Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Daryl Jam and a chance of rain...

Wow... the weeks seem to be flying by... everything seems to be blending into a bit of a blur at the moment.  I can't believe it is already 7 weeks ago that Daryl left us... but it seems like a life time ago all at the same time.  We are all doing ok... ok... not great... but ok... which is probably great considering IYKWIM?  
Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom... like I said I am going to make myself smile... smiling now... it is starting to help a little. ;)  One cute thing that did make me smile was something DD#1 said... when my sister and her family were staying down here (during the chemo treatment) they stayed in the house next door... when they left to go on their trip home they left a whole heap of groceries... one item being strawberry jam, Daryl's favourite... we don't usually have it but the other day DD asked for jam on her toast.  I got out the orange jam that my Mum makes... and she said "No Mum... the other one... the red one... Daryl's jam."  It caught me... but made me smile... so hence forth the red jam shall be known as "Daryl Jam".  I thought it was cute... and a great way to always keep him in our day to day conversations... which I think is really important... so it is natural to talk about him... not walking on egg shells every time someone mentions his name.  If that makes any sense at all! LOL
Now, sit down, you may be shocked... but YES I have done some LOs recently! ;)
Most of them were for my last lot of DT work for Scrap World. :(   Mel has been having all manner of problems with the site but they should be up on the blog soon.  I can't share those but I have finished LOs for the White with 1 May Challenge AND I have Scrapjacked Dee.  I promise I will post them here tomorrow.
I am still tossing up whether to have a go at SM Masters.  The tasks look pretty good I thought... even the OTP (remember I am OTP-aphobic) looks do-able... the deadline is mid-July...mmmmmm.... maybe, could be... perhaps... if the inspiration hits me... we'll see.
I am more inclined to have a go at the For Keeps Creative Paper (that's the new name) Awards for Excellence and Elite Team Competition I think... sounds more my thing... just 5 LOs.  Another maybe at this stage... but that's not due until 31st August... so more likely anyway.
I have put my name down for Vivian Bonder's Art Journal Classes @ Scraptivate... I have been wanting to do this for AGES but haven't been able to organise babysitting... but she is going to do the entire series of classes over one weekend at the end of August... so I'M IN! CAN'T WAIT! 
Oh, I got a parcel from Nic Pomeroy the other day... being the complete paper piggy that I am (and just because I was missing it from my collection) I asked on the SM forum if anyone knew where I could get a particular piece of love Elsie, Roxy pp.  A couple of very lovely ladies offered me pieces and then Nic said she had a whole sheet so she sent it it to me... just like that... along with a HSP Clearly Heavy Overlay.  Nic you are a gem... mwah to you chickie.   Don't cha just LOVE that about this craft... when someone is willing to share like that?  I know I do.
Well, I'd better get to bed... and I will, come rain, hail or shine, post pics of those LOs tomorrow.


Anthea said...

Am, it is good to talk about him, I want my kids to know about my father, and talk about him as much as I can, just when you get the hard questions that I dont have answers for is when I shut down, your doing well Chick!
I am looking forward to seeing some for your creations, I miss seeing your work. And good luck if you decide wether to enter the Masters or Elite Team, though I am sure you wont need it!

Nicole said...

AM, love the term Daryl Jam, very cute, and like you said keeps a little of him in your life. Can't wait to see the recent works of art. Know they will be fabulous.

So glad you got that paper safely and honestly I don't think I would of used it. Sort of over the Elsie thing, IYKWIM.

Good luck with whatever you do decide to enter into, really think you should do Masters overcome that OTP fear.


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss AM.... I sure hope you give Masters a go!!! It really is your time you know x0x0x (OTP) blah... think frames which every new scrapper can copy and cope with.... That is what the mag needs simple but stunning that Newies can do (keep it simple, with a AM twist) end of soapbox drama...