Thursday, 31 July 2008

OUCH... I so cannot sew!

Phew! Thank goodness that is over... I am so not EVER sewing anything ever again! My mother obviously did not pass on her sewing ability to me! ;)

I did have fun despite the bloody (literally... I mean there is BLOOD on the back of my LO!) fingers and frustration and even though this LO looks NOTHING like I had planned in my head... I think I still kinda like it. I have stitched EVERYTHING on (even the crown, the rubon and the eyelet!).  BIG thanks to the lovely Nic for the love elsie pp... mwah!

The journalling reads:
My son Bradley had this tiny black cat. We called him Binx, after a character on a children’s TV show [a little boy who was cursed by a witch and turned into a black cat]. Binx was a real character. He taught Brad responsibility and respect and when he died he taught him the hardest lessons of all… loss and grief… but this in turn taught Brad resilience… which is one of the most valuable lessons a child can learn; how to cope with adversity. This is why I used his name as my username. Little black Binx cat will never be forgotten and nor will the lesson he taught. Miss you much Binx…

TFL... now for the subliminal messaging.... !@#%$& &^ ^%$# 4 (* {which loosely translated means "PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME")... you might have to have a bit of a look around to find the voting thread but it should be there somewhere in the IDOL section of the forum Friday afternoon-ish.  

You can see everyone's Round #4 LOs here.  Just click on the first image to see it bigger then it will go to a slide show so you can see them all close up.  Jeez, we are a rather clever bunch don't you think... even if I do say so myself! ;)  

If you go look at the blog there is a sketch up if you want to join in the fun and maybe win a prize... and you can be a WILDCARD if you want to jump into the IDOL ring!  Go for it!  You gotta be in it to win it!

Anyway, thanks for popping by... hope you and yours are well.

Friday, 25 July 2008

curiosity {may have} killed the CAT...

... BUT SATISFACTION brought it back!

I had a mad dash to the shops to find a mirror yesterday morning... 3 shops and 2 hours later I finally found this at Red Dot (and only $10)... so here is my
IDOL Round #3 Entry.  You can see everyone else's here.  Just click on an image to see it bigger and it will take you to a slideshow.  Don't look too close though because they are all seriously FABULOUS and I want you to vote for ME, ME, ME... BINXCAT1...  not them! ME!!!! ;) 

Being the youngest of five (with a 6 year gap to my nearest sister) meant I was always asking lots of questions that were (a) undoubtably none of my business and (b) probably a bit too "adult" in subject matter... so I was always teased about my inquisitive nature and called nosey parker and sticky beak... oh and my personal favourite... my oldest brother always called my "honey nose". I can't wait to show him how I "owned" that nickname !!! LOL 

I am not normally a fan of OTP... actually I DETEST them with a vengeance... so thanks heaps for the kick in the pants with this challenge. In the end I actually had heaps of fun with this one and am pretty happy with how it turned out... but it was VERY hard to get a decent photo so excuse my ugly mug in the pic.

I chose these products / colours because they suit the decor in my house, especially my bedroom, as that's where I was going to hang it...


... but DD#1 said, "It should go in the living area so we can all look at it." 
Awwww, ain't she just so sweet (when she wants to be)?  LOL ;)

I love the little cat buttons... they were the wrong colours so I just inked them black... did I mention "StazON" really DOES stay on? You should see my hands, jeans, t-shirt, kitchen bench, desk, sink... OMG... IT IS EVERYWHERE!!

Now, I would absolutely love you to come vote for me BUT there is a catch... you have to register with the new Embellished Idol 2008 Voting Forum to be able to vote from now on in.  If you want please come and join... it really is a cool forum and they are a wonderful, friendly and talented bunch (even if I say so myself! LOL)... but I know it is kinda stretching the friendship a bit so I won't hold it against you if you don't. ;)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

can't sleep...

... so I might as well blog!
Thank you everyone who voted for me last week... I GOT THROUGH TO ROUND #3 OF IDOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This week we have to create our entry using something other than 12x12 paper as our base... in other words an OTP or "off the page" project which incorporates a life motto. I know EXACTLY what I am going to do... hope it turns out as wonderful as the picture in my head!
I have a couple of LOs to share... more that I did for Melissa (who is now one of the Creative Artists at the Black Magic Challenge Blog).
This first one I will probably get killed for putting up but too bad... it is my DH and his younger brother using just a few strips of BG Boxer. I love this paper... but then again I LOVE everything BG does!
These are the Scenic Route Salem papers... these papers TOTALLY ROCK. Don't make the mistake of dismissing them because they are Halloween themed... I promise you can do heaps more with them. This is my DS (now 16) in year 1 with his two best friends.
This LO is the story of a little black cat called Binxcat... and as it turns out very heavily inspired by Kim Ogden. I hate the paint btw... got too carried away when I tried to get a spatter effect... should have left well enough alone... but oh well.
This is one of my favourite photos ever...
Thanks for looking... please check back Friday for my latest IDOL attempt.

