Wednesday, 12 March 2008


OMFG... how fast is this year slipping by? I feel like my head is spinning!

In my defence I have had some major internet / computer problems so you have to forgive the lapse in blogging.

Well, super fast update because the world is turning as I write and I just can't keep up... SOMEBODY STOP THE RIDE... I wanna get off... just for a second!

  • BIL is doing well... he is back for more tests this month... but so far so good.
  • School went back without tears... and only a little "woo hoo" from me!

  • DS turned 16! OMFG (again)! Where the hell did the last 16 years go??? Surely I am not old enough to be the mother of a 16 year old? Ummmm... oh yeah, THAT'S why I have grey hairs!
  • Littlest DD turned 3... all my babies are growing up.

  • The girls have started Calisthenics... Callie is loving it (so far at least) and Dylan is the littlest in her class which makes her look super cute and she is loving it too.

  • Miss C has also started piano lessons which she is enjoying... might get a musical one in the family yet! ;)

  • Been going to the gym... not lost heaps of weight but I am feeling fitter and stronger which was my main aim and I am starting to fit back into my clothes more comfortably so that is keeping me motivated.
  • Went on another IKEA binge and decked out the media room with cabinets and that looks pretty cool... BUT best thing (or possibly worse thing) EVER... my lounge finally arrived... yep, it's the full on, totally crass, completely tacky, 4 seater rocker recliner... complete with cup holders!!! PMSL... I NEVER thought I would want one of these things, but I tell ya, kick back in this bad boy and you could watch 4 movies a day!!! LOL
ummmm... can't think of anything else... which seems totally ridiculous because I feel like I have been flat out running about and busy as... but as usual seem to be achieving nothing!

OH... HANG ON A MINUTE... we are CCing over at Scrap World THIS WEEKEND...

Just follow the link to the forum to join up and then come play with us this weekend...Mel REALLY does have the best prizes and giveaways I promise... and the shop is rocking with a 20% off sale until Friday night too!!!

I have a couple of sketches for you, there is a colour challenge from Alice, Melis is going to inspire you with an OTP, I think Kelley has an Easter themed challenge for you... and ummm and lots of fun and games and giveaways for all.

I am going to be up chatting the night away so hope you will "hop" in (ok sorry, bad joke! LOL) and say hello and have a go at winning some great prizes. See you there.

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