Thursday, 31 July 2008

OUCH... I so cannot sew!

Phew! Thank goodness that is over... I am so not EVER sewing anything ever again! My mother obviously did not pass on her sewing ability to me! ;)

I did have fun despite the bloody (literally... I mean there is BLOOD on the back of my LO!) fingers and frustration and even though this LO looks NOTHING like I had planned in my head... I think I still kinda like it. I have stitched EVERYTHING on (even the crown, the rubon and the eyelet!).  BIG thanks to the lovely Nic for the love elsie pp... mwah!

The journalling reads:
My son Bradley had this tiny black cat. We called him Binx, after a character on a children’s TV show [a little boy who was cursed by a witch and turned into a black cat]. Binx was a real character. He taught Brad responsibility and respect and when he died he taught him the hardest lessons of all… loss and grief… but this in turn taught Brad resilience… which is one of the most valuable lessons a child can learn; how to cope with adversity. This is why I used his name as my username. Little black Binx cat will never be forgotten and nor will the lesson he taught. Miss you much Binx…

TFL... now for the subliminal messaging.... !@#%$& &^ ^%$# 4 (* {which loosely translated means "PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME")... you might have to have a bit of a look around to find the voting thread but it should be there somewhere in the IDOL section of the forum Friday afternoon-ish.  

You can see everyone's Round #4 LOs here.  Just click on the first image to see it bigger then it will go to a slide show so you can see them all close up.  Jeez, we are a rather clever bunch don't you think... even if I do say so myself! ;)  

If you go look at the blog there is a sketch up if you want to join in the fun and maybe win a prize... and you can be a WILDCARD if you want to jump into the IDOL ring!  Go for it!  You gotta be in it to win it!

Anyway, thanks for popping by... hope you and yours are well.


Linda said...

Another awesome LO! You're really on a roll with your idol entries. I just love the black & white with the splashes of pink (and I think red?)....just gorgeous! Love your journaling too....oh so true and straight from the heart. Well done on another fantastic entry!

AGA said...

So glad you have made it to the next round, your entries just keep getting better each time! This one looks amazing - really love the stitching (hope there wasn't too much blood)
also thanks adding my blog to your list - Aga xx

Wendy said...

gorgeous work as the black and white

Mel x said...

LOVE IT AM, You SO can sew LOL
I am always amazed at your work, I mean I know it is going to be brilliant but each time it just gets better and better!!!
Mel x

TatumW said...

Love your work so much! Hope that there wasn't too much blood from your sewing adventure! good luck with Idol, looks like a fun comp and I am sure you'll be up there at the end! have a fabulous weekend. Tatum xx

Jenny said...

Your layout is georgeous and I love the little cat!!!

I absolutley Lurve the Mirror below

Jen xxx

Anonymous said...

Well I really like your layout Binx and what a wonderful story about your user name xxx off to see if I can find the Idol gallery and the amount of votes for this week xxx

happy scrapping to you AM xxx

Nicole said...


I love this babe.

Glad you were able to use that paper. Love the story behind the page and the colours. Everything is just brilliant.

Off to do some voting now.


*** Kylie*** said...

I absolutely adore your work sweety...I really think you are going to win this one...(ooops should i say that when i am an entrant too lol) thanks for the beautiful comments you leave for me..good luck!!