Friday, 18 July 2008


They pulled a bit of a swifty on me last week and it was a NON-elimination round (I think they are having internet issues) but it was all good and  I did pretty well with the voting (4th highest I think)... so THANK YOU so much for voting for me.

Here is my IDOL Round 2 LO.  We had to create our own "arty" background using paint and a mask.  I really like how this turned out.  It is Miss C, DD#1 at her 6th birthday party.  That kid is 6 going on 16 that's for sure!


Please, pretty please go vote for me! 

You have to vote by email this time though... see below.

Hi girls,


There are some fantastic entries in this round!!! You have all out-done yourselves!!

As most of you know we have had some big internet issues, which has stopped us (meaning the I.T. department) from creating the polling feature....I have searched for countless hours for an alternative, that offers all the features that is required and zip....nothing!!!

So this is how we will be doing it this week.....

Send us an email to and in the subject line put your 5 votes....using the names from the gallery( blog gallery or main site gallery is fine!). Entrants you are able to vote for yourself!!!

I will only be accepting votes until 5pm AEST Sunday!!!

ANd yes there will be eliminations this week!!!


You can see all the entries here.  There are HEAPS of REALLY cool LOs this round.  I am going to have my work cut out getting through to Round 3 I reckon.

Thanks for dropping in.  Hope you and yours are well.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Just for a change...

I actually have some LOs to share!  These are some I did for Scrap World with the sei jolie chocolat papers.

This one was Ali E inspired:

This one my DS ACTUALLY spilled coffee on... I made the best of it! 

These papers are some of THE loveliest I have ever had a play with... this was literally one piece plus a rubon, a splash of paint and a few embellies... it practically scraps itself!  If you can,  GET SOME!
A bit of Messy-Happy-Fun influence here...

Melis Corbett inspiration here...

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed creating!

Friday, 11 July 2008

On the campaign trail....

Shameless!  Yes, I know... but seriously, I was the IDOL bridesmaid last year so PLEASE help me at least get past the first round this year!!! LOL
There is so many great LOs... voting is going to be super hard.  I wonder how many we are allowed to vote for and how many will actually get through to the next round? 
Not them... ME! ;)  
In other news... I have been trying to get my Masters entry photographed and in the mail but the weather gods are against me it seems.  I come from a farming family and I know we need rain but can't it just p!$$ off to where they need it?   Even as a kid I can remember asking God to just let it rain on Dad's paddocks! LOL
We are off to watch my nieces ride in a  horse show tomorrow... so PLEASE let the sun come out!
We also have my Uncle in-law's 60th birthday tomorrow afternoon... always enjoy catching up with all the cousins... it's always a laugh... and it is always LOUD!  
Well not much else for now... oh apart from a  bit more subliminal messaging... g.o. v.o.t.e.  f.o.r.  m.e.  n.o.w.... hope you and yours are well.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Look where I am going!

This guy has been my all time favourite artist since 
my cousin let me borrow his Uh-Huh tape 
(yes, TAPE!) in 1986!

I did a card too...

Thanks goodness no-one has to vote for this... that would be pushing the friendship too far! LOL

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Here is my first IDOL LO... please come vote for me on the weekend! You could win a prize you know! ;) LOL

Thursday, 3 July 2008

I'm IN!

I have almost finished my Master's entry so I have decided to jump on in and join up for Embellished IDOL again this year.  

I had such a blast last year and produced some LOs that I love... and got a couple of LOs accepted for publication... so yep, I'm up for it again.  I will have to get myself organised though; school holidays, a visit to my dear sister and my parents staying with me might all get a bit out of control... but hey... I am a lab rat... I thrive on pressure! LOL 

I have a couple of "just for me" LOs on the go... will share soon.

What's on your scrap desk?

OH CHECK THIS... Create '08.  

Heidi is coming down under... LOL... now THAT sounds rude!  I love her stuff but I don't think I am a devoted enough fan to make the trek... especially right before Christmas... but I hope those of you going have a great time!