Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dee you HAVE been Jacked... and I'd like mine White with 1!

OMG!  I can hardly believe it... I am doing what I said I'd do... no "the dog ate my homework" today... I have actually managed to make a plan and stick to it! LOL

So here is my Dee Jack for Aussie Scrapjacked ... 

The May guidelines @ White with 1 were:
  1. White (dominant colour)
  2. Mum
  3. Pink
So here's mine...

I think I have the criteria covered... and I actually quite like this little number.  I found that little girl button in a craft shop... isn't she just too sweet.

OK... so now I am off to get started on my Aussie Scrap Music John Butler Trio LO... wish me luck... I have a great idea... just hope it translates to the page as spectacularly as I imagine it! LOL 


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Love your work so much AM! It is always sooo soo awesome!

And yay, I am booked into the weekend of art Journal mania with Viv as well! Really wanted to do the classes but they were at times when I play b/ball.

Pretty excited about that!

And about Daryl, so glad you have something to bring him nto your lives with. That is so important at this stage. Have been thinking of you and yours alot recently.

See you soon xx

jacqui jones said...

hey those pages r wonderful
thanks for the comment on my blog
i actually went back and added my link witheveryone elses.. :) thanks for noticing it wasnt there

Ruby Claire. said...

Sooooo beautifully raddically AWESOME!!
LOOOVE both of them and they are going into my inspirational journal ;)

Julie said...

Oh my Missy just love those pages.

scrapwitch said...

awesome AM ...that paint is delish

loving your work

dutchbird said...

Beautiful lay out! There is so much to look at!