Sunday, 16 March 2008

Not only am I a slack blogger...

...I am a slack blog hopper!

The witch has cast her wonderous spell... I've been tagged!

but I think she has tagged nearly everyone I would tag anyway... and if she didn't then Melis did!!!!

You know I think anyone who actually puts themselves "out there" is indeed EXCELLENT... so if you are reading this... I think YOU are excellent and should consider yourself hereby and for ever more, totally and unreservedly TAGGED!

What's your day been like today?

I have had fun over at Scrap World... if you'd still like to join in you have until midnight Friday 21st March (as in Good Friday) to get your entries in the Gallery. Hope you will pop in.

Here is an example for my sketch challenge

and here is the mess after I was done! LOL

Just been catching up on some blog hopping tonight and OMG some of you girls have totally amazed and astonished me... the creative cup is running over... thank you all so much for sharing your amazing talents... hope your feelin' the love girlies... you've given me much to aspire to.

Well I am off to bed... good night, sleep tight and mind those pesky bed bugs don't bite.


Louise said...

Ooo how Coool Love your Space!!! :)

Julie said...

LOL - I'm just the same AM, both with being a slack blogger and a messy scrapper lol.
Love the sample you've done for the sketch.

Julie xx

scrapwitch said...

heheh i relate to that kids just scrapped with friends and theirs scrap crap everywhere..i want your space though..get yourself a comfy chair on rollers !!!!
your a slack blogger....just thought i'd rub it 253 in a row!!!for me today...ho hum,i obviously having nothing to do with my time !

Terri H said...

Loving the LO's AM. Itoo can totally relate to being a messy scrapper...hubby seems to think I should be neat & put away as I go...pffft no fun in that LOL

AngC said...

Hi Binx!! Hope you had a great Easter... your scraproom looks almost as messy as mine! LOL

Anonymous said...
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memoryfairy said...

Hey chicky, just dropping by to see how you are ;o)

Hetty said...

Hi AM, have heard the news about your BIL and just wanted to pass on my condolances to you and your family. I am so sorry to hear this has happend and my thoughths and best wishes are with your sister and her kids as well as you and your family of course.
Thinking of you.