... hope you and yours are well.


Anonymous said...

lol..shameless :rofl:

Your layout is just wonderful!!...I've not been a active member for a while now, I'm not sure if I can vote?

Renee said...

Best of luck fellow Idol-er!!

Anonymous said...

Been there done that.... :):) just checking up to see where your hidden yourself (Masters finished yet):):):)

happy scrapping your pages are wonderful at Idol xxx

Melissa said...

You got my vote AM, Totally loved your layout for IDOL, well OK I love ALL your LO's LOL!
Chat to you soon
Mel xx

unicorns80 said...

Voted for ya!!
Best of luck in the IDOL this year and good luck with your masters aswell. Love your work
Leonie x

Jaimie R said...

Hey Anne Marie, i votyed, you have 36 votes now.. no shame in plugging your work gril, it's awesome! Goood luck!

I tagged you on my Blog :)

virginiaw said...

Ha Ha Shameless...You go girl!!!!!
All done...

Coops said...

You did well. Must be nice knowing you've got 36 mates.

If you want a hint for more votes, put more V8 cars in. Everyone I know likes V8's.

No Fords.