Friday, 25 July 2008

curiosity {may have} killed the CAT...

... BUT SATISFACTION brought it back!

I had a mad dash to the shops to find a mirror yesterday morning... 3 shops and 2 hours later I finally found this at Red Dot (and only $10)... so here is my
IDOL Round #3 Entry.  You can see everyone else's here.  Just click on an image to see it bigger and it will take you to a slideshow.  Don't look too close though because they are all seriously FABULOUS and I want you to vote for ME, ME, ME... BINXCAT1...  not them! ME!!!! ;) 

Being the youngest of five (with a 6 year gap to my nearest sister) meant I was always asking lots of questions that were (a) undoubtably none of my business and (b) probably a bit too "adult" in subject matter... so I was always teased about my inquisitive nature and called nosey parker and sticky beak... oh and my personal favourite... my oldest brother always called my "honey nose". I can't wait to show him how I "owned" that nickname !!! LOL 

I am not normally a fan of OTP... actually I DETEST them with a vengeance... so thanks heaps for the kick in the pants with this challenge. In the end I actually had heaps of fun with this one and am pretty happy with how it turned out... but it was VERY hard to get a decent photo so excuse my ugly mug in the pic.

I chose these products / colours because they suit the decor in my house, especially my bedroom, as that's where I was going to hang it...


... but DD#1 said, "It should go in the living area so we can all look at it." 
Awwww, ain't she just so sweet (when she wants to be)?  LOL ;)

I love the little cat buttons... they were the wrong colours so I just inked them black... did I mention "StazON" really DOES stay on? You should see my hands, jeans, t-shirt, kitchen bench, desk, sink... OMG... IT IS EVERYWHERE!!

Now, I would absolutely love you to come vote for me BUT there is a catch... you have to register with the new Embellished Idol 2008 Voting Forum to be able to vote from now on in.  If you want please come and join... it really is a cool forum and they are a wonderful, friendly and talented bunch (even if I say so myself! LOL)... but I know it is kinda stretching the friendship a bit so I won't hold it against you if you don't. ;)


scrapwitch said...

its stunning ANNE MARIE....really beautiful...ya got my vote

Coops said...

$10 for a beveled edge mirrors? It cost me $15 for a tiny circle of glass in my cars side mirror.

Looks great. Hope you win.

Julie said...

awesome AM just love it

Lali said...

WOW girl that mirror is gorgeous great idea and yep going to vote for ya...good luck this year girl

Nicole said...

OMG babe that Mirror is just F-ing BRILLIANT

Sub it!!!!!!!


Renee said...

Got my vote girl :)

Renee said...

Oh yay!!

I can keep track of some of the votes I will be getting then!! LOL

And, of course you can lift my entry. . . pretty shocked you want to, so cant wait to see what you come up with :)

Linda said...

Holy cow....your mirror looks absolutely amazing! For someone who doesn't like have totally aced it with your entry. Even just the idea to scrap on a really kinda mindblowing....something I'd never have thought to do. You have a great imagination & an awesome talent! Good luck!


AGA said...

I made sure to get my vote in this time! Your entry is stunning - good luck!!!

unicorns80 said...

Oh WOW!! That mirror is stunning, fantastic, imaginative and just all over bloody brilliant!! I'd love to crack into your mind for some inspiration and ideas YOU my dear ROCK!!!!
All the best xx